Crazy Leveling System

Chapter 108 - Black Soul Dragon Vein

Chapter 108: Black Soul Dragon Vein

“Second brother!” Long Batian hurried over and saw that Long Weitian was dying, his face already became pale from losing too much blood, just from one strike from the axe and now he will not live for much longer. Long Baitian look at his brother with a little bit relief in his mind, at least his brother died an easy death, but death is still a sad thing to confront so he stayed at his brother’s side until Long Weitian’s eyes turned white.

“Seems that your brother’s wound is deep, he is dead no matter what you do. Now that you’re the victim, do you at understand how it feels when you take those people from their family?” Yi Tianyun said with cold and venomous word. He just can’t find mercy for them, especially after seeing Meng Hua’s condition before.

Long Baitian gritted his teeth and glances at Yi Tianyun with hateful look in his eyes and proceeds to run inside leaving his brothers body behind.

“Oh, now you want to run? You know I can catch up with you with ease right? There will be no more Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold after today you know.” Yi Tianyun said with playful smirk on his word.

Long Baitian was very nervous about Yi Tianyun was so close behind him, he quicken his pace and shout “Old ancestor! Please save me!” Yi Tianyun is a little bit puzzled.

“Old ancestor?” but he chooses to ignore it and quickly swing his axe at Long Baitian’s back. Long Baitian felt this attack coming and quickly use his Dragon Spring Blade to try to resist Yi Tianyun’s attack.

An iron clashing with iron sounded on the hall they were at, the axe clearly winning. The blade was cut into two like bamboo together with its master. Long Batian’s eyes bulging out from surprise and it seems that he wants to say something but his mouth doesn’t make any sound. At the end of his life, Yi Tianyun saw a hint of regret in his fallen enemy.

[Ding, successfully killed Long Batian, earned 48,000 experiences, 2,200 Crazy Point, Falling Cloud Armor (Middle Grade Spirit Tool), Soul Killing Blade (High Grade Spirit Tool)!]

[Ding, successfully killed Long Weitian, with 42,000 experience, 2,100 Crazy Point, Heaven Cloud Armor (Middle Grade Spirit Tool), Thousand Drop Blade (High Grade Spirit Tool)!]

There are no more bandits running around as he is sure that he already killed them all. He regrets his move to not activate the luck aura or crazy mode for killing those three a little bit, but in the end he sighed. It’s really is not necessary just to receive a little extra.

He starts to collect the equipment used by the Long Brothers, he can sell them for a few thousand extra crazy points. When he is done collecting all he could get from the bodies, suddenly the area becomes duller and some dark aura creeping up on him. A loud shout is suddenly ringing inside the fortress.

“Where are the intruders?!” an old man voice shouting at random, he is covered with a black mist that seems to be connected with the darkness that emits from the land. Yi Tianyun is really intrigued by this old man’s power. He immediately uses his appraisal eye to look at the old man’s stats.

Old Ancestor Hei Hun: Peak Core Condensation, controller of Underground Black Dragon’s Spiritual Vein with Black Dragon Strength. Combat powers at 210,000! With Martial Art of Black Dragon Divine Secret Art, Soul Extinguishing Palm… Weakness is the underground Black Soul Dragon Vein, breaking the connection of Black Soul Dragon Vein will reduce his power by half! Killing may rewards: Black Dragon Divine Secret Art, Soul Extinguishing Palm, Black Dragon Spiritual Vein Crystal…

“Old Ancestor Hei Hun, controller of Underground Black Dragon’s Spiritual Vein… Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold, no wonder there are so many treasures and expert here, it seems like they’re all to cover up about the Black Dragon Spiritual Vein!”

Yi Tianyun seen the details provided by the appraisal eye and immediately knew everything he need of this place. The Dragon’s Treasure Stronghold is obviously made to cover up this Black Soul Dragon Vein. But that is where his problem starts, he knows nothing about this Black Soul Dragon Vein, there is no additional information about it in appraisal eye.

“I am the intruder, who are you old man? I am just a pilgrim who granted the bandits here a salvation. What do you want to do now?” Yi Tianyun said casually, not making any move to provoke the old man, he want to see what this old man can do.

“Oh, a good Samaritans want to save those troubled people brought by the three brothers. Are you sure with that kind of personality you will survive in this kind of age?” Old Ancestor Hei Hun said with disdain in his eyes, but smirked “But you clearly had the promising skill and cultivation.

The three of them is now dead and all the criminal activities they do doesn’t concern me anymore. How about I offer you to be my warrior? I will give you an unlimited glory and wealth! Also you can get your cultivation progress much faster under my guidance.” Old Ancestor Hei Hun said with glorious smile “Why?” Yi Tianyun said with a light smile: “Is there any proof, all i heard is just empty words”

“Below my feet, there is a Black Soul Dragon Vein!” Old Ancestor Hei Hun said, this word surprise Yi Tianyun a little bit. This old man doesn’t bother hiding anything from a stranger he just met.

“As long as you agreed to become my warrior, I will let you absorb the Black Soul Dragon Vein as much as you like and with it your cultivation will progress in much faster rate. After we reach a higher cultivation stage, we will open a new sect, so that no one will mess with us!” Old Ancestor Hei Hun said with confidence. In his eyes there is nothing more powerful than this Black Soul Dragon Vein.

“So, what do you want me to do?” Yi Tianyun asked

“All you have to do is bring people here, whether they’re cultivator or not doesn’t matter. All of them will be sacrificed to the Black Soul Dragon Vein, this way we can produce Black Dragon Strength and with it our cultivation speed would drastically increased.” Old Ancestor Hei Hun said with smile. Yi Tianyun was quite shocked by these revelations, anger quickly taken his approach to this old man.

“So, this is why you abducted those people! You are just a sinned old man like your weakling subordinate. Are you not afraid of the consequences that you will receive? Are you not afraid of heaven?” Yi Tianyun said exerting his powerful killing intent at the old man.

“Heaven? What heaven? In here I am heaven! No one can stand in my level in here!” Old Ancestor Hei Hun said coldly and add “Make your choice, if u choose to be my warrior take this pill, if not prepare to die!”

He held out his palm and a dark Pill appeared on his palm. Yi Tianyun looked at it with appraisal eye and instantly understood the intention of taking the pill.

“Black Heart Pill, after taking it, will have a poisoning effect after a while, in a long time will give a fatal effect.”

The pill he give is a mean to control his subordinate, the only way to hold back the effect of the poison i by continuously consuming the antidotes for the rest of their lives, and with it he can demand many things from his subordinate to do in exchange of the antidotes. If they can’t do it, there are no antidotes for them, if they can’t get the antidotes they will surely die a painful death.

“Are you sure you would kill me if I didn’t eat this pill?” Yi Tianyun asked. Ling Hei began laughing after hearing Yi Tianyun’s question “Did you think I will let you go just like that after hearing all my explanation? I will make sure to make you a great sacrifice for the Black Soul Dragon Vein!” to prove his word, he immediately emits his black qi around Yi Tianyun and suddenly a black cage appeared around Yi Tianyun blocking Yi Tianyun’s path from escaping anywhere.

Yi Tianyun is a little bit shocked by the old man’s power, he never expect anything of this magnitude can be find in such a secluded place.

“It seems that I am destined to level up here!” Yi Tianyun smile lightly, he doesn’t seems scared at all, all he sees is a huge energy waiting for him to absorb!