Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 273 - Purchases Jade Spirit Stone

Chapter 273 Purchases Jade Spirit Stone

Yi Tianyun was eager to find Jade Spirit Stone that could fit the crevice in the wall.

He thought moving the Heaven Immersing Ancient Ruins as soon as possible was definitely necessary.

He knew that the situation would be chaotic later on.

One of the reasons why he needed to move the Heavenly Jade Sect into the Heavenly Border Continent quickly was to finish his main quest.

He knew that once the Heavenly Jade Sect has merged with the Heaven’s Top Mansion, his mission will be instantly completed!

He immediately said goodbye to Shi Xueyun as he will be returning to Heaven’s Top Mansion for the moment.

After that, he quickly flew back to Heaven’s Top Mansion, and he immediately checked for anything different in his absence.

Yi Tianyun quickly looked for the Great Elder, and once he found the Great Elder, he immediately asked for any news while he was away.

The Great Elder immediately said that the news of the Netherworld Empire’s building had been destroyed finally spread through the continent like wildfire.

The Great Elder also said that everyone was now afraid that Netherworld Empire wouldn’t be satisfied since they haven’t found the culprit and decided to destroy that continent.

Yi Tianyun quickly nodded his head; he knew that news would spread and the fact that Yi Tianyun and the Great Elder wouldn’t be able to show their faces in public.

The Great Elder also informed Yi Tianyun that the Netherworld Empire themselves was currently investigating the Divine Rune Mansion incident.

They were curious about how could a mid-level faction like that could be destroyed overnight.

Yi Tianyun smiled a little after hearing the news; he knew that the Netherworld Empire would reach nothing but another dead end investigating the Divine Rune Mansion’s incident.

Yi Tianyun also asked the Great Elder on how things were going in the Heaven’s Top Mansion.

The Great Elder immediately said that everything has been going smoothly so far, there was no more trouble involving the disciples.

He also said that the resources they got from destroying Divine Rune Mansion and the Netherworld Empire’s Palace were used and sold as little as possible as not to draw any attention towards them.

But Great Elder was a little bit regretfully admitted that there was no new disciple who wanted to join the Mansion.

Yi Tianyun only smiled at the Great Elder and said that it was fine, they will get new disciples as soon as they finalized the merge of the factions.

Yi Tianyun informed the Great Elder on what has happened so far in Heavenly Jade Sect the other day.

The Great Elder was looking forward to the merge between the two factions, he knew that with the new system, the place would be livelier and disciples will be more diverse.

After hearing and saying stuff that he needed, Yi Tianyun excused himself as he had to buy something from Star Pavilion.

He quickly left and headed towards Star Pavilion’s direction, he must get his hands on the Jade Spirit Stone to finalize his plan!

He didn’t forget to wear the Thousand Face Mask to avoid being identified along the way.

As soon as he arrived at the Star Pavilion, a beautiful woman welcomed him while asking if he needed any help with finding anything.

Yi Tianyun quickly conveyed his intention to buy a fair amount of Large Jade Spirit Stone.

Yi Tianyun’s word made the woman very excited.

She asked how big would Yi Tianyun wanted, Yi Tianyun knew that the woman would be given a commission for a percentage that she sold.

So, hearing that someone would buy something so expensive, she couldn’t help but be excited.

Yi Tianyun said that he needed a dozen Jade Spirit Stone around 100 lbs.

The woman was surprised to hear Yi Tianyun’s word, she quickly apologized to Yi Tianyun that they didn’t have any Jade Spirit Stone on that size.

She said that the largest stone that Star Pavilion had was 30 lbs.

Yi Tianyun frowned; he didn’t think that a pavilion at that caliber wouldn’t have any Jade Spirit Stone that he needed.

So, he decided to ask the woman again for confirmation if they really don’t have the stone that he searched for.

She apologized once again and said that the 30 lbs were already the largest she could find.

Yi Tianyun said he was not interested in buying the small Jade Spirit Stone and decided to leave immediately.

However, once he was already halfway to the exit, a new woman come out and told Yi Tianyun to wait.

She quickly explained that the Jade Spirit Stone that Yi Tianyun was searching for maybe could be found in the auction house.

She heard that they would be auctioning a 200 lbs jade Spirit Stone there.

Yi Tianyun was really happy to hear that, and while hearing the woman talk, he felt somehow familiar with that woman.