Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 835

Chapter 835 Audiobook


The cultivators in the Tower burst in cheers as Yi Tianyun became the new Tower Lord while the Evil Spirit Race was left trembling out of fear for their own fate. They know that they wouldn’t have any place to stay after this as the new Tower Lord had complete authority to do anything to anyone inside the Tower! Yi Tianyun could punish anyone he wanted, but still, he couldn’t do it all at the same time! The Tower Lord was still bound by the Tower Rule, and he could only punish one person a week! Nonetheless, it was much better than the role of City Lord as a City Lord could only judge 3 people a month!

It was different in a way, too, since the Tower Lord’s punishment could kill anyone that the Tower Lord wanted while mobilizing the power of Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower! Yi Tianyun could still judge anyone with his own power, and this judgement wouldn’t have any limit! It was the same as a duel as the opponent still could resist and fight back, while the punishment was like an instant death for these unfortunate souls!

He could judge anyone inside the Tower as long as Yi Tianyun had the confidence that he could take them on! The one that got judged by Yi Tianyun as the Tower Lord had no right to refuse no matter what! But Ancient Netherworld Divine King was kind and just. Therefore, the Tower Lord wouldn’t be able to use the Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower’s power during their judgement!

Even if Tower Lord had complete control over the Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower, they weren’t the owner of the Tower, so the Tower Lord still couldn’t change the fundamental law of Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower!

It wasn’t possible to kill anyone inside the Tower without proper rules unless it was the Ancient Netherworld Divine King himself!

“Is this the power of the Tower Lord? It is much stronger than the Elder’s power!” Yi Tianyun said as he checked what he could do. He had already thought that he would be able to handle anyone inside the Tower, and even though he wasn’t exactly wrong, he couldn’t use the Tower’s power to kill them as he had to use his own power! Even so, it was enough to kill all the Evil Spirit Race inside the Tower! He definitely could kill all those Evil Spirit Race with his own power!

After he was crowned as the Tower Lord, the phantom shadow in the sky on each Layer City disappeared as everyone had been informed about Yi Tianyun’s status as the Tower Lord. Yi Tianyun looked around the 9th Layer City as he didn’t have the luxury to do so earlier. He saw that 9th Layer City itself was a huge palace that was decorated with many luxurious things.

Yi Tianyun walked inside the palace and noticed that there were three treasure rooms there, which were Weapon Library, Medicinal Pills Library, and Material Library! He looked inside of each room, and sure enough, the room contained a lot of treasure. These were the treasure that the previous Tower Lord and Ancient Netherworld Divine King left behind! There were a lot of Divine Tool grade Weapon and High-Grade Medicinal Pill that surely would make Yi Tianyun wealthy if he chose to sell them!

However, Yi Tianyun didn’t come here to take it all for himself, so he ignored it for now. After all, it rightfully belonged to the Ancient Netherworld Divine King’s descendants! Ancient Netherworld Divine King has done so much to preserve the Three Realms in the past, so Yi Tianyun just couldn’t bring himself to claim all the treasure for himself!

But surely, he could talk it out with the Ancient Netherworld Divine Nation and used some of it to strengthen his Heavenly Clouds Empire, and maybe even invite them here to cultivate further while he was at it! Yi Tianyun looked around for a little bit more and noticed that the treasure was bound by a rule too! It seemed not everyone would be able to take these treasures for themselves as they are bound by Flame Imprint! It seemed these treasures were only attained to those that already qualified in the Tower Rule!

Yi Tianyun finally realized that aside from drawing the Tower’s power, the Flame Imprint could be exchanged with these Treasures! But he didn’t need them right now as he had to find some information about Ancient Netherworld Divine King here first.

But as he walked around the entire palace, he couldn’t find any information about Ancient Netherworld Divine King!

“Maybe it would be better if I get rid of Demon God Suo Ge first!” Yi Tianyun sighed as he disappeared and soon reappeared inside the Heavenly Thunder Area! As he got to the Heavenly Thunder Area, he didn’t encounter any Heavenly Thunder as his status as the Tower Lord prevented him from being struck by the Heavenly Thunder!

Along the way, Yi Tianyun heard the Heavenly Thunder struck in the distance, and as soon as he saw where the Heavenly Thunder struck, he saw Suo Ge squatted on the ground, trying to defend himself! He was covered with a thick layer of shield that was able to withstand the Heavenly Thunder!

Suo Ge didn’t just cower without doing anything either. He constantly tried to search for the Divine Rune that constituted the Heavenly Thunder Area so that he could escape this place! Considering what Suo Ge did, Yi Tianyun predicted that Suo Ge would be able to escape Heavenly Thunder Area after half a month!

Fan Hongde couldn’t even escape this place even after years of imprisonment, while Suo Ge would be able to break out in only half a month! It just went to show how far apart their ability was! Now, Suo Ge had a middle-grade Divine Tool, which was one that he wore on his body. The Divine Tool itself was constantly releasing terrifying energy!

“That Divine Tool seems quite troublesome!” Yi Tianyun said with a sigh. His voice was heard by Suo Ge as he immediately turned his attention towards Yi Tianyun.

“You!” Suo Ge said as he observed Yi Tianyun from his position, then he noticed that the Heavenly Thunder didn’t strike Yi Tianyun while he was able to float in the air. “You have become the Tower Lord?” Suo Ge was quite surprised by Yi Tianyun’s advancement. He knew that only the Tower Lord could fly in this place and not being targeted by the Heavenly Thunder!

“Yes, your companion became my stepping stone, and now it’s your turn!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. Demon God Suo Ge suddenly disappeared from his spot, but the Heavenly Thunder kept blasting, trying to keep up with Suo Ge’s movement. He was rushing towards Yi Tianyun with all his arms fully exposed and a huge demon staff on his hands. Suo Ge knew that he must kill Yi Tianyun as fast as possible as he couldn’t let the Tower Lord live!

“Punishment!” Yi Tianyun indifferently said as he pointed his finger at Suo Ge. In an instant, the entire Ancient Netherworld Divine Tower shook, and everyone could feel a terrifying power move inside the Tower terrifyingly. In the air beside Yi Tianyun, a circle of light suddenly appeared, and a huge beam of light was suddenly blasted towards Suo Ge from that circle!

The speed of the light was terrifying, and Suo Ge himself knew that he couldn’t evade the light! He collided with the beam of light, and it immediately swallowed him whole! Suo Ge was blown to the ground as the beam of light was constantly hitting him, keeping him in place!

Suo Ge screamed as he tried to escape the beam of light, but it was a futile effort as the beam of light’s pressure destroyed his body slowly but surely. At the same time, three Phantom Shadows appeared in the sky, which made Yi Tianyun look up! Needless to say, everyone would immediately realise who these three would be!