Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 194 - I Am Not Your Brother

Chapter 194 I Am Not Your Brother

The woman began to stretch out her body like a normal person who just woke up would and Yi Tianyun immediately could feel an aura coming from her like a living person had.

The woman looked around a little bit and returned her gaze back to Yi Tianyun, and she immediately smiled when their eyes met. Her smile was so beautiful, Yi Tianyun even unconsciously let his guard down in front of this woman.

“Brother, you finally came!” the woman said to Yi Tianyun excitedly.

Yi Tianyun was confused about her word, he didn’t know her and why would she think of him as her brother.

“Brother? Who? Me? I am not your brother, lady.” Yi Tianyun said to the woman politely.

“Why would you say something so stupid, brother? Of course, you are my brother! If not, why would you even guard me while I am asleep?” the woman said cheerily.

“I am so sorry, lady. I am here only to sightseeing around. I am truly not your brother.” Yi Tianyun said, still feeling confused by the woman’s eagerness.

“Stop joking, brother, I am happy that you are here!” The woman said while eagerly trying to stand up from her coffin.

However, she immediately falls afterward, as she was in slumber for too long.

Luckily, Yi Tianyun was fast enough to catch her, he grabbed the woman and lean her over to her coffin once more.

“Are you okay?” Yi Tianyun asked worriedly.

“I am fine, it’s just that I ‘m a little bit tired. Where are we going now?” the woman asked enthusiastically.

“Lady, I really am not your brother, you are mistaking me for someone else!” Yi Tianyun said while looking serious this time.

“How is that possible? I remember you said that we would be going to find my happiness, and I am only happy while I am with you!” She said speedily, she suddenly stopped and reached out her head as if trying to say that her head hurt.

“Lady, are you okay?” Yi Tianyun said while looking her up with his Appraisal Eye. Yi Tianyun was shocked by what he saw. The woman in front of him already reached Fifth Level Core Transformation! She didn’t seem to be older than Shi Xueyun and she already reached this level! This is very strange!

“You really are not my brother?” The woman said while holding her head up.

“No, I am not! I already said it from the beginning!” Yi Tianyun said in a hurry.

“Then, who am I?” The woman said while looking so sad and gloomy.

Yi Tianyun didn’t know what to think of this situation, but he immediately noticed the blooming Ice Heaven’s Snow Lotus on the coffin, and he immediately reached out to one of them and stuck it to the woman’s hair. A cold aura was quickly emanated from the flower and the aura seemed to be stabilizing her condition a little bit.

“Thank you!” She said while looking a bit surprised herself, probably because her headache suddenly disappeared.

“I remember a little bit about myself. My name is Ren Zhirou, from…“ she said while closing her eyes, trying to remember her memories. She looked in so much pain while doing so!

“Slow down, don’t rush yourself to remember! You might hurt yourself in the process.” Yi Tianyun said while trying to comfort her.

“Brother! My head is hurting again!” The woman said while holding up her head again.

Yi Tianyun immediately laid her down on her coffin.

“You should lie here for a while, you’re just awake from a long slumber here, so your memories may be jumbled now. Rest and try to remember later.” Yi Tianyun said with an authoritative voice.

Ren Zhirou only nodded her head and lie down once again inside the coffin. After she fell asleep, Yi Tianyun didn’t leave the room like he initially would. Instead, he continued absorbing the spiritual energy around him inside the room itself. He couldn’t waste any more time wandering around the place.

Yi Tianyun was really satisfied to level upon this place, he will ask the elder or the guards outside later regarding how to enter this room again in the future.

He looked at Ren Zhirou, and it seemed her headache has already subsided. But, he was almost out of time, he has been here for 5 days. He had to get out of this place as soon as possible!

Fortunately, Ren Zhirou woke up again not too long after.

“Brother, I already feel much better! Where are we going now?” Ren Zhirou asked Yi Tianyun excitedly.

“Where do you live? Did you remember anything else from your past?” Yi Tianyun asked politely.

“Where do I live? I… I don’t think I remember! Don’t you know our home brother?” Ren Zhirou asked Yi Tianyun excitedly.

“I don’t know anything!” Yi Tianyun said straightforwardly, “We need to figure this out later, for now, I need to get back to the pond!”

Ren Zhirou only nodded her head and followed Yi Tianyun through the path leading back to the hole in the ground.

“Brother? Is this the place where you came from? Can you really go out that way? isn’t the exit over there?” Ren Zhirou said while pointing toward a wall.

Yi Tianyun thought over his way of thinking and chose to follow Ren Zhirou’s word.

They jumped into the water near the wall that Ren Zhirou pointed to and Yi Tianyun could feel that he was immediately sucked in by the vortex again.

He arrived at a small pond that seemed to be near the chief pavilion’s place. The small pond was covered by rather thick vegetation so it was a little hard to find by the people intentionally tried to find it.

“This is so cool, now I could level up inside whenever I want!” Yi Tianyun said while getting excited himself.

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