Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 247 - Rejection!

No one felt safe from the Netherworld Empire.

They knew that sooner or later the Netherworld Empire would investigate them regarding that matter.

“I am a bit different from Minister Cheng Feng, I prefer to discuss this matter straight to the point. So, without further ado, I announce the Netherworld Empire’s intention to invite all of you to join us!” Minister Lin Hao said pridefully.

“As long as you join us, you will get the benefit of abundant resources, Spiritual Energy zone for your cultivation, and various Martial Arts for you to learn! We treat everyone on Netherworld Empire equally, there is no need to be afraid of minorities or such thing!” Minister Lin Hao said dismissively.

This was a bold move by Netherworld Empire!

That way, they could control the Heavenly Border Continent easily.

They want to wage war with the Heavenly Dragon Empire which at this moment has already controlled the Earthly Border Continent.

“If you choose to join us, we will provide all the benefits you would like to have but in exchange, we would like you to pledge your allegiance to us. You will have to show us some extent of loyalty! We will give you some mission in manageable time, and we hope for you to finish it in a certain period, but don’t you worry. We will not give you a mission beyond your capabilities.” Minister Lin Hao said solemnly.

“We will not force you to join us if you decide to do so.” Minister Lin Hao said, adding new info.

Minister Lin Hao then watched the Mansion Lord of various factions started to discuss the possibilities with their confidant.

He knew that the offer would surely benefit them greatly!

“We will join the Netherworld Empire!” Nan Fengyun said, making the Divine Rune Mansion be the first to join Netherworld Empire in Heavenly Border Continent.

Minister Lin Hao immediately nodded his head in confirmation.

Divine Rune Mansion’s willingness to accept the offer created a chain of acceptance from other Mansion Lords.

They were afraid if they chose not to join the Netherworld Empire, they could get some negative feedback from the Netherworld Empire.

“Thank you very much for providing us with this offer, My lord! But we from the White Lotus Mansion would like to decline the offer as we would like to become independent.” White Lotus Mansion Lord said solemnly.

Minister Lin Hao looked at her with disdain but then quickly changed the look on his face with a light smile.

“We respect your decision, Mansion Lord. We will not force you.” Minister Lin Hao said warmly.

Soon after, several other Factions also declared that they would be declining the offer, including Star Pavilion.

Star Pavilion didn’t want to be burdened with being another faction’s subsidiary.

They already had a strong backer for their Pavilion, there was no need to join another faction to get resources or anything alike.

At the same time, the Great Elder also asked Yi Tianyun as to whether to join or not, as they still didn’t give the proper answer for Netherworld Empire.

The Great Elder felt unwilling to join the Netherworld Empire, but it all came down to Yi Tianyun as his Mansion Lord.

If Yi Tianyun chose to join, then he would accept it heartfully.

Yi Tianyun didn’t answer the Great Elder’s question, but instead immediately gave the word to Minister Lin Hao.

“Thank you very much, Minister Lin Hao. But we will also decline the offer.” Yi Tianyun said confidently.

Yi Tianyun’s refusal left everyone surprised, they were ogling at Yi Tianyun like he was some kind of mad man!

Heaven’s Top Mansion could have the resource that they want from the Netherworld Empire, but instead, they still declined.

Besides, with the Heaven’s Top Mansion’s reputation was now in ruins, they should have accepted the offer!