Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 271 - Admired by Thousands People

Chapter 271 Admired by Thousands People

When the quest appeared, Yi Tianyun knows that he can get a lot of reward for helping Jiu Lingyun cultivate, and he can also cultivate his Divine Rune Proficiency along the way.

“Big Brother Yi, am I already doing right until this point?” Jiu Lingyun asked as she doesn’t know what to do anymore.

“Yeah, you are correct so far. Now, I will teach you another way of engraving more powerful rune!” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

After teaching Jiu Lingyun several techniques, Yi Tianyun was a little bit surprised. He doesn’t know that Jiu Lingyun was able to understand all of his teachings, but at the same time, she still struggles to turn the theory into practice.

After a round of practice, Yi Tianyun gave Jiu Lingyun a Divine Rune Paper and Divine Rune Stroke for her accomplishment while saying that in the future she would be the master of Divine Rune and she would be the one that teaching others in the future.

“Are you serious about giving me all this, Big Brother? This Divine Rune Stroke is a Soul Tool Rank! I can’t just receive something like this just like that.” Jiu Lingyun said, feeling unsure of the gift.

“It is okay, Lingyun. You can have all that. Don’t overthink and keep practicing. You will be a great teacher in the future.”

“Thank you very much, Big Brother Yi! I will treasure this Divine Rune Stroke, and I will work hard to meet your expectations! I will make you proud in the future!” She said as she clutched her new Divine Rune Stroke tightly.

“Don’t worry now. Let’s make more of this Divine Rune so that the disciple has another place to cultivate.” Yi Tianyun said as he starts to make several 3rd Grade Divine Rune.

If what he envisioned works, the hall would become a more powerful cultivation place than the Heavenly Soul Tower.

Several hours passed, they finished filling the hall with so many 3rd Grade Divine Rune.

Jiu Lingyun was already exhausted from constantly engraving the Divine Rune.

Yi Tianyun felt a little bit proud of what they had accomplished, immediately wants to try to activate the Divine Rune to test the effect.

As they activated the Divine Rune, the place quickly filled with so much Spiritual Energy that Yi Tianyun was satisfied to see.

Jiu Lingyun immediately excused herself, saying that she would let the disciple knows of this new cultivation place and will let them use it immediately.

Yi Tianyun smiled at Jiu Lingyun and let her do what she wants to do. Yi Tianyun immediately started to engrave more Divine Rune to make another cultivation room just like this one, so when the Heavenly Jade Sect has many more disciples in the future, there would be a lot of space to cultivate.

But that is not all, with this, he could improve his own Divine Rune Proficiency faster and with a reason too!

Not long after that, Yi Tianyun was finally able to level up his Divine Rune Proficiency!


‘Successfully promote the [Divine Rune Proficiency] to Master Level.’

‘Next Promote required 500.000 Mastery Point.’

With the level up, his speed on engraving the Divine Rune was so much faster than before! At the same time, Jiu Lingyun has returned with many disciples, and soon as they saw Yi Tianyun engraving Divine Rune to the wall, they are all shocked to see the speed of Yi Tianyun’s work.

“Wow, he engraves the runes so fast! Is this the power of Elder Yi?” The disciple all said in awe.

“Yes, this is the power of Elder Yi, the real Divine Rune Master. He had made this room for you to cultivate, we hope that this room would be useful in the future!” Jiu Lingyun said excitedly.

The disciple keeps looking at Yi Tianyun in awe, and not long after that, a new notification comes in Yi Tianyun’s mind.

‘Congratulation to host for obtaining a title [Admired by a Thousand People!]’

‘Title Effect: Improve the Command Value to 100. Command Value was used to determine the possibility of ordering someone without any resistance.’