Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 264 - Angry

Chapter 264 Angry

Facing the raging Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant, Yi Tianyun activated the Heaven Holding Anger.

While he was still preparing himself, the old man already flashed over to his position and threw a powerful blow with his spear to Yi Tianyun’s direction.

Yi Tianyun was a bit startled by the old man’s attack, but thanks to the Heaven Holding Divine Armor, once again the damage was negated, however by that moment, the Armor has already used up all its charge for today, meaning that it won’t be able to negate any other damage for the rest of the day!

Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant tried to attack once more with all his strength.

Yi Tianyun immediately instinctively sensed the impending danger, he knew that if he took it head-on, he would lose his head! So, in the middle of the old man’s attack, Yi Tianyun quickly teleported away to safety!

Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant was a little bit shocked to see that Yi Tianyun was able to escape from his grasp.

But as he was still shocked and confused, Yi Tianyun flashed over and slammed down his sword in the Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant’s directions.

Yi Tianyun’s attack caught Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant off guard, lopping off one of the old man’s arm.

Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant was once again shocked that Yi Tianyun managed to hit him yet again, he immediately took some distance from Yi Tianyun, fearing the second attack from Yi Tianyun’s Giant Sword!

Yi Tianyun immediately took out his Ice-Cold Divine Bow and quickly shot three arrows heading straight to the old man.

He still couldn’t fire the Ice-Cold Fury because it was still on cooldown.

It needed a couple more minutes before it was usable again.

Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant saw the arrow coming, he quickly fended off the arrows with his spear once more.

But unlike last time, the cold effect successfully affected the old man!

His arm was frostbitten!

The old man still thought for the better of it, he knew that he will be having a hard time while fighting Yi Tianyun at close range.

But here, in the distance, he still could control the tide of battle.

The old man became cautious about Yi Tianyun’s every move.

He needed to really see everything in detail as to not let Yi Tianyun got the upper hand again!

“You son of a bitch! Don’t get cocky for hitting me once!” Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant said coldly.

“Chill, that won’t be the last!” Yi Tianyun said casually while repetitively shooting three arrows three times.

“Fuck you, this attack won’t do anything to me!” Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant said furiously.

“Shameless old man, you don’t have the skill to fight me up close, and now you don’t have the skill to fight me in the distance, and so what would you do now? Give up?” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

With this repetitive attack from the Ice-Cold Divine Bow, the old man’s body was frostbitten bit by bit.

Because of the freeze damage, he slowly felt his body was heavy and realized that he suddenly had trouble flying.

He immediately realized that if that went on, he would be dead soon!

In the middle of preparing his next attack, Yi Tianyun heard voices from below, which bad-mouthed him and planning to attack Yi Tianyun when he let his guard down.

Yi Tianyun sighed and immediately shot them down with an arrow to each person, instantly turning them into an ice sculpture.

Yi Tianyun sighed.

If only they knew that Yi Tianyun’s cultivation was only at the 1st Level Core Transformation stage, they would have lost their mind right now.

At the same time, Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant got away from Yi Tianyun as he noticed that Yi Tianyun was a little bit distracted by his deacons from below.

He detonated all the Divine Rune in his body, causing bleeding all over his body.

But instead of getting weaker, his combat power rose exponentially once again!