Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 769

Chapter 769


The two Evil Spirit Race experts were horrified as they immediately realised that the human’s cultivation was above their own. The human has already taken control over Heaven Ascending Divine Altar from Cang Yun, so they didn’t have any escape route as every door was closed shut! They knew that their situation was very dire right now!

“Human, don’t be rash! We can talk it out here! I can help you become the emperor of Mortal World! I can even help you rise in the throne, replacing the current Heavenly Clouds Emperor and make you the absolute monarch!” Cang Min shouted nervously. He didn’t want to die, so he attempted to tempt the human as he thought that all humans’ weakness was their greed.

“Replace Great Emperor of Heavenly Clouds Empire?” Yi Tianyun said curiously.

“Yes! As long as you are willing to spare our lives, you will become the strongest emperor in Mortal World! We can’t leave the water, but that will no longer be the case soon!” Cang Min said quickly.

“Do you even know who I am?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“No, I have never seen you before!” Cang Min said nervously.

“I am the Great Emperor of Heavenly Clouds Empire!” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face. He then swung his sword, and the Evil Spirit Souls came out of the sword! Cang Min frantically dodged Yi Tianyun’s attack, but Cang Yun wasn’t as lucky as he couldn’t react fast enough and was swallowed by the attack! Cang Yun started screaming as the Evil Spirit Souls tried to swallow his soul!

Even though Cang Min himself managed to survive the attack, he couldn’t completely dodge it as his lower body was damaged by the attack!


‘Successfully Killed Cang Yun!’

‘Reward: 1.2 billion Exp, 150.000 Cps, 13.000 SPs, Evil Spirit Soul, Evil Spirit Bloodline, Evil Spirit Bone, X50 Exp Card, 1 million Exp Pill.’

Yi Tianyun was quite surprised when he noticed that he got quite a haul from killing Cang Yun, but there was no weapon among the reward! Either way, it was still good rewards overall from killing a single individual.

Yi Tianyun didn’t think much of Cang Min either as he knew that Cang Min would also die soon. The injuries caused by Evil Spirit Divine Sword couldn’t be healed with normal methods as it directly damaged the souls!

“How are you this strong? Are you not affected by the realm’s law?” Cang Min said weakly.

“Are you deaf? Didn’t I say that I am Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendant? His law wasn’t for me. It was for you evildoers!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“I see. No wonder that you are the Heavenly Clouds Great Emperor. No wonder you are the strongest emperor in Mortal World! It turns out you’re Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendant!” Cang Min said as he laughed loudly. He found the situation comical as he was just talking about Heavenly Clouds Emperor with Sea Dragon Emperor just a while ago. Yet there the Heavenly Clouds Emperor was, coming by himself!

Heavenly Clouds Emperor that he painstakingly wanted to destroy was standing in front of him right now, but he simply couldn’t do anything about it! He was also the last piece of the key to controlling the entire Heaven Ascending Divine Altar for Cang Yun, but it was clear that their plan has gone down the drain right now.

“Is that your last word?” Yi Tianyun asked indifferently.

“You think that you will have the last laugh? Did you know how much power did we have in the three realms? You don’t know what will happen to you later! Clearly, you will be dying by our hands in the end!” Cang Min said as he was still laughing hard.

Cang Min clearly didn’t ask for mercy now as he knew that there was no point in asking anyway. His attempt at negotiation earlier was merely to deceive Yi Tianyun. He didn’t have any intention to work with Yi Tianyun in the first place. He didn’t fear death as he was blinded by greed and anger. He wanted to kill all Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendants and ravaged the three realms!

“Why are you so attached to the three realms? Did you have nothing better to do?” Yi Tianyun asked coldly.

“How naïve! It’s because the three realms are the weakest, you idiot!” Cang Min said disgustedly.

Yi Tianyun thrust his sword down towards Cang Min’s chest so that he didn’t die instantly.

“The three realms may be weak, but don’t you worry about it, I will kill all the Evil Spirit Race from the three realms! After I reached Divine King Stage, your entire race’s struggle will be meaningless!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“Just you alone?” Cang Min asked with his dying breath. His eyes were still full of hatred as he struggled just to stay conscious, but he already lost a lot of blood, and there was a sword in his chest, making him hard to breathe as it was.

“Yes, me alone is enough! I will be the one that unifies the three realms!” Yi Tianyun coldly said before lifting his sword and stabbed Cang Min once more, killing him immediately!


‘Successfully killed Cang Min!’

‘Reward: 5 billion Exp, 240.000 Cps, 15.000 Sps, Evil Spirit Soul, Evil Spirit Bloodline, Evil Spirit Bone, Evil Spirit Divine Sword, Evil Spirit Divine Armour, Evil Spirit Boots!’

Yi Tianyun got a whole set of Divine Tools as he killed Cang Min. but, Yi Tianyun didn’t feel excited at all. His anger towards the Evil Spirit Race hasn’t subsided yet since they’ve slaughtered so many people just for their own greed!

For now, Yi Tianyun knew that as far as the Demons were concerned, the three realms were no match for them, which was why they were trying hard to get their hands on it as they couldn’t dominate any other realm!