Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 265 - Terrifying Defense Power

Chapter 265 Terrifying Defense Power

Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant seemed to be really desperate to end the battle.

He was prepared for the worst if it meant killing Yi Tianyun!

The old man’s combat power kept rising uncontrollably, while his Divine Rune was activated one after another.

Yi Tianyun immediately activated his Heaven Holding Anger, he couldn’t hesitate now, as that fight will be decided in one blow!

For a moment, a thunderstruck right to the position of the Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant, empowering him even further and immediately rushed over to Yi Tianyun with incredible speed.

The long spear in his hands immediately glowed brightly like lightning that temporarily blinded Yi Tianyun.

In an instant, Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant was already in front of Yi Tianyun and prepared himself to attack!

Yi Tianyun knew that he was screwed!

There was no way that he will be able to dodge the attack.

Moreover, the Teleport Skill was still in cooldown.

He thought over all of his current abilities and none of them could hold a candle to the old man’s current combat power, he was still too under-leveled to take that attack head-on!

With no other way to go, Yi Tianyun decided that if his ability couldn’t help him in that situation, then what could!

So, he immediately activated Xuan Tian Divine Art, Golden Body Secret Art, Dragon God Bloodline while also activating his Absorbing Star Great Technique.

He used the Heaven Holding Great Sword to act as a lightning rod, at least he won’t get electrified!

He absorbed almost everything from the old man’s attack, but there was still some that got through, giving him a slight burn on his body.

He was a little bit surprised, he didn’t know that he was capable of doing something like that.

“There seems to be no effect!” Yi Tianyun said while sighing.

Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant was shocked to see that his attack didn’t do any serious damage, let alone kill Yi Tianyun!

“Impossible, how could you survive that one?” Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant with a shocked expression.

He saw that Yi Tianyun was bleeding a little bit, but not as much as he expected.

Yi Tianyun’s injury seemed to be superficial, which meant that the injuries didn’t hinder him from anything.

“What is this nonsense? What did you do?” Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant said nervously.

“What? I don’t do anything special. You’re just too weak for me!” Yi Tianyun said while smirking smugly.

Yi Tianyun laughed as he realized that his defense power was really high, he always tried his best to avoid getting hit, but he realized at that moment that even if he got hit, it didn’t really do much!

He had the effect of the Heaven Holding Divine Armor, the Guardian Title, Xuan Tian Divine Art, the Golden Body Divine Art, and the Dragon God Bloodline!

Everything amplified his defense power to an overwhelming number.

Knowing that fact, Yi Tianyun didn’t hesitate to swing his sword to kill Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant.

He didn’t fear Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant’s retaliation attack anymore, there will be no significant damage anyway!

At some point, Yi Tianyun finally hit Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant with the Heaven Holding Giant Sword, which immediately flung the old man to the ground.

Yi Tianyun no longer put any effort to avoid his attack since his attack didn’t seem to be doing any damage to Yi Tianyun.

“You fucking monster! How can you do all this? Why is it so hard to kill you!” Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant said while gritting his teeth in frustration.

“Idiot, who wants to die easily? In fact, it is not that I’m too hard to kill, but you’re just too weak to do anything to me!” Yi Tianyun said smugly.

Yi Tianyun rushed over and immediately hit the old man with the sword’s dull edge with all his might.

The old man was once again flung out to the wall.

He couldn’t withstand the sheer power from Yi Tianyun’s attack at that time.

The survivor of Divine Rune Mansion immediately came over to check on their Old Ancestor.

“It is over! What will you do now, old coot? You can’t even penetrate my defenses!” Yi Tianyun said with a bored face.

“You fucker!” Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant said hopelessly.

He didn’t have any more strength to fight Yi Tianyun with!