Cosmic Professional Gladiator

Chapter 484 - 484 Primordial Star's Dark Side (2)

484 Primordial Star’s Dark Side (2)

Is he that strong?

After Xu Jingming fell to the ground, he sensed terrifying saber beams striking him repeatedly. He could only continue burrowing deeper into the ground in a sorry state! He used the obstruction of the planet’s rocks to avoid the mighty onslaught.

As he burrowed deep into the ground, he prepared to circle around before rushing out of the ground. But while underground, he felt as if the terrifying saber beams were homing in on him.

“Since you want to burrow into the ground, don’t come out.” D’Wayvan clearly wanted to defeat the other party in one wave of strikes.

He wouldn’t show mercy when attacking.

Hiding underground? Hiding underground was useless!

I can’t escape. Xu Jingming sensed with his psychic force that the rocks did little to weaken the condensed dark saber beams. The saber beams were still extremely terrifying, enveloping all angles of escape.

There was nowhere to escape! He would eventually be devoured by the dark abyss!

Darkness Devourment—there’s nowhere to hide. Xu Jingming’s brain worked extremely quickly, and he instantly determined that there was no chance of dodging. I can only face it.

Xu Jingming looked up.

He saw the incoming black saber beam.


Xu Jingming soared into the sky and turned into a spear beam that tore through everything, breaking through the black saber beams. But as a scholar with an educational level of Lv. 99, D’Wayvan’s calculations were very accurate.

Just as Xu Jingming was about to rush out of the ground, he found himself incapable of slicing through more saber beams. As the first black saber beam sliced through his body, more black saber beams followed.


Instantly, his glowing body shattered and turned into energy.

He’s about to lose? Tejano, Qu Fang, Prince Lunardo, and many others in the stands were watching. Even Li Miaomiao and Xu Lixing didn’t lower the playback speed, although it was difficult for them to see the details of the battle at normal speed.

They could still determine the situation on the field. Wu Ming had been at a disadvantage from the beginning, and now, his body had been blasted apart.


Physical Energy Manifestation. As long as the energy wasn’t destroyed, one was undying.

The scattered energy gathered.

D’Wayvan watched this scene. “Energy Manifestation? A series of attacks destroy 20% to 30% of your energy. How many times can you recondense a body?”

At this moment, as Xu Jingming condensed, his mind sensed the terrifying dark abyss above him.

Darkness devours light… Xu Jingming suddenly thought of the Primordial Star he had seen when accepting the legacy.

The Primordial Star was the greatest and most incredible celestial body known to humans. Its light transmitted through endless spacetime in all directions layer by layer.

Its light constantly fluctuated, and a small fluctuation caused the range of the light transmission to be greater or smaller. But when it reached its maximum amplitude, the light’s intensity might increase by billions of times. At its minimum amplitude, its size would shrink more than 10,000 times.

Light expels the darkness.

Darkness occupies more territory when the light shrinks.

Light and darkness… are two sides of the same coin? They coexist?

Xu Jingming sensed the dark abyss that was conjured by D’Wayvan, but he felt that it was somewhat similar to the darkness around the Primordial Star.

At this moment, his understanding of the Primordial Star deepened.

The Primordial Star isn’t just light but also the surrounding darkness. I finally have some understanding of darkness.

A thought rose in Xu Jingming.

The body that had just condensed, with a gorgeous light robe draped over it, drew upon even vaster Cosmic Force! However, this Cosmic Force no longer condensed on his body or robe. Instead… it was scattered around.

There was a swatch of darkness around him, and boundless power gathered in the darkness.

Xu Jingming’s light, robe, and power of darkness seemed to be two sides of the same coin, causing his overall strength to increase.

Huh? Just as D’Wayvan was about to attack, his expression changed as he looked at Wu Ming.

There was a greater patch of darkness around the gorgeous robe of light. Everything was under Xu Jingming’s control.

