Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 102

Caitel’s face seemed to have crushed after hearing her sincere wish.

“Isn’t it about time you tire yourself after saying that so many times?”

“And you should get married too.”

Serira nodded as to indicate the obviousness of what she had just said. Apparently, Serira was the sort of woman who would persuade him to marry someone whenever she had free time. It was the same case for her husband. He remembered how often she would introduce some random women to her and how she would describe them by saying, ‘she is a very nice lady’.

“No one would want to marry someone with a daughter.”

“Come now, there are plenty of women who are aiming for you.”

“They are aiming to be the empress, not me.”

Serira frowned her after hearing his cynical reply. Caitel looked down at his sleeping daughter and whispered quietly.

“I don’t need a wife.”

“You’ve said that before too; you told me how you don’t need a daughter of your own.”

Serira refuted eagerly. However, what she received in return was reply with a greater amount of cynicism.

“I still don’t need one. Even now, I could kill her if I wanted to.”

“Please don’t say things like that if you don’t mean to say them!”

In the end, she wasn’t able to stand his cynical attitude and brandished her anger at him. How dare she yell at the Emperor. She could have been taken away to be thrown to an execution chamber right away.

However, Serira couldn’t just sit still. Even if he had yet to admit it, everyone around him was already aware that Princess Ariadna was someone special to Caitel.

“Just hearing something like that…makes my heart ache so much.”

Caitel just shut his mouth when he saw Serira’s tear. She sniffed for a moment, trying to conceal her tears.

“I know. It’s far too wishful for me to hope that you would marry a fine lady.”

After all, Serira also knew that is was too much to ask for something like that. Him taking good care of the princess was a miracle already; she just hoped he would marry someone too.

“I hope you will learn what happiness is while watching the princess grow older.”

She truly wished for him to be happy. She knew it’s a futile wish, but she still strongly wished for it. Her greatest wish now was for him to attain happiness because it was he who brought happiness back to her life.

“That is what I hope for the most these days.”

Of course, as usual, Caitel mocked that wish without hesitation.

“You are hoping for something impossible.”

Serira, however, did not refute this time. She just stared at him. Without realizing it, he was already holding the princess’ hand. Serira smiled subtly as she watched him talk while his hand refused to let go of the princess’ arm.

‘No. It’s definitely possible, Your Majesty.’