Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse

Chapter 890: Unexpected Twist of Events: TrueFate Eyes!

"You..." Seraphina looked at her older sister in disbelief.

There were many things she wanted to say, many questions she wanted to ask Ellis. However, even Seraphina herself was surprised by the words that came out of her mouth.

"You did all this just for something so simple?"

"Simple?" Ellis muttered in confusion. She looked at her younger sister and said with a frown, "Hello? Calling Seraphina Di Gales to ground? We're talking about a destiny that can't be removed, do you know what that means? It means that he would sooner or later end up being the cause of my undoing! What's the use of all mankind staying alive and prostepering if I will only become fertilizer for someone else? For nothing!"

Ellis looked at everyone and snorted as she said with self-deprecation, "It's easy for all of you to talk and opine from the sidelines, but I'd like to see how many of you are really willing to sacrifice yourselves for the greater good of humanity. I am a traitor and I don't deny my sins, but you all probably would have been far more cruel than me with my actions if you were in my place."

The skill Fate Eyes of the royal family of Gales was not a secret to the world, therefore, none of the humans said anything and in fact most of them hesitated when they heard Ellis' words.

What would they have done if they knew in advance that a person would sooner or later be the reason for their deaths? Anyone in their right mind would surely do everything possible to eliminate that person destined to be an enemy. However, what about a monstrous talent, an irregularity like Bai Zemin? Bai Zemin was a First Order soul evolver but his true combat power could not be measured by levels. This was when the real problem began.

Ellis looked at Bai Zemin and calmly said, "If you were just a regular soul evolver then I would have killed you, done and end of the tale. However, neither I nor my father nor anyone else in Gales can beat you.... In fact, even Shadow Killer was killed by you, therefore, there was only one soul evolver in the whole world capable of bringing your life to an end."

Bai Zemin nodded and said softly, "Demon Lord Ar'gon."

"That's right," Ellis nodded and said casually, "Except for the Demon Lord, there was no soul evolver capable of killing you which is why I made a deal with him. In exchange for giving them a bit of information, Ar'gon would help me kill you.... It's just that some things got out of hand in the process."

"Like the death of your mother Queen Helena, for example." Bai Zemin said suddenly.

A flash of sadness and anger shone in Ellis' eyes. She clenched her fists tightly and nodded, "That's right..... My mother's death is something that shouldn't have happened..... That bastard Bel'gos didn't follow the rules!"

King Philip looked at his daughter with sadness, his face seemed to have suddenly become older and his posture even curved slightly forward. It seemed as if the proud king who with his spear wiped out numerous powers of his equivalent had lost his purpose to hold his weapon.

The place remained silent for a few seconds. The only audible sounds were those of the small fragments of rock still raining down from the sky due to the fierce explosions earlier and that of the burning lava that covered a large part of the ruined city.

"...And what makes you think that the Demon Lord would follow the rules?" Bai Zemin sighed.

"It's because we made a Soul Contract in which neither of us was allowed to break." Ellis stated in a cold voice. "Do you really think I'm that stupid? I know what I did could be seen as not very smart, but when you're up against a monster like you it's not like you have much of a choice other than to give it your best shot."

Bai Zemin closed his eyes, trying to understand Ellis' actions.

He could tell by the way she looked at him that she didn't hate him or anything, she was simply desperate and after coming up with a plan that she thought was solid she simply implemented it. Unfortunately, sometimes planning wasn't enough.... At the end of the day, when someone's might was too overwhelming the plans and machinations were meaningless.

Ellis looked at her father, her sister, and Bai Zemin before calmly saying, "You guys can hate me all you want, I understand and I don't blame you. However, I simply tried to survive, that's all. If what I did, trying to survive, is disapproved of... then why did we all become soul evolvers? Isn't it exactly to survive?"

After a moment of silence, Bai Zemin suddenly asked, "Just out of curiosity but, in what color did you see the Demon Lord's name?"

"Green." Ellis replied without much thought.

"Green." Bai Zemin nodded before asking a new question, "What does green mean? If I may know."

"Hope." Ellis said.

" I see.... So, Ar'gon was hope and I was your ruin, is that right?"

"That is correct."

Bai Zemin shook his head and said in a low voice, "Ellis, you still haven't realized the mistake you've made?"

"Mistake?" Ellis frowned and looked at him in confusion. She said with some anger in her voice as her body trembled, "It's wrong to try to fight to survive? It's wrong to try to go against fate?"

"Are you stupid?" Gu Lim couldn't help but break in. He looked at the first princess with disdain and said with contempt, "Far from fighting against fate, what you did was give in front of it!"

"Ar'gon was your hope and I was your doom... Yet, what was it that put us in this situation really?" Bai Zemin stared into Ellis' purple eyes. He saw her pupils suddenly tremble as if she had realized something and said slowly, "What put us in this situation was that you looked for that hope to end your doom. Ellis, you and I could have been friends.... What reason did I have to hurt you? I had no reason at all, didn't I? Yet, it was you who decided to become my enemy, not the other way around."

Ellis' lips trembled as she muttered under her breath, "B- But.... My skill Fate-"

"You think your skill is omniscient?" Bai Zemin interrupted her. His expression was cold as he slowly said, "I had a similar conversation with Seraphina before, your younger sister. Do you know what I told her? I told her that she needed to see the world with her own eyes instead of being driven by a skill. As sentient living beings, each of us decide the path we walk.... Ellis, your skill Fate Eyes probably showed you the path your own actions would eventually lead you to with your own choices. It wasn't fate that came looking for you, it was you who sought out this path."

