Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 242 - Resist

Chapter 242 Resist

The Netherworld Divine Palm was one of the techniques which were used by the Emperor of the Netherworld Empire!

It had a terrifying destructive power of more than 7 Million combat power!

That was only the effect of a shadow.

The real Core Condensation peak stage would have more terrifying power than this for sure!

“You have to die here, kid! I won’t let you live!” Cheng Feng said confidently.

Yi Tianyun quickly disappeared from Cheng Feng’s sight, completely erasing his presence.

At the same time, the Netherworld Divine Palm struck at Yi Tianyun’s previous location!

Destroying the wall to Cheng Feng’s office and also alerting the guard about the fight!

“Son of a bitch! I will believe that you are dead once I saw your dead body! Now, come out, come out wherever you are!” Cheng Feng said tauntingly.

The Netherworld Emperor’s shadow soon faded and disappeared, while Cheng Feng was still looking at the place where the Netherworld Divine Palm strikes.

When the dust from the attack dissipated, a scarlet-colored blade suddenly pierced through his chest!

“What? How did you get behind me?” Cheng Feng said in disbelief.

“Dead people don’t need to know a secret of the living!” Yi Tianyun said coldly as he continued to drive the sword to the side to make the injuries fatal!

“I will die in my own accord!” Cheng Feng said while smiling at Yi Tianyun and shattering another Jade Pendant!

The Netherworld Emperor’s Shadow once was again materialized out of thin air and immediately attacked Yi Tianyun with the Netherworld Divine Palm.

Yi Tianyun’s face quickly changed, earlier he could dodge the attack by simple teleporting behind Cheng Feng.

Now, the Teleport ability has entered cooldown for 10 minutes, he couldn’t use it to escape the attack.

“Damn it!” Yi Tianyun said loud enough for Cheng Feng to hear.

Cheng Feng grinned seeing his opponent was clearly frustrated that he had two of the Netherworld Jade Pendant!

He would surely win this time!

The Netherworld Divine Palm hit Yi Tianyun directly, causing an explosion as it went through.

However, after the explosion dissipated, Cheng Feng was shocked to see Yi Tianyun was unscathed in front of him.

Cheng Feng saw that Yi Tianyun had a glimmering black cloak on his hands.

That was the Shadow Cloak which could completely block out any damage for five seconds!

The grade of the cloak wasn’t that high but its effect was godly!

Meanwhile, Cheng Feng still stared at Yi Tianyun with surprised eyes, he didn’t expect Yi Tianyun to be able to hold off the Netherworld Divine Palm that easily!

But Yi Tianyun had another predicament coming, the Cloak effect only lasted for 5 seconds, while the Netherworld Emperor’s Shadow could last to 10 seconds!

Cheng Feng who has become desperate kept attacking Yi Tianyun with Netherworld Divine Palm endlessly!

At the 5 seconds count, a notification saying that the immunity effect of the Shadow Cloak has ended was heard, but the barrage of palm strike hasn’t stopped.

Yi Tianyun quickly gritted his teeth and activated the Dragon God Bloodline and Xuan Tian Divine Art!

He chose to receive the attack head-on!

He didn’t have any cheat escaping ability left which he could use to stop the attack!