Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 485 - 485 Breaking Through—Origin Lifeform (Part 1) (1)

485 Breaking Through—Origin Lifeform (Part 1) (1)

In the virtual stands, more than a trillion cosmic citizens heard the conversation between the two, and they couldn’t help but be stunned when they heard D’Wayvan and Wu Ming mention their upcoming breakthrough to become Origin lifeforms.

“I’m still reminiscing about this battle and watching the slow-motion replay while the two of them have decided to become Origin lifeforms? Won’t this be their last battle before becoming Origin lifeforms?”

“Wu Ming has only participated in Battle of the Universe’s Apex for about ten years. He’s choosing to become an Origin lifeform the moment he became number one in the universe. People in the future don’t even have the chance to challenge him!”

“The moment these two people break through, the third in the universe will rise to first in the universe. That’s like a windfall!”

“What a pity. We won’t be able to see Wu Ming fight in the future.”

“This Wu Ming is really a monster! His growth is blazing fast!”

“He was clearly being suppressed, but he could unleash his full strength in that desperate situation and defeat D’Wayvan!”

Countless audience members discussed.

In the combat scene.

D’Wayvan and Xu Jingming didn’t leave. The former first bowed slightly in all directions before saying, “Thank you to the countless audience members who have supported me all these years. Today is my last apex battle. Unfortunately, I lost to Wu Ming. However, I believe you will understand soon… that Wu Ming defeating me to become number one in the universe is something I should be proud of.”

“Also, I’ll break through to become an Origin lifeform in the near future. I can reveal this in advance. In fact, what I’m best at isn’t the evolutionary path but the academic path.” D’Wayvan smiled. “Goodbye, everyone.”

D’Wayvan’s figure turned ethereal and dissipated.


“D’Wayvan is good at the academic path?”

“Even with his weaker trait—the evolutionary path—he still became number one in the universe’s apex battle. How good is he in academics?”

“What a pity. It will be difficult to see him livestream in the future.”

Many audience members understood this.

Ordinary Origin lifeforms rarely live-streamed, much less scholars. Scholars would dedicate their time and effort to science, and they might study it for centuries at a time. By the time he live-streamed again, many cosmic citizens might’ve already died of old age.

Xu Jingming also looked around at the trillion viewers in the virtual stands and bowed slightly. He said, “After this battle, I will break through to become an Origin lifeform. This battle will also be the last battle in my journey to the universe’s apex.”

“Thank you for your support over the past ten-plus years. The time we spent in those years can be considered our shared fate. Goodbye, everyone!” Xu Jingming gazed at the countless audience members before turning ethereal and dissipating.

Many viewers, especially those who had been following the two’s livestreams for a long time, had mixed emotions.

“From the beginning when there were less than 10,000 viewers, I watched him compete and grow. I watched him become number one in the Oohook Star Alliance, number one in the Hunter Cosmic Sector, and now number one in the universe. He’s now offline and left the journey to the universe’s apex. However, this is another beginning. He will become an Origin lifeform and have a brighter future. Wu Ming, I wish you all the best!”

“I’ve never seen anyone improve their ranking so quickly. Wu Ming, I believe you will definitely be even more dazzling after becoming an Origin lifeform.”

“Wu Ming, my blessings.”

“Although we share the loss of two peerless Lv. 8 geniuses, it will also mean two great Origin lifeforms will soon appear.”

The audience—who loved Battle of the Universe’s Apex—felt the most ambivalent emotions when their idols left this apex journey after announcing that they would break through to become Origin lifeforms.

They couldn’t seem to let them go, but they were also happy for their idols. After all, it was the becoming of an Origin lifeform! It was an even more glorious stage in life!

He’s going to become an Origin lifeform? Tejano watched. I’ll soon know if Wu Ming is Xu Jingming.

He had a guess, but he wouldn’t ask.

He patiently waited for the outcome to be made public.

Tejano then disappeared from the stands, along with a large number of audience members.

Two peerless geniuses like my brother. Prince Lunardo shook his head and disappeared. He felt that these two were beyond his reach. Perhaps he would only have a chance to interact with them after his brother inherited the throne.

Brother Wu Ming’s growth is faster than I expected. Qu Fang smiled and disappeared. Xu Jingming had stopped his journey to the apex, and he, the number one fan, could leave. He wouldn’t spend so much money on others.

“Two more big shots for the cosmic human race. It has nothing to do with us anyway.” Qin Fangke smiled and hugged the beauty beside him. “Let’s go. I’ll bring you to a good place.”

The two of them disappeared.

“These two are becoming Origin lifeforms just like that.” Liu Hai, Tu Ling, Yang Qingshuo, and some others were also watching the competition.

Liu Hai sighed and said, “I wonder when Earth will produce an Origin lifeform.”

“It’s too far away.” Lei Yunfang shook his head. “Our civilization on Earth has to first produce a Lv. 8 cosmic lifeform.”

“Jingming has the greatest chance, but he’s still stuck at the limit of Lv. 7.” Liu Hai nodded.

“An Origin lifeform is indeed too distant for a weak civilization like Earth,” Yang Qingshuo remarked. “I invited Brother Xu to watch the battle today, but he said he was busy and didn’t have the time to come.”

“He has always been focused on the evolutionary path and is very diligent,” Liu Hai said. “We have to work harder.”

“Yeah.” Everyone nodded.

Xu Jingming was far ahead of them, and he had relied on his outstanding strength to build a foundation for them in Blood Rain World! He was still working hard.

Since he didn’t participate in such an attractive battle of the titans, Liu Hai and the others naturally believed that they had to work harder.