Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 262 - Holding Anger!

Chapter 262 Holding Anger!

After his combat power soared, Yi Tianyun noticed that Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder’s combat power wasn’t that far off from him.

He became confident of killing Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder.

Yi Tianyun taunted the Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder to attack, which he saw had no effect seeing that the Old Ancestor was still surprised to see the Heaven Holding Giant Sword!

Yi Tianyun then decided that he needed to strike.

First, he swung the Heaven Holding Giant Sword in his hand to strike Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder!

The old man immediately blocked Yi Tianyun’s attack with his long spear, and as the two weapons collided, a violent noise was heard!

With that single clash of weapons, Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder instantly realized that Yi Tianyun was very powerful.

He guessed that the boy was probably at Core Transformation Peak Stage!

Otherwise, Yi Tianyun won’t be able to block his attack!

If that was the case, how did the Netherworld Empire have such a genius on their rank was unknown!

It was clear that the boy in front of him wasn’t a regular genius either, it could be said that he was a genius among the genius!

Yi Tianyun didn’t care about any of that, and so, he relentlessly attacked Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder!

The old man could sense that Yi Tianyun’s attack became more powerful with each attack!

That was due to the special effect of the Heaven Holding Giant Sword, the Combo Star!

With each strike, Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder felt that his hands become numb from the shockwave of repetitively blocking a powerful attack like that.

Realizing that he will no longer have enough power to block Yi Tianyun’s attack, Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder immediately called Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant to help him.

The old man who was itching to join the fight from the beginning immediately rushed over and parried Yi Tianyun’s attack with his spear.

“You are getting ahead of yourself, brat! I will be your opponent now!” Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant said coldly.

Yi Tianyun’s complexion suddenly changed, he knew that he will not be able to handle both of them at the same time. Yi Tianyun immediately activated the Heaven Holding’s Anger and consumed 5.000 Crazy Points! His combat power once again soared to 18 Million!

He immediately flashed over toward Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder and stabbed him with the Heaven Holding Giant Sword right through his chest!

Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder immediately screamed in agony as his body was shining from the berserk Divine Rune.

Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant shouted for his brother and tried to rush over to his position to help, but it was all too late!

As the Divine Rune on Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder’s body lost its power from the constant damage of the Giant Sword, Yi Tianyun split the old man’s body in two!


‘Successfully killed Heavenly Thunder Old Ancestor!’

‘Reward: 3.100.000 Exp, 50.000 CPs, 2.000 SPs, 10.000 Divine Rune MPs, Thunder Sound Flash Martial Art, Heavenly Thunder Art, Thunder God’s Gun, God Killer Great Array, Heavenly Thunder Divine Pearl.’

‘Successfully killed an Elite Enemy!’

‘Reward: 30.000.000 Exp, 100.000 CPs, 1.000 SPs, Enhanced Lottery Roulette ticket.’

Yi Tianyun immediately swapped the sword with the Ice-Cold Divine Bow and immediately used the Ice-Cold Fury towards Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant!

This time however, he didn’t charge it that long, it was only slightly more powerful than the regular shots.

Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant immediately blocked the arrow with his spear, causing the arrow to explode.

But because Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant was much more powerful than Heavenly Thunder, he didn’t receive the same amount of damage as Heavenly Thunder.

His hands still received some frostbite damage, but it was negligible.

“You dare killed Heavenly Thunder! You are a dead meat!” Old Ancestor Thunder tyrant said furiously.

Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant immediately released his aura and activated the Divine Rune across his body.

After all that, his combat power rose to 17 Million!

Which made him the strongest opponent Yi Tianyun has ever fought so far!