Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 832: Mo Ya

Chapter 832: Mo Ya

The white-clothed person who had appeared in front of Kui Sha had the appearance of someone who was quite young. He appeared only to be about twenty-six to twenty-seven. His clothes were as white as snow. There was a dashing and outstanding feeling created when his white clothes fluttered. The white-clothed man’s face was extremely handsome and this handsomeness carried a little feminine demeanor. His somewhat thin lips curled while the corner of his mouth contained a faint smile. Although the smile gave one a friendly feeling, that feminine demeanor caused Xiao Yan to be somewhat displeased.

The white-clothed man who had appeared swiftly became the center of attention of the entire hall. Some surprise flashed across everyone’s eyes after seeing this person. It seemed that they were somewhat surprised about why this person had appeared.

“It is actually the Junior Sect Leader of the Black Emperor Sect, Mo Ya?”

“Unexpectedly, even he has been disturbed by this matter and has appeared. I heard that this Mo Ya is not even thirty years old, but he has already reached a six star Dou Huang. His current strength is one that even some of the Elders within the sect have difficulty contending with.”

“What a frightening training talent. It is rumored that there is great expectations for him from within the Black Emperor Sect. It is likely that this person has a very good chance of reaching the Dou Zong class.”

A thought flashed through Xiao Yan’s heart just as the private conversations sounded around him. He narrowed his eyes and swept them over the white-clothed man on the other side. His heart was surprise. Other than that fellow who had come to fetch Xun Er from the Jia Nan Academy, it was likely that this person was the youngest expert Dou Huang whom Xiao Yan had seen.

Of course, Lin Xiu Ya, Lin Yan, and Lui Qing also possessed excellent training talent. Although the three of them had yet to reach the Dou Huang class, their ages were a little younger than this white-clothed man in front of him. No one could guarantee whether they would advance to the Dou Huang class within a couple of years. If one were to really make a comparison, their talents would not be much weaker than this person in front of him.

However, no matter how one put it, anyone who was able to reach the Dou Huang class at this age were definitely a true genius. By relying on just this, this white-clothed young man did indeed possess the capital to look down on everyone.

While Xiao Yan was feeling surprised in his heart at the strength of the white-clothed man, quite a big wave rose in the latter’s heart. After that split second exchange earlier, he could tell that this black-robed, young man who appeared to be much younger than him was also a genuine expert Dou Huang. This caused his heart to feel some discomfort. Since he was young, he had been growing with voices describing his genius self. The sect had treated him as the sect leader’s groomed successor. During these years, the sect had used an unknown amount of natural treasures on him. Their aim was to give him the chances to reach the Dou Zong class. He did not disappoint anyone. After being given a countless number of natural treasures, he had successfully advanced to the Dou Huang class before he was thirty.

Reaching the Dou Huang class before he was thirty was a matter that Mo Ya was most proud of. This was because those Elders in the sect were at least forty to fifty years old before they reached the Dou Huang class. Their potential to continue to grow was far inferior to him.

However, that pride in his heart had suffered a blow for the first time today. The black-robed young man in front of him was clearly much younger than him. However, the strength that the former had revealed during the exchange earlier was clearly not much weaker than him. This kind of comparison caused him to suffer a little setback.

Of course, this kind of feeling only lasted for an instant before it was swiftly suppressed by Mo Ya into the deep recesses of his heart. Being able to reach the Dou Haung class at such a young age proved his outstandingness. It was quite difficult for some external factors to cause him some phobia or hindrance.

“Ha ha, this friend’s words’ are too harsh. The young lady from earlier is not an ordinary person. If I do not use a little extra strength, it is likely that my ending would not be much different from this fellow.” Mo Ya spoke with a smile as he gently waved his snow-white sleeves and cupped his hands to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan slightly frowned in the face of the gentle smile on Mo Ya’s face. He pulled back the furious Zi Yan, who had nearly embarrassed herself from being pushed away by the latter, before speaking in a faint voice, “In that case, what is your intention for intervening? Are you with him?”

“Friend, you have misunderstood. I am Mo Ya from the Black Emperor Sect and am the person-in-charge of this Black Emperor Pavilion. Originally, I should not intervene in this matter but this place is one where the Black Emperor Sect receives VIPs. It would indeed not be too good if this place sees blood. Therefore, I have intervened.” Mo Ya smiled as he replied.

“In that case, why did you not intervene when he had come to find trouble with me earlier?” Xiao Yan lifted the corner of his mouth in ridicule as he inquired.

Mo Ya’s eyes became slightly cold when he saw that Xiao Yan was pressing for answers. However, the smile on his face was still as gentle as the spring breeze, “This friend, it is only too common for some small conflicts to occur within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Please leave this matter be on my account. What do you say?”

Xiao Yan’s eyes faintly swept over Kui Sha’s body which was slowly climbing up with great difficulty. The latter used his poisonous eyes to stare at Xiao Yan. However, the killing intent in Xiao Yan’s heart was not the least bit reduced. Although this person was not very strong, he was a dangerous character. Now that they had formed an enmity, letting him off might end up resulting in some future suffering. However, if Xiao Yan were to take the latter’s life now, it was likely that Mo Ya in front would intervene. Mo Ya might not cause Xiao Yan to be overly afraid. However, he knew that there was quite a number of experts from the Black Emperor Sect, observing by the side of this Black Emperor Pavilion. If he were really to fight with this Black Emperor Sect’s Junior Leader, it was likely that they would not simply stand idly by the side and watch.

