Daughter of the Emperor

Chapter 10

2. You! My Papa!

“Why in the world are we here?”

“Shhh, be quiet.”

Elene’s voice was put to rest by Serira. Serira looked down into my eyes. As soon as our eyes met, she gave me a pretty smile. I heard that it was important to make eye contact with your baby as you fed them. Serira was a seriously immaculate mother who gave it her all in child rearing.

I know it’s strange to ask now, but I think I am already developed mentally, so does this really affect my development at this point? It’s true that these small details can help a child’s development but I am a reincarnator. My mind is developed due to the twenty-five years I’ve previously lived, so will these actions really make a difference in my life? I can not say I am not curious.

Well, it’s not like I hate it.

“Have you finished feeding her?”

With Caitel’s sudden appearance, I could hear a small gasp in the area. Serira’s body slightly stiffened and, of course, I was surprised too.

Oh my God. Is his hobby jumping out and scaring people? Seriously.

“Why is there no answer?”

As Elene exclaimed earlier, this place was not my room. It was one of the Emperor’s rooms. The Emperor’s study.

“Yes, she has finished eating, your majesty.”

Serira put down the bottle I had emptied, and bowed her head. I was lying down so I couldn’t bow my head even if I wanted to. Of course, I am a baby so I didn’t have to.

However, in the future, after I start talking, crawling and walking, I will have to take etiquette lessons. Then, I would have to bow my head like Serira.

It felt odd to suddenly not want to grow up when usually children will want to grow up as soon as possible. Damn it!

“Hand it over.”

I don’t want to go. I grabbed my nanny’s sleeve frantically. Nanny, don’t send me!

I said don’t send me! Why are you sending me over? Don’t send me! You can’t send me this way! I don’t want us to part this way!

However, Serira’s hands handed me over to Caitel. And I am already in his embrace! This world is shit!

“Um, Your majesty.”

Caitel, who kidnapped me, seemed to have no other business as he immediately turned around and tried to leave the room.

It was at that moment, Serira grabbed him before he could take off.

At my nurse’s sudden bravery, I felt a sliver of hope. At the sound of Serira’s delicate voice, Caitel turned around.

He obviously wanted to ask why she called out to him, but this arrogant jerk just looked down at her coolly. Serira laughed awkwardly.

“Instead of holding a child like that…”

…..You weren’t going to ask for me back? Nanny! How can you do this to me?! How?! I feel as if I was a young girl betrayed by my first love! How could you do this?!

However, my cold-hearted nanny was teaching that plague of a father how to correctly hold me.

This world is rotten!

“You have to make sure her head is not crooked, so hold her like this.”

Well, I guess thanks to you my neck is more relaxed today. As I turned three months old I was able to move my neck around a bit, but what is uncomfortable is uncomfortable.

Usually, he would never hold me, but after the princess incident, this damn father of mine must have suddenly discovered the fun in holding me.

Well, it wasn’t like he was holding me at odd hours at any random day.

“Anything else?”

Caitel who had been calmly listening to Serira’s teaching asked. Serira pondered it over for a while as she stood still and suddenly held out her right hand.

“Like this, you must support the baby’s neck…”

A professional’s skill is truly different!

The person holding me has changed so the feeling of skin texture was different, but it wasn’t uncomfortable to the point I wanted to cry. In fact, I felt incredibly comfortable in his arms.

Then, I felt depressed as I felt a rush of regret for getting so comfortable in his arms when I met Serira’s eyes. She laughed. At her smile, I cheerfully laughed back. Then I immediately regretted it.

“Is this correct?”

“Yes, your majesty.”

As soon as he got what he wanted he immediately turned his body around to leave. Then he looked down at me in his arms. So what? Do I owe you money?

I just sullenly looked at him when our eyes met. His crimson and bright red eyes looked into mine.

…..Don’t call me pathetic.

I tried to stare sullenly, but I was swept away by his overwhelming charisma and looked away first. Then, I tried to change this awkward atmosphere by waving my two arms in the air and giggling cutely.

Fuck. Even I find myself pathetic. But what can I do? I lost the staring contest in two seconds flat.

Some people use charisma as a sword, but I felt like there was a real sword in those eyes of his. Fierce bastard!

