Birth of the Demonic Sword

Chapter 1649 - 1649. Sharks

Chapter 1649 - 1649. Sharks


Noah felt that his vast knowledge in the magical beasts' field was useless when it came to the sharks. He had seen creatures with multiple innate abilities, and he also knew about rare species that could ignore their aptitude. Yet, everything seemed off there.

'Do they do this on purpose?' Noah wondered. 'Do they want to enhance their mutations to evolve their species?'

"Give me something," King Elbas whispered without moving his eyes from the sharks.

"I don't know," Noah replied. "They are developing new abilities through the chaotic laws. Their species must have been quite simple at the beginning. Their innate stability has given them the chance to mutate without falling apart."

"How does this involve us?" Harold asked. "Heaven and Earth probably want us to get rid of the Devils. We can leave the magical beasts alone."

"These sharks can benefit from mutations," Noah explained. "Obtaining a couple of new abilities should have been enough to trigger a Tribulation. The fact that they are still here might be a problem."

"That's Heaven and Earth's problem," Harold snorted. "They should have sent a stronger Tribulation."

"I'm wondering whether they have developed the same troublesome ability of the Devils," Noah sighed. "It would explain why they don't have negative effects from the mutations."

The group finally understood his point. The sharks might have developed a resistance to Heaven and Earth's laws, and that would put them among the experts' targets.

"A species with limitless potential can also end up hurting our organizations," Althea added. "They can become strong enough to take over the entire higher plane."

"Wouldn't that be quite a sight," Wilfred laughed.

Noah ignored part of that conversation. Strange thoughts had appeared in his mind after his explanation.

In theory, the chaotic laws were nothing more than power. They could force the matter to transform and give up on its original nature, but that was only a side effect of the will that they carried.

Still, that side effect had allowed the sharks to break free from their innate restrains and evolve their species. Those creatures could benefit from that power and strive to reach the peak of the Immortal Lands.

'Can I do the same?' Noah wondered as the fight broke out.

The Devils finally decided to fight, but they couldn't manage to do much against the sharks. Their power relied on the mutations to inflict damage, but those creatures seemed able to avoid any harmful effect.

'Can I even evolve past this form?' Noah continued to think about the issue.

Noah had fought the chaotic laws during his previous battle with the Devil. He had cut away any mutation that tried to spread through his existence.

However, those chaotic laws could bring benefits if handled correctly. Noah felt even sure that he could avoid the ugly mutations that afflicted the sharks. He could do a far better job than those creatures.

Of course, various dangers would accompany that procedure. The mutations would affect his very existence and make him lose sight of his path.

'Is my ambition trying to trick me again?' Noah wondered. 'Is this Heaven and Earth's doing? Do they want me to approach this procedure to ruin my law?'

Noah couldn't feel sure about anything. He only knew his, and his expertise told him that they were achievable. The procedure might take time, but he believed that the chaotic laws' influence could enhance his existence.

'My greed is so troublesome,' Noah sighed in his mind before turning toward King Elbas.

"Do you have something to contain the Devils?" Noah asked.

"Do you want to capture one of them?" King Elbas replied.

"Don't you?" Noah asked, and a smile appeared on his expression.

King Elbas looked Noah in the eyes, and the same smile eventually appeared on his face. The expert shared his same d.e.s.i.r.e, even if his reasons were different.

"Can you not put all of us in danger?" Harold exclaimed.

"It's too late for that," Wilfred laughed while patting Harold's shoulder.

"Are we about to fight?" The Foolery asked. "I wasn't paying attention. The sharks looked too tasty."

"Can we make a plan at least?" Althea asked.

"Only a few Devils left," Noah whispered before shooting forward.

King Elbas promptly followed him. The two experts had ignored the rest of their group. They had their eyes on the Devils, but the sharks had almost eaten all of them.

The pack of sharks featured a few hundred specimens. Only a third of them were in the eighth rank, and their leader was an upper tier creature.

Only the leader could be a threat to the group. The other specimens could be dangerous, but that depended on their innate abilities. Noah had yet to understand their full power, but he believed that no middle tier creature could defeat him.

'Let's use the higher energy to contain one of the Devils,' King Elbas ordered through his mental waves. 'Focus on the weakest, the one that barely reaches the eighth rank.'

The Devils' level was hard to discern, but Noah and King Elbas could vaguely understand where they stood in terms of power. One of the Devils seemed to struggle to reach the eighth rank, so it became their target.

The sharks didn't bother to turn toward Noah and King Elbas. They only cared about the chaotic laws. They almost appeared addicted to that energy.

Even the spreading of the dark world didn't make those creatures turn. They continued to feed on the Devils even if Noah's technique was trying to suppress their senses.

Wh.i.p.s made of golden fire came out of King Elbas' hands and shot toward the sharks assaulting the weak Devil. Only the rank 7 specimens were attacking their target, so the expert got rid of them in a single blow.

The Devil laughed and tried to spread its influence through the dark world, but Noah's technique was too powerful for that creature.

The dark matter forced the Devil to shrink. It suppressed its chaotic laws until the creature turned into a dark-red sphere.

That new shape gave the Devil a chance to intensify its influence. The condensed chaotic laws slowly began to affect the dark world, but King Elbas arrived before they could do any damage.

King Elbas deployed countless items, but he didn't activate all of them. His hands moved quickly as he tested how his creations reacted to the chaotic laws.

Some of the inscribed items remained unchanged, while others experienced deep mutations. Some even shattered after the chaotic laws altered their structure.

'This should work,' King Elbas said through his mental waves.

A series of golden threads began to envelop the mass of chaotic laws. King Elbas even stamped his hand on the item to create runes that sealed certain spots.

The Devil didn't care about that event. Its chaotic laws didn't mind ending up in a cage as long as they could continue to affect its surroundings.

King Elbas quickly completed the prison and stored it inside his space-ring. Noah and the expert exchanged a nod and prepared to leave, but a large figure soon appeared between them and shattered a large chunk of the dark world.

A screeching noise filled the area and forced the two experts to cover their ears. A red light shone from behind the leader's eyes while it expressed its anger toward the duo.

The upper tier shark had noticed that King Elbas and Noah had stolen its prey, and it wouldn't forgive them for that.


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