Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 268 - Bring Me With You!

Chapter 268 Bring Me With You!

“You are from here? Don’t bother trying to fool us! We never saw you anywhere, and this place doesn’t even recruit a male disciple!” One of the new disciples said while looking at Yi Tianyun carefully.

Suddenly there was a new voice asking that didn’t they know that one of their elders was a male, and they have been curious to identify and meet the elder.

The voice soon walked to the front and hugged Yi Tianyun tightly.

“Welcome back, Young Master Yi!” Liu Menglian said excitedly.

The rest of the new disciples seemed to be ashamed to act rudely to Yi Tianyun.

They immediately apologized for their rudeness and hoped that Yi Tianyun could forgive them.

Yi Tianyun dismissed them and said that he took none of those to heart.

He knew that they were new and, therefore never seen him around.

He immediately gave a bag full of Medicinal Pill to Liu Menglian and said that she should give the pills to the new disciples as his introduction gift.

They all jumped in excitement to hear that they will get a medicinal pill to help them cultivate.

They expressed their gratitude to Yi Tianyun while he noticed that all of their Favourability Points have increased to more than a hundred.

It seemed that they already heard many stories of him to earn that much respect from them!

While he was looking at the new disciples’ excited faces, Shi Xueyun’s voice was quickly heard.

“Did something happen this time? Why are there no girls coming with you this time?” She said teasingly.

“Aunt! You know that I am not a player, right!” Yi Tianyun said as he immediately hugged Shi Xueyun happily.

“Aunt! Your cultivation has improved a lot!” Yi Tianyun said as he noticed that Shi Xueyun has reached 2nd Level Spirit Core!

“It is not even worth mentioning! Look at you! I must be looking weak to you!” Shi Xueyun said teasingly.

“No, don’t say that! You are powerful! Don’t ever think otherwise, Aunt!” Yi Tianyun said cheekily to Shi Xueyun.

“You’re always like this, you really know what to say to me at the perfect moment! You are still my cheeky little Tianyun aren’t you!” Shi Xueyun said teasingly to Yi Tianyun.

“Hey, why don’t we go inside, aunt. I am a little bit tired after my adventure!” Yi Tianyun said while also grabbing Shi Xueyun’s arm and ushered her inside.

“Hey, what did I say on forcing yourself too hard!” Shi Xueyun said, a little upset about Yi Tianyun’s tiredness.

“Yeah, well, I do it happily for you.” Yi Tianyun said while smiling playfully.

“Wouldn’t you bring me with you next time? I want to see you in action!” Shi Xueyun said while puffing her cheek.

“There will be opportunities for that, Aunt! I brought many resources with me this time, I hope that it could improve the Heavenly Jade Sect for the better!” Yi Tianyun said while handling Shi Xueyun a storage ring.

Shi Xueyun immediately checked the content of the ring and immediately shouted, “Oh my god! With this many resources, you must be destroying a faction!” Shi Xueyun said with a shocked expression.

“You are right! Some factions ticked me off. So, I quickly take care of them, and I brought back the spoils of war!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“No, you should use it yourself! This is yours, from your hard work! We aren’t worthy enough to receive this!” Shi Xueyun said as she tried to give back the storage ring to Yi Tianyun.

“Don’t be like that, aunt. I already got what I need from them. Therefore all of these will be wasted on me. It is for the sake of the sect too.” Yi Tianyun said, assuring Shi Xueyun to accept his gift.

Shi Xueyun seemed to be in conflict, it was hard to accept a gift that big, knowing that the person giving the gift did so much stuff to earn it.

But finally, she sighed and accepted Yi Tianyun’s offer.

“I will use this for the good of the Heavenly Jade Sect to the best of my ability.” She said solemnly.

“It is okay, aunt! I know that you will be fair on managing the resources.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face, he didn’t know that Shi Xueyun will make things that serious.

“I am doing all this to see you smile. It is so refreshing to see you smile beautifully.” Yi Tianyun said teasingly.

“Yeah, I like to see you smile too. Would you be a kid again, Tianyun? I really miss you! you know!” Shi Xueyun said, now with teary eyes.