A fragrant wind slowly drifted from behind just as these thoughts flashed in his heart. Finally, it began to spread. Everyone braced their attention and turned their gazes over only to see the white-dressed Little Fairy Doctor slowly walking over.

Mo Ya looked at the graceful figure of the Little Fairy Doctor. The latter’s ethereal aura caused him to be slightly startled. An unusual color appeared in his eyes. Such a woman could be considered exquisite. It was far from what those with cosmetics could compare with.

“Forget it, this place is not suitable for a conflict.” The Little Fairy Doctor walked toward Xiao Yan’s front and softly spoke to him.

Xiao Yan was slightly startled when he heard this. Given the Little Fairy Doctor’s character, how was it possible for her to say such words? Xiao Yan’s eyes carried some uncertainty as he turned his head and looked at the Little Fairy Doctor. The latter was blinking her eyes without leaving a trace.

“Consider yourself lucky. Before you find trouble with someone next time, it would be best if you investigated clearly to avoid being wielded like a spear by someone else.” Xiao Yan appeared to have understood something after seeing the Little Fairy Doctor’s manner. He nodded slightly and spoke to the poisonous-eyed Kui Sha with a cold smile.

The corner of Kui Sha’s eyes twitched when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. The viciousness in his eyes grew even denser.

“Ke ke, thank you miss for resolving this trouble.” Mo Ya slightly smiled and cupped his hand toward the Little Fairy Doctor.

The Little Fairy Doctor merely glanced indifferently at him in the face of his courteous gesture. After which, she withdrew her gaze and lowered her eyes.

Mo Ya was slightly startled after being ignored by the Little Fairy Doctor. He immediately felt embarrassed. It was the first time in so many years that he had received such treatment from a woman. The more this was the case, the greater the intensity of his heartbeat.

“May I know the name of this friend? You can come and look for me if you face any problems in the future. I do have some face within this Black Emperor Sect.” Mo Ya was not anxious despite the Little Fairy Doctor not giving him the slightest chance to get close. He smiled slightly, turned his head to Xiao Yan and courteously laughed.

“Yan Xiao.” Two simple words were spat out. Xiao Yan cupped his hands to Mo Ya and faintly said, “Junior Sect Leader, since the matter here is over, I have some other matters to deal with and will take my leave.”

Xiao Yan did not wait for Mo Ya to respond after speaking. He lifted his leg and walked toward the residence area of the Black Emperor Pavilion. The Little Fairy Doctor and Zi Yan followed close behind him.

Mo Ya gently inhaled a breath of the remaining fragrance as he studied the graceful figure that had walked by him. The corner of his mouth was slowly lifted into an unusual arc. Only such a woman could match his outstanding self.

“Young Master Mo, are you going to let them off in this manner?” Kui Sha rubbed the blood trace from the corner of his mouth after watching Xiao Yan’s group leaving. Finally, he questioned Mo Ya with a slightly furious voice.

“What else do you want to do? That little girl and Yan Xiao are both experts of the Dou Huang class. Even our Black Emperor Sect cannot just randomly offend them as we please. Earlier, I only asked you to investigate the other party’s background. Who would expect you to be so foolish and just attack?” The smile on Mo Ya’s face was slowly withdrawn as he spoke with a cold voice.

“What does Young Master Mo plan to do? That brat just left as he pleased and clearly does not treat you with any importance.” Kui Sha was dull momentarily before he clenched his teeth and spoke with a dark voice.

“Investigate their backgrounds first. Everything will be under my control as long as they are still in this Black Emperor City.” Mo Ya faintly smiled. His hand gently grabbed the air and immediately sniffed. His heart muttered, “I cannot easily give up on such a beauty.”


Xiao Yan’s footsteps finally slowed after the three of them walked out of the large noisy hall. He turned his head to the depressed Zi Yan and could not help but shake his head. He laughed, “Are you feeling very displeased?”

“Hmph, why don’t you attack and finish off that cheap-faced fellow?” Zi Yan turned her head and looked at the0 Little Fairy Doctor angrily before snorting, “If it was Cai Lin jie-jie, she would have just killed that fellow.”

The Little Fairy Doctor slowly came to a stop upon hearing this. She looked at the helpless expression of Xiao Yan before softly speaking, “Relax, that fellow will not be able to live for more than three days. Moreover, his death will be more miserable than being just killed.”

“You have poisoned him?” Xiao Yan asked with surprise. He had not sensed anything.

A faint smile surfaced on the corner of the Little Fairy Doctor’s mouth. She nodded slightly and involuntarily laughed when she saw Xiao Yan’s surprised, “I am indeed inferior to you when it comes to refining pills. However, you are far beneath me when it comes to poison skills.”

Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders. He naturally did not have the slightest doubt about this point. He had made his fortune with refining pills while the Little Fairy Doctor did so by relying on poison. The two of them had traveled two different paths and had attained great achievements in their respective fields. It was naturally difficult to compare the both of them.

“However, it seems that the eyes that Mo Ya used to look at you were not quite right. You should pay a little more attention. Don’t fall for his handsome looks.” Xiao Yan suddenly recalled the eyes Mo Ya had used to look at the Little Fairy Doctor. He involuntarily laughed.

Little Fairy Doctor glanced at Xiao Yan. She took a slow step forward and her calm voice was transmitted over.

“If he dares to possess such a thought, I will just turn him into a cripple.”