Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 261 - Overbearing Power

Chapter 261 Overbearing Power

“Even if you are from the Netherworld Empire, killing us will be your downfall!” Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder said coldly.

Heavenly Thunder immediately released his aura, raising his combat power to 8.6 Million!

Completely overshadowed Yi Tianyun’s combat power!

This Old Ancestor was so much more powerful than the minister of the Netherworld Empire.

At that time, Yi Tianyun noticed that his cultivation wasn’t high enough, even if he used the effect of Crazy Mode, he still won’t be able to reach the Combat Power of those Old Ancestors.

“You will die here right here, right now!” Heavenly Thunder said coldly.

He immediately attacked Yi Tianyun with a long spear with lightning imbued on its tip.

Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder was very fast!

Yi Tianyun saw that Heavenly Thunder’s combat power was still rising at the very moment of launching his attack to 11 Million!

Yi Tianyun immediately took out his Ice Cold Divine Bow from his inventory and pulled the bowstring to the maximum and activated the Bow’s special effect, The Ice Cold Fury!

That effect would double the power of his next attack, which Yi Tianyun used to its full potential!

Ice Cold Divine Bow shone with light blue color as the arrow was gradually materialized.

He immediately released the arrow as he finally reached the combat power of 15 Million!

The arrow made a chirping noise as Yi Tianyun shot and unleashed it with extreme speed!

Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder’s complexion changed.

He felt that if he was hit by that arrow, he would be dead instantly!

Feeling the foreboding sense, he switched into a defensive stance as he didn’t have any time to dodge the attack.

Old Ancestor collided with the Ice Cold Fury with a thundering sound bellowing from the impact.

As the lights dissipated, the scream of Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder was suddenly heard.

His body was frostbitten, the most serious being his arm, which already turned black from the extreme frostbite.

At the same time, three more Ice Arrow flew through the air toward the Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder.

That attack wasn’t the Ice Cold Fury as it had a cooldown period, but that wasn’t an attack one could take lightly.

It had the combat power of 7.5 Million compacted in each arrow!

Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder immediately blocked off the arrow with ease as Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant moved towards him to help.

Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder immediately pushed away Old Ancestor Thunder Tyrant as he said he was fine and will definitely kill the boy with his own hands!

Thunder Tyrant nodded his head in understanding.

He knew that the Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder had to do this himself, or he would be ashamed that he couldn’t deal with just a boy on his own.

Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder immediately activated the Divine Rune on his body, increasing his combat power rose to 13 Million!

The power of the real Core Transformation Expert was really amazing!

Yi Tianyun could hardly keep up with his own power now!

He knew that if he didn’t do anything at that moment and waited for Old Ancestor Heavenly Thunder to attack, he will be done for!

So, he immediately opened his inventory and then equipped the Heaven Holding set that he got from killing Minister Lin Hao of Netherworld Empire.


‘Successfully equipped Heaven Holding Divine Armor!’

‘Effect: X5 defense power, negate 1 fatal attack!’

‘Successfully equipped Heaven Holding Leg Guard!’

‘Effect: X5 movement speed on the ground, X10 Movement Speed when injured.’

‘Successfully equipped Heaven Holding Giant Sword!’

‘Effect: X3 Combat Power. Special Effect – (Combo Star): continuously attacking an opponent will increase the power of the attack, maxed at X5 Combat Power.’

‘Successfully equipped Heaven Holding Set!’

‘Effect: X5 Combat Power, X2 Attack Speed, X2 Defence Power. Special Effect – (Heaven Holding’s Anger): Needs 5.000 Crazy Point to use!’

After equipping all of the Heaven Holding Set, his combat power soared to 13 Million!

That new set was really on a whole different level!