Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 278

Chapter 278

Yi Tianyun hasn’t bid for the last item, which quickly made Li Ya a little bit disappointed. She thought that with Yi Tianyun in here, she would get a much higher price.

But even without Yi Tianyun’s bid, the item’s price still rose quite high.

After a while, the price stopped at 90.000 Jade Spirit Stone, which made Li Ya satisfied enough.

“Now that all the items were sold, I hope that everyone was satisfied and will come back for our next auction!” Li Ya said while slightly bowing to the entire bidder.

“As for the winner, please come to the office after this to receive the treasure that you win, of course, don’t forget the payment.” Li Ya said while smiling lightly.

Yi Tianyun immediately left the room calmly as he didn’t have anything else to do in the room. As he walked out, he was immediately stopped by Li Hao!

Yi Tianyun sighed as he didn’t want to cause trouble, but it seemed the trouble always followed him anywhere he went.

He asked for what was Li Hao’s purpose for stopping him like that.

Li Hao immediately asked from which faction was Yi Tianyun from and Yi Tianyun immediately answered that he didn’t belong to any, which made Li Hao threatened him to hand over the Jade Spirit Stone that Yi Tianyun won earlier to him as soon as Yi Tianyun took it from the Star Pavilion, if Yi Tianyun didn’t give it to him, he will make sure that Yi Tianyun would receive the punishment from the Netherworld Empire!

Yi Tianyun sighed once again and said that he didn’t care even if the Netherworld Empire themselves came; he won’t give up the Jade Spirit Stone to him.

Li Hao immediately sneered at Yi Tianyun and said that he would like to see how long Yi Tianyun could hold on to that Jade Spirit Stone.

Li Hao left immediately; Yi Tianyun just shrugged and walked toward the auction office behind the auction’s hall.

In the back, Yi Tianyun saw a bunch of people was in the middle of finishing their payment for the treasure they won in the auction earlier. He noticed that Li Hao was also there, and he looked at Yi Tianyun with a cold expression and a little bit of killing intent seeping through.

Yi Tianyun ignored Li Hao as he proceeded to find Li Ya for his item.

After finding Li Ya, Yi Tianyun immediately greeted her, and she excitedly welcomed Yi Tianyun to the office.

Li Ya immediately introduced Yi Tianyun to the middle-aged man that Li Ya said was the seller of the Jade Spirit Stone. He asked Yi Tianyun as to how Yi Tianyun would pay for the Jade Spirit Stone that he bought; it would be too much Low-Grade Soul Tool if Yi Tianyun chose to pay with those!

Yi Tianyun immediately said that he would pay with High-Grade Soul Tools as it would be less annoying than a Low Grade or Middle Grade Soul Tool!

Yi Tianyun immediately took out a High-Grade Soul Tool from his inventory for the man to be checked.

The man noticed that the knife didn’t have any Divine Rune in it, which Yi Tianyun answered that it would be better for the man to use a Divine Rune that he preferred, which would make the Soul Tools more distinct!

After observing at the Soul Tool for a little while, the man nodded his head and said that he liked the knife and would value it as much as 160 Low Grade Soul Tools.

Yi Tianyun was very satisfied to hear the man’s appraisal.

That continued back and forth until the man had a few High Grade Soul Tools that he appraised himself to be the same value as the Jade Spirit Stone’s price in the auction!

The man was satisfied to receive the High-Grade Soul Tools from Yi Tianyun and said that he was an elder from the Nirvana Mansion and would like to deal another business with Yi Tianyun in the next auction if there was any chance for it.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head and said that he would be happy to if there was an opportunity for it in the future.

After concluding the deal for the Jade Spirit Stone, Yi Tianyun quickly settled the deal for the Spirit Congealing Pill. The Pills were refined and sold by an alchemist that soon was satisfied after receiving Yi Tianyun’s payment.

Seeing that Yi Tianyun was obviously a rich man, Li Hao’s eyes were showing greed! He thought that he would make a fortune after dealing with Yi Tianyun later!