Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 770

Chapter 770


After killing the two Evil Spirit Race, Yi Tianyun wasn’t satisfied just yet. He couldn’t help but remember when Cang Min said that there were so many of their comrades hiding in the three realms, and they wouldn’t be discovered unless they themselves wanted to!

“Can I distinguish them if I level up the Appraisal Eye?” Yi Tianyun wondered. Appraisal Eye was the perfect solution for this as it always discovered something new any time it was levelled up. For example, Yi Tianyun knew that he couldn’t investigate someone’s bloodline right now unless it was that obvious. But what if the Appraisal Eye could give him the Bloodline data in detail once it was levelled up?

But even if he wanted to, he couldn’t do that right now! The Appraisal Eye needed a lot of Crazy Points to level up, and he didn’t have that much resource right now!


‘Successfully complete Main Quest [Find Mortal World’s Heaven Ascending Divine Altar and take control!].’

‘Reward: 20 billion Exp, 150.000 Cps.’


‘Congratulation to player [Yi Tianyun] for successfully breaking through to 5th Layer Saint King Stage!’

He levelled up after obtaining the reward from completing his main quest! He was a step closer towards the Divine King stage, but he knew that it was going to be a thorny path nonetheless! After all, he knew that some Evil Spirit Race out there must have reached the Divine King stage. There was no way he could deal with them that easily!


‘Successfully received a new Main Quest, [Unify the Mortal World and Eradicate the Evil Spirit Race from Mortal World!’

‘Reward on completion: 40 billion Exp, 5 million Cps, 500.000 Sps, title [Mortal World King]’

“Great! This amount is just sweet!” Yi Tianyun said as he read his new main quest. He realised that the main quest was also in line with what he planned to do next! But his thought was immediately interrupted as the Tool Spirit suddenly appeared before him. It’s appearance was similar with the tool spirit that he met back in Ghost World.

“Master!” the Tool Spirit said respectfully towards Yi Tianyun.

“Did you know that you are being deceived by those guys earlier?” Yi Tianyun asked with a frown on his face.

“I saw that they have Heaven Creating Divine King’s bloodline with them, so it’s natural to give them some control of this palace!” the Tool Spirit said indifferently.

Yi Tianyun sighed hopelessly at the lack of emotion that the tool spirit showed. Although Heaven Ascending Divine Altar wasn’t a Divine Tool, it had a tool spirit that behaved the same way as the Divine Tool’s counterpart. But now, Yi Tianyun realised that they didn’t have the same dynamic thinking that the Tool Spirit from Divine Tool had.

It was clear that the Tool Spirit would grant access to anyone who met the requirement!

“Forget it! It was my fault for trying to figure out your logic. I believe not even Heaven Creating Divine King has any idea that the Evil Spirit Race has such skill in their arsenal!” Yi Tianyun said as he sighed and shook his head frustratedly.

It was indeed possible to absorb other Blood Essence, but it was limited to a certain threshold. People couldn’t just absorb too much Blood Essence as their cultivation could deteriorate from the excessive amount of Blood Essence, but it seemed the Evil Spirit Race didn’t have such limiter on them.

Each race had some unique trait that no other race had. The human race was an exception as they didn’t seem to have anything unique. However, they did have balance! A human race was balanced in all aspects, so if a human tried to hone a certain aspect they wanted, the result would be immediately seen!

For example, a Human Race could become a Forging Master, a Divine Rune Master, a Pill Refining Master, and so on. But the Mermaid Clan literally couldn’t imagine themselves become a blacksmith as all of them had a water attribute. A forging master needed fire the most, so Mermaid Clan couldn’t become one as their attribute would clash!

Evil Spirit Race was no exception. They should have traits that were unique only to them and those traits were easy to recognize. However, there was barely any info about the. So, Yi Tianyun still couldn’t recognize any of their traits yet!

“I am almost there!” Yi Tianyun said as he sighed once again. He then assumed control of the place and thoroughly explored the area to see if there was any of Evil Spirit Race left inside. He knew that a lot of enemies were still lurking inside as it has become Scarlet Monster Clan’s base!

His only thought right now was to purge this place from all the Scarlet Monster Clan as he could only assume that all of them were connected to Evil Spirit Race somehow! He couldn’t let Evil Spirit Race thrive again as now he knew that Evil Spirit Race was like a cockroach that had an absurdly strong will to live!

Yi Tianyun immediately activated the Great Array of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar, and the entire building began to light up in a dazzling light that penetrated Scarlet Monster Clan’s body, immediately killing them on the spot! They couldn’t respond to the attack as it was so sudden!

“What is happening?” the cultivators standing guards outside of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar said as they saw the dazzling light came from the building. Their eyes were filled with horror as they saw countless of their comrades were burned to death the moment they were impaled by the light!

“You are lucky that you are out of the attack range, but why aren’t you running yet?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously as he suddenly appeared in front of the guards outside of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar.