Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 319

Chapter 319

Yi Tianyun quickly started the process of taming the Earth Dragon; he deemed that Earth Dragon, a very good demon beast to tame and to kill them, would be a waste.

The Earth Dragon struggled as hard as it could to escape Yi Tianyun, but unfortunately, Yi Tianyun was far stronger than the dragons.

“Attack him!”

The Dragon Tamer immediately noticed that something was wrong and quickly ordered the other dragons to attack Yi Tianyun, but it was too late!

Yi Tianyun has already tamed his first Earth Dragon!


‘Successfully tamed Demon Beast: Earth Dragon!

‘Cultivation base 8th Level Spirit Core Stage with 3rd Grade Potential!’

‘Congratulation to host for successfully taming the Demon Beast Earth Dragon!’

‘Reward: 100.000 Exp, 100 Pet Taming Mastery Point.’

As Yi Tianyun had predicted, as long as he repetitively used the ability, its proficiency will increase!

“Block it.”

Yi Tianyun quickly ordered the new Earth Dragon that he just tamed to block the attack of the other Earth Dragons that were rushing towards him.

The Earth Dragon immediately blocked the charge of the other two Earth Dragons.

Under Yi Tianyun’s control, the Earth Dragon’s power was doubled; thus, it easily blocked the other two dragons!

That scene shocked all Dragon Tamers at the scene, as far as they knew those Earth Dragons had the same amount of power, so there was no way one Earth Dragon could block two Earth Dragon at the same time!

“What happens? What are you doing to my dragon?!”

They shouted at Yi Tianyun for what has he done to their Earth Dragon to the point that it suddenly act against their order and became stronger than before.

Yi Tianyun ignored the Dragon Tamer for the time being and quickly jumped towards the knocked down Earth Dragon and tamed another one!

‘Cultivation base 9th Level Spirit Core Stage with 3rd Grade Potential!’

He successfully tamed another one!

He quickly ordered the Earth Dragon that he just tamed to attack the last Earth Dragon that was being controlled by the Dragon Tamer.

It didn’t take long before the last Earth Dragon was knocked down, and Yi Tianyun quickly tamed the last one!

“Impossible! Are you beast tamer?”

The Dragon Tamer was confused as they couldn’t control their Earth Dragon anymore, they began to shout to their Earth Dragon as they thought those beasts couldn’t hear their voice.

They finally realized that Yi Tianyun was a Dragon Tamer just like them and began to back out from Yi Tianyun’s sight.

“Give back my dragon!”

They quickly took out their weapons to fight Yi Tianyun and shouted for Yi Tianyun to return their Earth Dragons back!

Yi Tianyun laughed as he heard Dragon Tamers’ stupid demand.

“Return it? Okay, here!”

He ordered the Earth Dragon to attack the Dragon Tamers!

The Dragon Tamers were surprised to see their Earth Dragons were rushing towards them with all its might, they shouted, “No! Stop!”

But all of their efforts were useless as their Earth Dragon swiped their powerful tail toward them!

‘Successfully killed a Netherworld Empire’s Dragon Soldier!’

‘Reward: 280.000 Exp, 3.700 CPs, 150 SPs, Tyrant Cloud Torn Martial Art, Soaring Clouds Strike, Earth Dragon Spear, Earth Dragon Armour.’

‘Successfully killed Netherworld Empire’s Dragon Tamer!’

‘Reward: 270.000 Exp, 3.600 CPs, 100 SPs…’

The prisoners were in shock to see the Dragon Tamer to be defeated by their own dragons.

Ye Qingxuan was also shocked to see that Yi Tianyun could take over the control of the Earth Dragon.

Yi Tianyun didn’t care about the awe looks that were thrown at him, and he quickly ordered the Earth Dragon to open the Prison gate as wide as they could.

Yi Tianyun called Ye Qingxuan to come, “Qingxuan control these dragons, bring all prisoners.”

“How about you?” She asked Yi Tianyun for what he would do if he wasn’t coming along with her.

“I am fine. I am going to destroy this prison.” Yi Tianyun smiled and said that he would follow Ye Qingxuan soon enough after he destroyed the Netherworld Prison thoroughly!

That was one of the side quests that he got recently, to destroy the Netherworld Prison!