Ellis' face turned as pale as a ghost's as each of Bai Zemin's words struck her heart like thousand-ton hammers.

Her hope turned out to be her true undoing.... It was because she sought that hope that doom overtook her. If she had not chosen that path, would things really have ended like this?

Her delicate body began to tremble and she subconsciously shook her head. However, even though she was on the verge of collapse, Ellis was a woman who was not only talented but also had great mental strength.

She took several deep breaths, barely managing to avoid collapsing on the spot after realizing that at the end of the day, she had become her own puppet without even knowing it. She looked up at the sky with a sad expression, asking her mother for forgiveness in a voice that only Ellis herself could hear.

After that, Ellis looked at Bai Zemin and asked with a pale face, "Do you hate me?"

Then, she smiled bitterly and mocked herself, "What a stupid question of mine, no one likes traitors."

Bai Zemin said nothing and looked at her silently. It would be a lie to say that he did not feel some anger in his heart, however, he did not particularly hate Ellis. If Bai Zemin had to say the kind of emotion he felt towards Ellis it would be the emotion of pity, which could be even worse than hate depending on from where one looked at it.

Ellis looked at her younger sister, who was looking at her with still confused eyes as if she was asking why she did it. She smiled sadly at her before looking at her father, who despite looking at her seemed to have his eyes dead and empty.

Then, she looked at Bai Zemin's storage ring where Kat's lifeless body was in. Ellis remembered the heads of Anna and Giles, as well as the lives of all her friends who were lost in the war against the demons in Bearcrest City.

"Looks like... I was wrong?" Ellis looked at Bai Zemin with a sad expression but a beautiful smile on his face.

"... It seems so." Bai Zemin responded with a nod.

Ellis stayed silent for a moment before sighing. She bent down to lift her sword off the ground.


"Gu Lim!"

Gu Lim was about to charge against Ellis when he saw her move but stopped when he heard Bai Zemin's voice.

"Big brother?" He looked at him confused as to why he was stopping him.

Bai Zemin shook his head as he looked at Ellis. His vision was blurry, he could barely see anything at the moment and almost everything was red to him.

Ellis raised her sword and placed it over her neck, but at the sight of her movement both Seraphina and King Philip seemed to wake up.

"Big sister, no!"

"Ellis, stop!"

No matter how one put it, Ellis was their family. The king had held her in his arms when she was born and Seraphina had been saved on numerous occasions not to mention the times she was spoiled by her older sister.

It was absolutely impossible for the two of them to sit and watch a loved one take her life before them, even if that person was the cause of so much pain and suffering.

However, the two were stopped after advancing a few meters when a series of blood chains wrapped around their bodies without allowing them to move at all.

King Philip cursed and tried to break free, but he was quite exhausted from the previous battle not to mention that the chains were absorbing more and more blood to strengthen themselves so unless he was in peak condition it would be difficult for him to break free.

As for Seraphina, her physical strength was low to begin with, therefore, there was no way she could get loose and even when she activated some fire-like skills it was to no avail as the chains had been created using hundreds of Mana points.

Bai Zemin was surrounded by a halo of golden light. He didn't look at King Philip or Seraphina as he apologized softly, "Sorry, but I can't let you help her."

"Bai Zemin, you!" the king was furious and tried to let go with all his might with no success.

"" Seraphina looked at him in despair as she mumbled, "Y- You must be you must be kidding, for sure..."

However, Bai Zemin's expression was serious. He looked at Ellis all the time as he said in a low voice, "I promised Kat that I would take revenge on her before her death, and for better or worse, I'm a man who likes to keep his word."

Ellis smiled and said under her breath, "That trait of you, it's not something I despise."

Then, she took a deep breath and swung her sword inward as the desperate cries of her sister and father entered her ears. However, her movements froze and her eyes widened in shock when while staring at Bai Zemin she noticed something that more than surprise made her feel despair.

Under Bai Zemin's confused eyes, she withdrew her sword from her neck and used the blade of her weapon to look at herself. After a few seconds of silence, Ellis began to laugh out loud.

Everyone looked at her as if she had gone crazy while she laughed and tears ran down her face. However, a small number of them realized that Ellis' laughter was filled with sadness and despair, pleading to the tears falling down her face like a broken dam.

But... how could Ellis not feel sad and hopeless? She looked at Bai Zemin, more precisely, at the name hovering above his head.

It was no longer red as before, it was now green.

Moreover, her own name was in red.

Her doom had become her hope and she herself was now her doom.

What was true despair if not this?

Just then, a series of messages from the Soul Record flashed in Ellis' purple eyes.

[Hidden requirement fulfilled.]

[Fourth Order skill level 5 'Fate Eyes' has evolved to Fifth Order Unique skill level 1 'True Fate Eyes'].

At the same time that Ellis' skill evolved into a skill that only she in the entire cosmos possessed and could have until the day she died, she shuddered as she had what seemed to be a vision of the future.

Her face grew even paler if that was even possible and she cried out anxiously, "Bai Zemin, be careful! In reality-"

However, her words were cut off when suddenly a scream of abysmal pain burst from her mouth as the Soul Contract she had made with Ar'gon in which it was stipulated that neither could betray the other attacked her.

Ellis tried to fight it with all her heart, she felt she had to say the words, because although it wouldn't kill her it would leave her in an unknown but far from good condition.

Unfortunately, the Soul Contract was absolute and not something that could be resisted just by having strong willpower.

Under everyone's astonished eyes, Ellis collapsed to the ground.

* * * * * * *

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