Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 300

Chapter 300


Chapter 300

“You think you smart, talking to me like that! You dare to mock Netherworld Empire, you stupid shit!” Lei Yun said with a red face. He was enraged after hearing Yi Tianyun’s bold comment.

Ye Qingxuan was giggling at the side as she couldn’t hold back her laughter.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, but one thing for sure is that I don’t want anything to do with your filthy Netherworld Empire! When I arrived here, they tried to get rid of me, and therefore, now is my time to get rid of them!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Lei Yun was startled after hearing Yi Tianyun’s remark; it was clear that the Netherworld Empire provoked Yi Tianyun, and he will be the one reaping what they sowed!

“You will pay for betraying the Spirit Race! You hear me!” Ye Qingxuan shouted on the side lane.

“I didn’t betray the Spirit Race! The Spirit Race was the one betraying me! How could you be dumb enough not to join us in the Netherworld Empire! The Spirit Race will thrive in there!” Lei Yun quickly answered.

“It is better to make the Netherworld Emperor the new Spirit King too!” He adds.

Ye Qingxuan looked at Lei Yun funnily, “Are you out of your mind? Did you really that stupid?”

The Emperor didn’t have what it took to become the Spirit King, did Lei Yun think that the Spirit King’s title was like a candy which could be passed randomly to another person? No, Lei Yun was obviously selling the Spirit Race to have better resources for himself!

“Now, I am glad that you not yet become our Spirit King. The Spirit Race would be doomed with you as our leader!” Ye Qingxuan said condescendingly.

“You better stop now before I couldn’t control myself!” Lei Yun said warningly.

“You know, soon, I will become the new Minister of Divine Runes in the Netherworld Empire. If the Spirit Race would think for a second, I will give you a chance one more time to join with me!” Lei Yun said confidently.

“I would also give you one last proposition! I will let you walk away safely if you release the Spirit Race and especially the Old Ancestor from the prison!” Ye Qingxuan said confidently.

“Hahaha, did you really thought that the Old Ancestor still useful? He was tortured every day in prison! They even use the Soul Searching Technique toward him! there is no way that he was still sane after all that!” Lei Yun said while laughing profusely.

Ye Qingxuan was surprised to hear the words that came out of Lei Yun’s mouth; she was afraid that the worst had happened!

The Old Ancestor had been used as a target to the Soul Searching Technique to extract the information about their Divine Runes Great Array!

Suddenly, Lei Yun stomped his foot to activate the Divine Runes that he has already prepared beforehand. A terrifying electric current was discharged in the sky, and combined with Lei Yun’s Spiritual Aura, he controlled the electricity and shot it towards Yi Tianyun and Ye Qingxuan!

The attack was at the level of the Core Transformation Peak Stage Attack!

Yi Tianyun was excited to see that attack; he will have some additional exp from absorbing that energy attack! He used his Absorbing Stars Great Technique to block that attack, leaving no one from his side damaged at all!

Lei Yun was shocked to see that his attack didn’t even hit anything!

“Is this the best that you can do?” Yi Tianyun taunts Lei Yun for his weak attack.

“Did you have anything else that you wanted to ask? If you do, I will capture him alive for you.” Yi Tianyun asked to Ye Qingxuan.

Ye Qingxuan was surprised and said that if that wasn’t too much trouble, then Ye Qingxuan wished Yi Tianyun to do so!

Yi Tianyun nodded and immediately shot a couple of arrows from the Ice Cold Divine Bow, Which Lei Yun quickly dodged. With his Divine Rune revolving around Lightning Attribute, he had an amazing speed!

Lei Yun immediately tried to escape from Yi Tianyun as he knew that he needed to be prepared before fighting someone like Yi Tianyun, but unfortunately for him, Yi Tianyun had the same speed if not faster than him!

Yi Tianyun quickly chased after Lei Yun and caught up in no time!


Lei Yun who felt that his life was in danger quickly shot a lightning bolt towards Yi Tianyun, but once again, that lightning bolt was nothing to Yi Tianyun, he blocked Lei Yun’s attack with ease, and because Lei Yun stopped for a second to shoot the Lightning bolt, Yi Tianyun quickly caught up and punched Lei Yun in the chest as hard as he could, flinging and smashing him against the hard tree!

“You know, your lightning based attack was hardly even tickling me!” Yi Tianyun said while sighing in boredom.