Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 280

Chapter 280

Yi Tianyun shook his head after seeing the content of the storage ring that the lady gave to him. The lady was too honest for her own good! Yi Tianyun really didn’t need any payment at all! Plus, he knew that Li Hao had to see the exchange earlier, and Tianyun knew that Li Hao would be targeting her soon!

But as he turned around, he saw that Li Hao was still near him and sneering in triumph.

Yi Tianyun frowned. He couldn’t help but wondered whether Li Hao has already sent his people to chase after the woman earlier. Yi Tianyun had a bad hunch for once and immediately tracked the woman’s spiritual power using his Appraisal Eye. He saw that Li Hao also had left, and he quickly felt a sense of foreboading in the woman’s regard!

After searching for a while, he immediately found out that the woman has reached the outside gate of Star Pavilion and has already prepared a big eagle to fly out of the place. However, Yi Tianyun quickly noticed a few men walked toward the woman with a menacing manner. As they approached the lady, they quickly stopped her from leaving the place as one of them quickly took control of the eagle’s rein.

The woman was visibly palled after seeing what those men did in front of her. She knew that these men were up to no good! “Lady, can you possibly be generous enogh and gave us the what the young man had given to you earlier?” one of the menacing men said flirtatiously. “If you don’t want to give it to us, I assure you we will get a little bit rough!” The man said again with a playful glint on his eyes.

Unfortunately for this woman, she already crossed Star Pavilion’s gate! She no longer had the protection of the Star Pavilion once she was outside of their land! She needs to find a way to escape these men’s clutches!

“What young man? I didn’t know any. I didn’t receive anything from anyone while in the Star Pavilion earlier.” The woman said calmly.

The man that spoke earlier smirked and immediately ordered the rest of the men that he comes with to search the eagle for any of the woman’s belonging while the man walks towards her while saying that he would be searching her himself!

Hearing that the man was set on finding the Jade Spirit Stone that she received from the young man earlier, her complexion palled. She quickly took out two Divine Talismans and immediately threw it at the men, and as the talisman hit the men, it exploded on impact!

The power of the explosion was equal to the attack of a Peak Core Condensation Stage cultivator, and those men were instantly flung far away from her and the eagle. She immediately rode the big eagle and quickly flew away to escape. But as soon as the eagle took flight, a big wave hit the eagle and killed it on the spot!

The lady fell down to the ground, seeing she could no longer escape using trough the air while using the Big Eagle, she quickly ran back towards the gate to receive Star Pavilion protection once again! She curse herself for her impatient, she could have waited for several days at the Star Pavilion until she was sure enough that the situation has calmed down before leaving, she regretted her impulsive decision as she knew that Li Hao was in vicinity!

But her effort was futile! As she got close to Star Pavilion’s gate, Li Hao immediately grabbed her hands and threw her back towards the big eagle’s corpse.

“Was it a Detonation Divine Talisman that I saw just now?” He said with an excited eye.

“You are from the Spirit Race, aren’t you?” Li Hao said excitedly.

The woman choose to stay silence as she looks at Li Hao in disgust!

“You don’t need to say anything, I already know that you are one of the Spirit Race! There is no way anyone would have that Detonation Divine Talisman as it was Spirit Race’s signature defense charm.” Li Hao said while smirking triumphantly. “Now, you have to come with me, I assure you that Netherworld Empire would take a good care of you and you can meet all of your people that was already there to begin with!” Li Hao said while smirking evilly.

“No thanks! I would rather die!” the woman said while spitting at Li Hao’s face.

Li Hao immediately grabbed the woman’s hair and threw her to the side as he landed a kick to the woman’s stomach. As he kicked the woman one more time, he sensed impending danger. But he didn’t have the time to dodge the incoming danger as Yi Tianyun’s kick landed straight to his chest.

The woman looked over to the person who saved her from Li Hao and saw that the person was the young man who won the Jade Spirit Stone and share some of it with her earlier!