Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 741 - 741 Thief (1)

741 Thief (1)

They gathered all the humans in the Prosperous Ox Continent.

The reason proposed was to rule over wartime supplies.

This was because on the surface, when there was light pollution of flesh and blood, one could use Nourishments to resist the crazy deformity.

Therefore, the living people on the farm had become the most important strategic supplies. They could save their lives at a critical moment.

Now, the Queen was away and the Prime Minister had failed in his duty, so this important strategic resource should naturally be distributed by him, the Golden Duke.

The benefits of Jiang Li deliberately disturbing the order of the Royal Court earlier were revealed.

Previously, he had thought of many plans to save the humans on the farms.

For example, they could attack head-on and hide behind the enemy. They could use the convenience of the Gate of Hell to continuously attack farms and quickly take away the people inside.

For example, he could secretly develop and control key nobles. He had powerful control methods like the Nine Nether Earth Fruit, the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, the Fengdu stone monument, and so on.

As long as he was given time to slowly develop, he could dig a huge hole in the interior of the Armored Troll Court.

Or, he could nurture people and make the human race stronger. In various large farms, there were a large number of children with talent in cultivation and spirit refinement from a young age.

The children with armor plates on their foreheads could even have a certain chance of awakening their talent like the Armored Trolls.

As long as he secretly spread the cultivation method, in a few years, the children in those farms would have a certain amount of ability to protect themselves. At that time, they should be united externally and it would be more convenient to save them.

However, these methods required too much time.

Not to mention that there would be a large number of humans being sold during this period of time, Jiang Li could not bear to see this happen.

As time passed, it was very likely that his actions would be discovered by the Armored Troll Court.

At that time, if he was on full alert, Jiang Li’s movements in the Prosperous Ox Continent would become difficult.

If the Armored Troll Queen ordered to reduce the production duration of the farms, the children in those farms would be lost by a considerable number.

Jiang Li repeatedly calculated that if he used this method, the probability of successfully saving more than 50% of the humans would be infinitely close to zero.

Even with the most optimistic situation, with the help of the Divine Judgment Hall and not being exposed for ten years, he could probably only save less than half of the humans in the Prosperous Ox Continent.

It was a number that he was unwilling to accept.

Later on, Jiang Li adjusted the order of his plan.

It was not to save the war first but to prioritize starting the war and using a suitable identity to save them.

It was the plan he was implementing now.

In war, holding this temporary authority, as long as his identity was not exposed in a month or two, there was hope to take away more than 90% of the humans!

In any case, he had the ability of the Mirror Immortal Transformation, so even if it was not the Golden Duke who snatched the authority this time, at most, he would find a chance to be alone and change his identity.

However, it seemed that the plan was going smoothly.

“Everyone, look at this.”

Jiang Li waved his hand, and a pile of neat iron boxes appeared on the long table in front of him.

If anyone from his previous life saw this, they would recognize it immediately. It was clearly a pile of canned food.

However, these cans did not contain pork or fish, but Nourishment made by Gallonfran.

“This is! This is actually a high-grade Nourishment!”

An armored noble opened the can in confusion, but the aura revealed inside made his entire body tremble.

This was a delicacy that he might not even eat once in ten years. In the past, it was specially provided by the royal family.

This was also a bargaining chip that Jiang Li used to get them to agree.

In the Royal Court, there was indeed a large amount of frozen food as a wartime reserve.

However, Jiang Li was actually not prepared to let them eat these.

After all, those were the corpses of humans. He did not want to see these monsters eat the corpses of their own kind.

The high-quality brain Nourishment in these cans was actually planted meat made by Fran.

It was the “fruit” tree that Jiang Li had taken out on the Back Yin Mountain all those years ago.

At the tree root, he left some of his blood as nutrients. Under the stimulation of his Nine Nether spiritual qi, he could create a large amount of high-quality Nourishment in a short period of time.

“Special high-grade Nourishment can help everyone resist the flesh calamity.”

“The nobles who hand over the farm this time can receive a batch of iron boxes in proportion.”

“This is the sincerity of the Royal Court. However, I hope that everyone will not hide it at this critical moment. If I discover that someone is still hiding strategic supplies, this thing will be stopped.”

The temptation of special-grade Nourishment was something they could not refuse.

After everyone tasted the Nourishment in the iron box, this proposal was finally approved.

There were even some nobles who hoped to exchange other things for more iron boxes.

However, when they finally discovered that all their humans had disappeared, would they learn a word called scam?

He still had to be careful with such a large-scale secret meeting.

There could not be any mistakes.

All the people executing it had to be trusted.

On this continent, the only one he could use was Gallonfran.

After some discussion, the matter of managing the farm was handed over to Gallonfran and Sheppard Bowlie.

One of them was a strange doctor who had the deepest understanding of humans.