Chosen by Fate, Rejected by the Alpha

Chapter 662 - 79- Reece – Meeting The Twins (VOLUME 4)




" you for i..i..inviting us." Chloe, the black bear-looking woman, spoke as if she were frightened. She was looking away from me and trying to keep me from seeing the real her that was hidden beneath her cloak. I could tell that these two definitely weren't skilled in the ways of communication. That probably stemmed from the fact that they didn't look quite human enough for most people.

"Reece, Charlie and Chloe live their lives in isolation so please give them a little extra leeway when it comes to mannerisms." Trevor had obviously been asked to say those words to me since I could tell that both of the twins had moved their eyes to look at me with worry. I got it. I knew it was scary to meet new people. It was especially hard to meet new people when you were so different. And to top it all off, it was harder on them because they were meeting me, the Alpha King that ruled them alongside my wife.

"Of course. You are here to help me after all. I want nothing more than for you to feel comfortable and welcome. My wife would want the same if she were awake, but sadly she is the reason you are here."

"'re not scared by our appearance?" The man seemed confused while his sister was weary.

"Not at all. Just because you look different than everyone else is not a reason to be scared. I, myself, have some forms that tend to scare people, but I don't let that bother me. You're a hybrid and that is amazing. You have the best of both worlds."

As I spoke, Chloe, the skittish looking sister, lifted her head just a little to stare at me. She obviously didn't think that I was telling the truth.

"Everyone is afraid of us. They think we are monsters."

"I can assure you, Chloe, not everyone is afraid of you." Trevor was the one to speak first. "Our pack reveres and adores you two. They had nothing but positive things to say when I spoke to them about you.

"I do not think you are monsters. I have met true monsters, Chloe, and they are nothing like you. You are beautiful, though."

I wasn't lying about that either. She truly was beautiful. The bear and human parts that were showing through were not misshapen at all. It looked like a perfect blend of a beast man and a beast woman. I couldn't take my eyes off of them, and not because they were freaks. They were amazing.

"I have never been considered beautiful." Chloe turned her head to look away.

"Then you were talking to the wrong people."

"Chloe and Charlie were born to a female witch doctor that had an affair with a bear about sixty years ago. They were then brought to my pack and abandoned. I do not know if their father was part of my pack or not, but they were raised by an elderly couple in the mountains. That has been where they have lived ever since."

While listening to Trevor talk, I was once again reminded about the fact that there was no more aging inside our world of non humans. Not to mention, that aging had been reversed, so that everyone looked a lot younger now. My own mother looked like she was just a year or two older than me now. And I definitely didn't look like I was in my mid thirties.

"I am glad that you have left your home to come visit mine. Thank you for your assistance."

"Who is it that needs our help?" Chloe asked me, no longer hiding her face as much as she had been.

"As I said, my wife is the one that needs your help." I started to show them to where she was in the hospital bed across the room. At Griffin's insistence, I had her moved there a couple of days ago. She was hooked up to so many tubes and monitors that it scared me just to look at her, but this is what needed to happen. I didn't want her, or the babies, to waste away because of this.

"Yes, I know that she wants our assistance, but the dead person, the soul that we need to speak to, who are they." I was slightly angered now. Trevor hadn't told them everything. Then again, I was happy as well. He had done this right by not letting it get out that something was wrong with the queen.

"Come with me and I will show you."

"Alright." Charlie was the one to answer me while Chloe just looked at me with worry and curiosity in her eyes.

I felt like a zombie now. I had to explain things to someone once again. I had to relive all of this once again, and it was draining the life from me. I didn't want to do this, but I had to. Dammit. Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! DAMMIT!

The three visitors followed behind me to the hospital bed. I know they didn't see it to begin with since it was hidden by thick curtains that had been hung up around it. On top of that, all the machines had been set to silent so you couldn't hear the beeping of the heart rate on the monitors or anything like that.

"She is over here." The curtain slid back slowly as I pulled it. I was apprehensive now, wondering what their responses were going to be.

"What is wrong with your mate?" Charlie asked me, sadness filling his eyes.

"Was she in an accident?" Chloe asked me, her eyes mirroring that of her brother's.

"No, she was not in an accident. No one knows how it happened, but her soul has left her body. We have vampire friends who cannot see her soul nor that of our babies that are growing in her belly. All of them are still alive, my wife and my babies. The doctors are making sure of that, but they seem to be lost somehow."

"What Reece wants you two to do for him, is to see if you can see and speak with his wife's soul. We want to know what happened to her and where she is. Do you think you can do that? Can you try to reach her for us?" Trevor added when I was no longer able to continue.

"We can try." Charlie nodded.

"We will try to reach her."

Those words, that response, it was like a godsend for me. I swear I hadn't felt this elated and happy since long before I had learned about my Little Bunny's condition. I truly would do anything for these two if they could help me to reach my wife and to make sure that nothing was happening to her. If they could bring her home along with my three babies, then I would be eternally grateful to them.

"Thank you." I was already heaping it on to them. "Thank you so much."

"We make no promises. There is no saying that we can reach a soul that is not dead. Please, do not thank us just yet." Charlie was trying to look serious and professional, but I saw the worry in his eyes. He didn't want to disappoint me and that was obvious.

"You're trying, and that is all that I can ask for.." That made the two of them smile.