Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 1655 - 1655. Ice and wh.i.p.s

Chapter 1655 - 1655. Ice and wh.i.p.s


"You killed them all," Harold sighed while inspecting the scene behind the dark world. "I guess you will try to kill us now."

"I can't have witnesses," Noah replied. "My enemy is the whole world. I can't afford miscalculations."

"I acknowledge your power," Fay commented, "But we aren't weak either. Do you think that we didn't develop countermeasures to your power?"

Fay didn't know Harold's situation, but her team had studied Noah and the other experts in his group during the journey. The Legion was the only force that didn't respect the political environment of the human domain, so that was a necessary task to complete.

"Words, words," Noah laughed before activating all the functions of the dark world again.

Harold and Fay immediately lost the ability to see through the dark world. The dark matter resumed its suppression of their laws. Noah's companions also materialized inside the technique.

Fay and Harold deployed their abilities to destroy chunks of the dark world. They wanted to remove that annoying technique since they knew how troublesome it was to fight Noah inside it.

A series of orange wh.i.p.s materialized around Harold. Those weapons rotated and started cracking on different areas of the sky occupied by dark matter.

Fay's ice didn't generate any puppet at that time. Her aura expanded and froze large areas of the sky while focusing on the parts occupied by dark matter.

Noah's technique slowly lost ground. His dark matter could suppress laws, but Fay and Harold were stronger than him in terms of cultivation level. He could handle one of them, but the dark world couldn't do much in that situation.

The workshops inside the dark world generated six-armed dragons, but those creatures couldn't go far. They were lower tier magical beasts made of an extraordinary element, but they couldn't compare themselves to liquid stage cultivators.

Still, the overwhelming horde of six-armed dragons managed to slow down the destruction of the dark world and gave Noah enough time to prepare a strategy. He had already seen his opponents in action, so he vaguely knew how to deal with those laws.

'Harold's power depends on the number of wh.i.p.s,' Noah thought while inspecting the experts from inside the dark world. 'His law should make him able to enhance the might of his attacks. A single whip carries his entire energy, while many of them divide his power.'

The trick with Harold was to force him to deploy multiple wh.i.p.s. Noah believed that the expert had limited himself to that single technique in the past, and he couldn't escape from those restrictions now. Dividing his power would make his battle prowess fall by a lot.

'Fay is annoying,' Noah sighed in his mind. 'Her ice can turn into anything, but it's stronger in its raw form. I might be in trouble if I let her touch me.'

It was better to keep a good distance from Fay. Her ice was hard to apply on powerful living beings, especially hybrids, but a melee battle could give her that chance.

Different strategies popped into Noah's minds, and the Demonic Deduction technique helped to polish them. He had a few viable plans at hand, but he decided to pursue the most direct among them.

Snore flew out of the dark world while hiding among the horde of six-armed dragons. Its body was hard to notice among so many creatures, and the Blood Companion used its strange abilities to confuse its opponents even more.

"Kill the light!" Night suddenly shouted as it flew in front of a horde of six-armed dragons coming out from a different spot of the dark world.

The experts quickly turned their attention on the Pterodactyl, but Snore materialized near them and spread its wings to generate a storm of massive feathers.

Harold and Fay had to divide to defend themselves. Fay would handle Night's group, while Harold would take care of the massive snake.

'Did they forget about me?' Noah wondered when he saw the two experts turning to take care of different positions.

Dividing their tasks wouldn't normally be a mistake as long as both experts could take care of their respective threats. Yet, Noah could create different dangers that would force them to be together.

Of course, Noah wanted to disrupt their cooperation. Fay and Harold could defeat him only if they worked together, but he wouldn't let them have that chance.

The explosion of Snore's feathers generated a massive shockwave that threatened to envelop the entire region. The power released by the attack was so immense that Fay had to stop focusing on her battle to activate countermeasures to the blow.

The shockwaves heavily damaged the structures inside the lake. The water around them vanished, and the large chunks of azure ground that floated in the sky crumbled.

Fay tried to spread her ice through the shockwave to check Harold's condition, but she couldn't get past that power. The walls of puppets created to defend her consumed too much energy, so she couldn't focus on that task.

Night had fused with the world before the feathers could explode. The Pterodactyl had placed itself behind Fay since it knew that she would deploy defenses to block the shockwaves.

The creature couldn't move freely through the shockwaves, but it had the safe area created by Fay's ice at its disposal. Night waited until that massive discharge of power was about to end to fly toward its opponent and dig a long cut that ran through her whole body.

The shockwaves ended, and a storm of ice exploded. Night quickly left the area and fused with the world again, but it didn't forget to share the results of its sudden attack with Noah.

'I didn't manage to kill her,' Night admitted through the mental connection. 'A defensive spell has activated before I could reach her internal organs. I still cut part of them, but she should be able to suppress the injuries for now.'

The storm of ice dispersed all the dark matter acc.u.mulated in the area and revealed Harold. The expert had survived Snore's massive attack, but he had to activate one of his lifesaving items to succeed in the task.

A metallic sphere had protected Harold from the feathers. The item didn't match his element, and it was far stronger than his current level. It was a protection in the upper tier that his family had probably given to him before the mission.

The sphere showed a few cracks, but Harold was fine inside it. The item slowly began to fall into pieces and return inside his space-ring, but a figure suddenly appeared next to him.

Noah teleported next to Harold. Fay was busy controlling her storms, so he could enjoy a proper one versus one.

His Demonic Sword flashed with a dark light, but the shards of the previous shields quickly flew out of Harold's space-ring and appeared on the blade's trajectory.

Noah was about to chase after him, but a series of large chunks of ice suddenly flew in his direction.

Duanlong appeared and absorbed the energy contained inside the ice, but its efforts only delayed the inevitable. Fay soon stabilized the storms and shot a threatening glance at Noah again.