“She’s gotten heavier.”

That is an insult to a lady! I’m only 64 centimeters and 7 kilograms. He weighs about the same as a rice pallet, so how dare he try to pick a fight with someone who’s 7 kilos?!

If I could talk, I would have told him off with some pointed words, but unfortunately, I am still a mute. There’s no choice. I have to show my will as proof that there is more to human beings than just words.

“Ummm ahhh~”

Seriously, those are not human words.

I cried endless tears inwardly. Speaking is just something I couldn’t do.

Does that sound show how displeased I am? I probably just look like a child confused about her mommy and daddy. Ah. I should wipe my tears away. I feel so sore, how can I live from now on?

“So ugly.”

………Should I just die? To think that my father…I have no hope in my life. That’s right. There are no dreams, hope or great emotions. There’s not even a future for me.

Hah! If I could, I would like to grab God’s collar and start shaking it furiously.

You bastard! Do you have a grudge against me?!

“I won’t order you to cry.”

Father, were you seriously considering on ordering me to cry? This fucker is seriously off. There really is something off about him. It’s terrifying. I mean, it’s not easy to be this off your rocker.

Are you seriously crazy?

“You are uglier when you cry.”

Ah Damn! Fuck this. I won’t do it! I won’t! I’m not going to do it! I won’t do it! I seriously don’t want to live anymore. What’s wrong with him?

Someone, save me. If I stay with him any longer, my common sense will be destroyed.

Of course, my mind will be destroyed too. Society will also be destroyed on top of that. Then this country will be destroyed. In this way, the world will end.

I thought he would go somewhere else with me in his arms but he immediately sat down. It was a closed place but this place was fucking large for a study.

There was a separate area to organize paperwork and another area to work. The area I was currently in was the back of the study, which was used as a separate break room.

I could feel the plush couch’s fluffy texture through Caitel.

This sofa is lavish. Dude, I envy you showing off your money.

Caitel picked up some paperwork while holding me in one arm. I guess he really was busy. I peeked at his monotonous writing then turned my head away. The thought of having to learn new letters caused my head to hurt.

When will I find the time to learn all of that? I can use three languages Korean, English, and Japanese but to be honest, I wasn’t that good at all three. Fuck this.

“Are you bored?”

He looked at me since the child was whimpering.

I wanted to shake my head but I was too lazy, so I sat still.

It’s so annoying, from the moment you held me, I felt all the energy inside me wither away. Since there was no response Caitel lowered his papers.

From the stack of papers, it looked like he already read ten of them.

You’re a pretty fast bastard. I don’t know what he was thinking, but he put his hands on my sides and made me stand upright. When he made me stand, obviously it required energy to go to my legs. As such, I wasn’t able to stand. He then held me up so it looked like I was standing. As I stood there with both my arms hovering in the air I looked at Caitel’s laughing face, it made my stomach squirm.

‘That fucker!

I already kinda knew you were treating me like a toy, but last night’s conversation was a bit shocking in its own way. To say I am not your daughter but I am yours, am I just a possession?

What kind of backward thinking is this?! What kind of shitty reasoning is this?!’

I sighed. Then, I spontaneously grabbed clumps of his hair. His silver hair, that had a reddish light to them, was in my hands.

I was only able to grab a little with my baby hands but it felt so soft. Are you using some kind of treatment on your hair?


As soon as I grabbed his hair I tried to bring it to my mouth. I am going to bite it. I didn’t have teeth so I couldn’t bite his arms, instead, I wanted to chew out his hair.

Despite my ambition filled outburst, when I tried to chew on his hair, I felt Caitel’s eyes on me and it was not his usual look.

….Am I doing something crazy right now? I thought that only for a moment when Caitel started chuckling. Ah? Ah, this is a bit scary.

He started laughing on his own which shocked me so I stopped trying to chew his hair and just sat there. Thank God at that moment my superman rescued me.

“Princess, you must not do that. That’s not something to eat.”

Serira! My nanny immediately ran over to me and removed the silver hair from my mouth. Then in a stern voice, she said,

“That dirty. Don’t eat that. It bad.”

There’s only you for me.