Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 267 - I Belong to Heavenly Jade Sect

Chapter 267 I Belong to Heavenly Jade Sect

Yi Tianyun quickly replaced the Black Dragon with the Phoenix Wing and flew back to Heavenly Jade Sect.

Since he already reached the Core Transformation Stage, he arrived at the Earthly Border Continent in no time.


‘Successfully completed the [Destroy Divine Rune Mansion!] Quest.’

‘Reward: 10.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, Tyrant Rune Paper, Enhanced Lottery Ticket, 100 PPs, 1.000 SPs.’

Yi Tianyun was really satisfied with how things developed.

With his Prestige Point kept increasing from the quest he took and from the elite enemies that he killed, he was in a good mood.

He then thought for a moment if he should use the enhanced lottery at that moment or later at the Heavenly Jade Sect.

He then thought that it was better to use it right away, why bother waiting anyway.

He then activated his Luck Aura and opened the enhanced lottery panel.

He quickly spun the roulette as there was nothing to wait for.

While waiting for the roulette to stop, he began to wonder what else could he got from that roulette.

The Ice-Cold Divine Bow he got last time was so good that he didn’t know what else could top that.

Soon enough, the pointer stopped at Cultivation Technique!

That was the first time that he ever got his hand on cultivation technique in that enhanced lottery roulette.

As he caught the box which dropped from the roulette, he immediately opened the box to see what was inside.

Shadow Clone Art: High-Grade Earth Level Martial Art – Upgradeable.

Create three clones that looked exactly like the user with 30% of power intact.

Leveling up will increase the power of the clone.

Yi Tianyun immediately shouted in excitement.

That technique had so many potentials!

He could use a clone to disrupt the enemy’s defenses or confused them.

With the level improvement, the clone can be used to attack!

It was the same as having three more of himself!

However, leveling it up might prove to be difficult, he knew that to level up a martial arts or cultivation technique, the system will demand a lot of Crazy Points!

Surely, now he had many resources in his hand that can be used to level up that martial art to a certain degree, but it just didn’t make any sense to use the resources like that.

It was better to give it to the Heavenly Jade Sect or the Heaven’s Top Mansion so they could improve and help him in the future.

Furthermore, he didn’t have enough resources to level up the martial arts to Heaven Level Martial Art.

He assumed that it needed at least 1 million Mastery for that, and 1 million Mastery was not that easy to get!

He could use a High-Grade Level Martial Arts as a fodder to increase the mastery of the martial arts that he wanted to level up, but the problem was he didn’t have that many High-Grade Earth Level Martial Arts.

Martial Arts with that level were scarce for a 3rd grade faction.

Only a few people possessed a martial art at that level.

He immediately cast the thought away, he felt that he needed to think about that problem some other time, he didn’t need the martial art that much for the time being.

He should focus more on the weaponry that he had.

They gave a much higher survival rate than martial arts at that moment.

He immediately sold all the unnecessary and weak martial arts that he got from the enemy and checked the amount of the Crazy Point that he got from all that.

He received around 3 Million Crazy Point!

He was quite excited and looked around for something that he needed to level up immediately.

But after a few considerations, he decided to keep his crazy points for now as he considered leveling a perfect thing at the perfect situation.

As he was lost in his thought, he arrived at the Heavenly Jade Sect before he knew it. he immediately landed and put away his Phoenix Wing, as he sightsees that the place was considerably tidied up.

He also saw many new faces training in the new training ground outside Heavens Immersing Ancient Ruins.

As he walked closer, several female disciples that he has not yet seen before stopped him in his track and asked who he was and why he came to the Heavenly Jade Sect rudely.

The commotion attracted several other female disciples, but unfortunately, there was no one that Yi Tianyun had already known.

They began to stand side by side, ready to defend the Sect from Yi Tianyun.

One of them asked for Yi Tianyun’s faction and Yi Tianyun’s identity.

Yi Tianyun was impressed to see that the new disciples were this prepared.

He immediately answered that he was from the Heavenly Jade Sect itself!