Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 100 - The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 100

She still remembered her husband asking that young man to plow the field. At that time, Caitel said, “This is the first time in my life that I’ve ever asked for such a request” He seemed to think that working was absolutely ridiculous.

Yes, it was an outrageous demand for him. The two men and women were forced to do so without thinking about anything. Serra showed a subtle smile for the moment. It was a happy time even if I thought about it now.

“Everyone said he was a cruel, merciless emperor, but…”

But two this couple, he was a savior.

They were about to starve when the capital took their land from them, but when Caitel returned as the Emperor, he granted her husband the title of a count and offered him a job in the royal palace. Serira’s heart still ached when she thought of her husband who fell in the battle. However, she never once hated the Emperor over that. She just thought that it was her husband’s fate.

He achieved his throne through rebellion and cruelty. People called him a tyrant, but Caitel was an Emperor who brought prosperity to Agrigent by building stability through war. Some nobles still criticized him, but that was because Caitel could persecute them any time. Except for his bloodline and childhood, he was worthy enough to be called a perfect Emperor.

“How can you be so pretty?”

She patted the sleeping little princess on the cheek and smiled little. Suddenly, she remembered the day when she entered the palace as a nanny and met the princess for the first time. She couldn’t open her eyes and couldn’t imagine her speaking, but Serira was fascinated by that red, wiggly creature. It wasn’t just because she saw her mother once before.

“She was a beautiful lady.”

There was no trace of the mother in the child, but she was still a beautiful woman. The Lady Jereina, who was so impressive that she could hardly forget her, though she only encountered her once, was truly a sight to behold.

Recalling that she had to tell princess about her mother’s story one day, Serira wiped the princess’ hair with a firm expression.


It was cute how the princess talked a bit while she slept. Serira smiled without realizing it. She would grow up and become even more beautiful. Drawing on a future that had not come yet, Serira slowly breathed out her breath, not knowing what to do with her overwhelming heart.