Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 1650 - 1650. Overwhelming

Chapter 1650 - 1650. Overwhelming


'It could see through the dark world!' Noah exclaimed in his mind as lumps of dark matter covered his figure.

The shark's screeching cry was a sound attack capable of hurting both Noah and King Elbas, but the experts quickly deployed countermeasures.

The dark matter stopped that painful noise and gave Noah the chance to counterattack. His companions quickly came out of his figure, and black roots also spread over the black defensive layer.

Golden light came out of King Elbas' ears to block the sound attack. A series of runes also appeared on his body to create a series of shields that matched his shape perfectly. A fiery spear even flew out of his space-ring and landed on his hands.

Those were inscribed items in the middle tier, but their power seemed unstable. It went up and down depending on how many flames King Elbas generated.

Noah shot a curious glance at King Elbas' inscribed items, but the upper tier shark quickly claimed his attention. The creature swung its tail and generated a gale that crashed on him.

'Innate ability of the wind element!' Noah shouted in his mind before charging ahead.

The raging winds that flew toward his figure shattered when they entered in the range of the parasite. Its corrosive aura could disperse the attack before it could reach the layer of dark matter.

King Elbas waved his spear, and a trail of golden flames shot forward. The fire took the shape of a giant arrow that exploded as soon as it touched the shark.

The creature turned toward King Elbas, but a cut suddenly appeared on one of its fins. Snore then bit the beast and covered it with its violent dark matter.

Snore entangled its body around the shark before Noah landed on the creature's head. The roots that covered his feet dug deep injuries into its body, and the Demonic Sword soon touched its skin.

A wave of sharpness filled the area when Noah thrust the blade downward. The Demonic Sword dug the shark's skin, but it didn't manage to reach decent depts.

An azure glow filled the shark before an explosion rang in the area. Noah found himself in the distance. His protections had shattered, and a few injuries had appeared on his legs.

'Another innate ability,' Noah thought. 'There is no difference in power even if it matches its element.'

Sparks began to run through the shark's body, but King Elbas suddenly appeared above the creature. The power of his inscribed items increased as golden flames came out of his figure, and a golden radiance soon took over the whiteness of the sky.

King Elbas pointed his spear toward the shark, and the golden radiance converged on the weapon during that movement. The sky regained its white color, but a sudden flare took over the area again.

The spear released a dense wave of power that fell on the shark and targeted some of the injuries inflicted by Noah. That scorching energy pierced the creature's skin and made it scream in pain.

Noah teleported under the creature at that point. A singularity came out of his blade and crashed on its belly. The attack shattered some of the creature's teeth and removed a large chunk of its skin.

The azure glow reappeared, but Snore promptly ate the shark. A wave of dark matter shot in the area when the creature released its explosion, but Noah managed to remain nearby.

A singularity shot out of his blade as soon as the shark reappeared. King Elbas joined the offensive by throwing the spear. The two attacks converged on the creature and unleashed a massive surge of power when they clashed on its figure.

The shark didn't have a chance to attack. Noah and King Elbas were suppressing the creature even if its physical prowess was incredible. The beast also had multiple innate abilities, but they couldn't compare with the duo's techniques.

A dark glow covered the shark after the power released by the attacks dispersed. A rocky substance had appeared on its skin and had protected it from the experts' offensive.

"I only need a few seconds to counter this defense," King Elbas shouted. "Force the shark to keep it up!"

Noah shot forward and kicked the shark on its head. The creature endured the blow and tried to bite his leg, but he teleported on its back and launched a singularity.

The shark waved its tail to launch its storms, but Noah was too fast. He teleported in another spot and launched another singularity.

His attacks didn't manage to do much. The rocky substance prevented his singularities from reaching its skin, and his physical strength wasn't enough to cause internal injuries.

Still, the shark couldn't follow his movements. Noah was free to assault the creature from every direction without having to face its innate abilities.

Sparks suddenly began to run through the shark again. Noah tried to stop that ability, but the creature shot forward before his attack could reach its skin.

The sudden acceleration sent sharp slashes in every direction. Noah's defenses didn't manage to stop the attacks. The roots and dark matter that covered his c.h.e.s.t disappeared, and a series of long cuts opened on that spot.

"I'm ready!" King Elbas shouted while the shark turned to charge at the experts.

The sparks were running through its body again. The creature wanted to launch its slashes, and Noah silently prepared for the attack.

'Try to endure it,' Noah said through the mental connection as he wielded the Demonic Sword with both his hands.

A thick layer of dark matter covered the weapon, and roots spread over that membrane. More unstable substance flowed inside his black vessels as he prepared for the incoming attack.

The shark shot forward, and the teeth that covered its body released slashes during that sudden acceleration. The creature transformed into a bullet ready to pierce everything on its path, and Noah was directly in front of it.

Noah matched the shark's movements with his slash. The Demonic Sword descended and met the creature's head. An immense force then slammed on his shoulders, but he endured that pressure and gave his everything to stop the charge.

Duanlong and Snore helped in the struggle. The dragon drained the shark of its power while the snake wrapped itself around the creature. Night couldn't do much in that situation, but it still tried to pierce that annoying rocky substance.

The charge eventually lost its power. Noah had managed to stop that innate ability without breaking the Demonic Sword!

The shark wanted to release an angry cry, but King Elbas suddenly appeared above it. The expert threw a golden liquid to the creature and laughed when he saw that the rocky substance melted under the effects of his item.

Noah quickly stored the Demonic Sword, and a wave of bloodl.u.s.t spread from his figure. The cursed sword soon appeared in his hands, and a sharp singularity flew out of it.

The singularity was nothing more than an invisible line that flew across the creature's head. The shark didn't even notice that attack, but it soon sensed that something was off.

The creature tried to muster its power, but it couldn't find its energy anywhere. It was as if something had severed its connection with its incredible body.

A cut eventually opened on the shark's head. It ran from the tip of its mouth to its dorsal fin. The light in the creature's eyes soon dimmed as its body opened and revealed its insides.


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