Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 235 - Add More Fun

Chapter 235 Add More Fun

Now everyone on the courtyard could see why Yi Tianyun was standing in front of Heaven’s Top Mansion from the very beginning.

He was the Mansion Lord himself!

Now, all those people thought of was just who the hell was Yi Tianyun?

Was he the son of the previous Mansion Lord of Heaven’s Top Mansion?

Or was he a son of some influential man?

Everyone couldn’t help but wonder.

Yi Tianyun wasn’t a man without power either. It was clear that he was at least a cultivator of Spirit Core stage if not higher from the previous incident before the arrival of Minister Cheng! People couldn’t grasp on what stage Yi Tianyun’s power really was, he hasn’t shown his aura to anyone before, so no one knew how powerful he really was.

“No wonder he came here with Heaven’s Top Mansion, he is the Mansion Lord himself!”

Elder Yun said, a little bit startled by Yi Tianyun’s revelation.

This revelation piqued Li Tianlong’s interest.

Now he was really curious about Yi Tianyun’s power and such!

Yi Tianyun just smiled toward Minister Cheng and returned to his previous spot.

He didn’t care about anyone that stared in wonders at him.

“Minister Cheng! It is clear that my gift was much better than that brat’s gift! I have the advantages of a 5th Grade Divine Rune on my gift!” Nan Fengyun said bitterly.

Cheng Feng ignored Nan Fengyun’s whine and proposed that Yi Tianyun demonstrated a little bit of his power in front of everyone with a mock battle.

Yi Tianyun agreed on the spot.

He was not some weakling that Cheng Feng could shame in front of others!

He will make sure to crush anyone!

“Since Mansion Lord Yi agreed to do a mock battle, I propose my man to be his opponent. He is an inner disciple of Divine Runes Mansion. I hope that you would perform as your title suggests!” Nan Fengyun said to Yi Tianyun in sarcasm.

Hearing Nan Fengyun’s words, Yi Tianyun felt like crushing whoever he sent to him to a pulp!

As Yi Tianyun entered the platform, Nan Fengyun sent a guy named Zheng Yu to fight Yi Tianyun.

Nan Fengyun didn’t stop there, he shouted at Yi Tianyun to catch the sword he was about to throw and then threw the sword in a high speed.

If Yi Tianyun wasn’t prepared himself, it could cause serious injuries for sure!

Yi Tianyun couldn’t do anything about Nan Fengyun’s little show here, in everyone’s eyes, it was just a little support to Yi Tianyun by giving him a weapon.

But as to make a show out of it, Yi Tianyun began to twirl the sword beautifully, enraptured some of the audience.

After his little show, Yi Tianyun was ready to start as Zheng Yu was ready too.

“Minister Cheng, I hope that you will not be disgusted by a few bloodsheds on the arena.” Nan Fengyun said humbly.

“It’s okay, how can I be a minister of the Netherworld Empire if I am afraid of a little blood.” Minister Cheng said casually.

With that said, Nan Fengyun began to grin, this word by Minister Cheng was the same as authorizing some random attack, even if Yi Tianyun was killed, it would not be a problem!

It could be waved of as an accident and the lack of skill from Yi Tianyun.

“Zheng Wu, I hope you show us your true talent! And not be a disappointment to Divine Runes Mansion! And I hope for the same thing to you Mansion Lord Yi, I hope that you will live up to your title.” Nan Fengyun shouted excitedly.

“Relax, if I lose, I will resign from my position as a Mansion Lord.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Hearing Yi Tianyun’s word, many people were a little bit surprised.

How could he bet something so important that easily!

Only the eyes of the Great Elder that were showing a different emotion, he was the only one who showed a wide smile on his face.

He knew that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t lose against Zheng Wu!

As Minister Cheng signed the start of the battle, Zheng Wu immediately activated the 5th Grade Divine Rune on his sword, sharpened the blade more.

This Divine Rune enhanced the quality of the sword exponentially making Yi Tianyun’s sword pale to comparison!

Yu Shiqian at the side couldn’t bear to look at the arena, that was too much!

At this time, the gap between their weapons was too wide!