“What?” In the stands, Whitejail was a little surprised. “He actually comprehended the dark side of the Primordial Star in combat? The coexistence of light and darkness?”

“The Primordial Star is a high-dimensional spatial celestial body.” Redmond smiled. “Although Wu Ming had received the legacy, it’s very difficult for him to understand its existence. He probably saw the ‘Dark Abyss’ constructed by D’Wayvan and somewhat understands what darkness in high-dimensional space is like.”

“To figure out the coexistence of light and darkness in combat?” Whitejail found it unbelievable. “What talent is this?”

“That’s how he’s becoming an Origin lifeform after cultivating the evolutionary method for 30 years. This is his talent in the Primordial Star lineage,” Redmond said. “The Primordial Star is a high-dimensional spatial celestial body that we can’t come into contact with. Humanity’s scientific research on it is only a conjecture! Some people don’t need to come into contact with it; they can understand the dark side of the Primordial Star just by scratching the surface or even the surface of the abyss. This is what it means to be a genius.”

Redmond looked forward to it.

Whitejail was very envious. What a monster.

He didn’t know what Wu Ming’s future achievements would be, but at the very least, he was even more astonishing than Deputy Dean Redmond before he became an Origin lifeform.

“But after becoming an Origin lifeform, he will encounter more problems, and the evolutionary path will be much harder,” Redmond said. “It’s hard to say what his future will be. Perhaps he will just end as a Lv. 10.”

“Don’t be humble. Your Primordial Research Institute will definitely work hard to groom him. A Lv. 10 Origin lifeform? I’ll bet with you that he will at least be a cosmic legend,” Whitejail said.

“No bets,” Redmond said. “Continue watching the competition. It’s almost over.”

“Yeah, it’s almost over.” Whitejail watched as well.

After Xu Jingming’s Cosmic Force increased greatly, D’Wayvan calculated the numbers when he saw Xu Jingming’s glowing robe and the surrounding darkness. The energy he controls is at least three times stronger. I can’t fight him head-on; I have to use my advantage.

Therefore, he changed his combat strategy. He no longer crushed his opponent head-on. Instead, he pushed his movement technique to its limits and attacked at close range.

The sound of weapons colliding was very weak.

They constantly flashed and blinked on the surface of the planet, and the aftershocks of the battle left behind canyons and basins on the planet.

But two minutes later, Xu Jingming stabbed through D’Wayvan’s chest. As the latter’s body exploded, he condensed in the distance and continued charging over.

Another minute later, Xu Jingming tore through the body of the latter again.

D’Wayvan stopped after recondensing his body.

“You’re not giving it another shot?” Xu Jingming looked at him.

“Your moves are more powerful, and your defense is stronger. Even if my weapon hits you, you will only suffer light injuries. As for your weapon, my body explodes from a simple graze.” D’Wayvan shook his head. “The Primordial Star lineage does have the advantage in head-on combat. I lost.”

The three strongest legacies were good at different things.

“You broke through while fighting me.” D’Wayvan looked at Xu Jingming. “I’m really speechless.”

“I have to thank you too,” Xu Jingming remarked.

Breaking through wasn’t that easy. He had been puzzled by the Primordial Star’s coexistence of light and darkness for a long time, and today’s battle had given him some insights.

“It’s fine to lose to a genius like you.” D’Wayvan smiled. “Perhaps it will be something to brag about it in the future.”

D’Wayvan knew very well how long Wu Ming had cultivated for. He was really a monster-level existence.

“Oh right, I’ll break through to become an Origin lifeform after this battle,” D’Wayvan commented. “What about you? When are you planning on breaking through?”

“I’ve already won. I can break through now,” Xu Jingming replied with a smile.

“Alright! Let’s contact each other after breaking through,” D’Wayvan suggested.

“Let’s do so.” Xu Jingming nodded.

After breaking through, the two of them could reveal their true identities in reality. When that happened, it would be more suitable for them to interact with each other.