Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 332 – Entrusting

Chapter 332: Entrusting

The loud laughter of Xiao Yan quietly disappeared from within the room. He sensed the feeling of his body being full of energy. The corner of his mouth contained a smile as he tightened his fist. A rich green glow swiftly covered the surface of his hand. The green glow then darkened and a cutting edge gradually appeared.

Xiao Yan’s legs opened slightly. His feet abruptly stomped on the ground. His body seemed to have disappeared and he instantly appeared at a spot around one meter away from where he had previously been. His fist contained a powerful force that stifled people’s breathing as it violently smashed into a huge pillar in front of him.

“Bang!” A huge sound erupted and wood fragments flew in all directions. Xiao Yan tilted his head and eyed his fist which had actually passed completely through the pillar. He laughed softly and slowly withdrew it, leaving an empty hole and a few deep crack lines on the pillar.

TL: How did the house not fall….

Xiao Yan’s palm curled slightly. His fingers were slightly bent as a faint green glow permeated through the tip of his finger. A moment later, he gently flicked his finger and the green-colored force shot out like a sharp arrow as it left his finger. Immediately, a ‘bang’ sounded, smashing the flower vase on the table until it was shattered apart.

“External Emission of Dou Qi.” Seeing the smashed flower vase, Xiao Yan laughed softly. Upon reaching the Da Dou Shi class, one’s Dou Qi could finally leave one’s body and enter the external environment. It was no longer limited or bound by the body. This was a great advantage when one battled with others.

Xiao Yan’s gaze slowly swept once around the room. He beckoned with his palm and returned the green lotus seat to his ring. With a wave of his hand, a force pushed opened the window. He eyed the sky, which was nearing noon and felt a little surprised. He did not expect that he would have actually exhausted so much time.

Xiao Yan stood at the window and mused for a moment. He was just planning to leave when Hai Bodong’s laughter was transmitted from the door, “Are you done?”

Hearing this, Xiao Yan gave a response with a smile. With Hai Bodong’s strength, he could naturally clearly sense the energy ripple that was gradually returning to normal.

After Xiao Yan responded, the room’s door was pushed opened by Hai Bodong. He smiled and looked once around the room. Immediately, his gaze paused on Xiao Yan and he asked with an expression of slight surprise on his forehead, “Your Qi appears to have reached that of a Da Dou Shi?”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He had currently just completed his advancement and his Qi was not perfectly controlled. Therefore, a strong person like Hai Bodong would naturally be able to see his depth with one glance.

Hai Bodong fondled his beard. His gaze swept across Xiao Yan and his eyes suddenly became a little strange. Occasionally, his eyebrows would knit tightly together. A moment later, he finally slowly spoke, “Looks like this should be your true strength, right?”

Xiao Yan’s heart leaped. His eyes involuntarily narrowed. He stared at Hai Bodong but did not say anything.

“Ke ke, I have been feeling that there was something strange. With you being less than twenty years old, you should not have been able to contend with a Dou Huang within such a short period of time even if you started training in your mother’s womb.” Hai Bodong waved his hand, indicating for Xiao Yan not to be anxious as he said, “I think that there should be something with an extremely powerful force present or sealed within your body, no? The reason for you to be able to fight with a Dou Huang should likely be because you rely on this strength, no?”

“Relax, I don’t have any other meanings in my question. It is just I keep feeling that the strength displayed on your surface appears to be gradually growing and made such a guess because of it. Ke ke, but from the looks of it, it seems that my guess appears a little accurate.” Hai Bodong smiled at Xiao Yan. “Although that strength doesn’t really belong to you, the fact that you are able to control it means that even a Dou Huang would be a little afraid of you. As long as you possess strength in this world, you will be able to obtain the respect and equal treatment from the strong. No one would be bothered about where the strength comes from or whether it belongs to you. Everyone will only focus on one thing. That is whether or not you have strength.”

Xiao Yan quietly nodded his head. Indeed, regardless of who the power belonged to, as long as someone was able to control it, that person would be the owner of such power! Hai Bodong clearly understood this point. Therefore, he was unconcerned about the source of Xiao Yan’s strength. What he was concerned about was if Xiao Yan would be able to contend with him when the former used that power.

“Ke ke, I received something when I went out earlier.” Seeing Xiao Yan’s expression, Hai Bodong was wise to change the conversation topic. He suddenly took out an ancient grand looking cloud white-colored letter from his pocket. On the surface of the letter, there was a white-colored cloud painted on it. A sword was inserted into the cloud, emitting a fierce aura.

“It’s from the Misty Cloud Sect?” Seeing the special picture, Xiao Yan’s forehead twitched as he asked in astonishment.

“Yes.” Hai Bodong nodded his head. He waved the letter in his hand and said, “This is an invitation from the Misty Cloud Sect, which invites some of the leaders of certain groups and some strong people.”


“You should be able to guess that the Misty Cloud Sect is now vigorously inviting everyone with some reputation to the Misty Cloud Sect tomorrow because of the so called ‘Three Year Agreement’ between you and Nalan Yanran. I think that it is to help Nalan Yanran, this future junior sect leader, to gain some strength and reputation. After all, if she were to win tomorrow, her reputation would grow greatly not only within the Misty Cloud Sect, but also outside of it.” Hai Bo Dong smiled as he replied.

“Isn’t the Misty Cloud Sect overly presumptuous? What if Nalan Yanran were to lose? Who would be the one who would lose face? Has the head of Yun Yun been sandwiched between the door?” Xiao Yan coldly laughed.

“Perhaps this isn’t really related to Yun Yun. According to what I know, it is likely that Yun Yun was currently not within the Misty Cloud Sect. Everything that has been happening is presided over by the Misty Cloud Sect’s Council of Elders.” Hai Bodong spread his hands out in front of him as he replied.

“Not at the Misty Cloud Sect? This ‘Three Year Agreement’ is considered an extremely important agreement for Nalan Yanran. At such a time, she as the teacher is actually not present?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan was at a lost as he spoke with shock.

“It appeared that after we met the two mysterious Dou Huangs at Yan City, Yun Yun and Old Man Jia had rushed over. According to what Jia Lao had said, she appeared to have found something at our battleground. After which, she did not return to the Misty Cloud Sect. I think that what she had found should be related to those two mysterious Dou Huangs. Only a strong person of that level would cause her to be so concerned.” Hai Bodong voiced his thoughts.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly as he let out a sigh of relief in his heart. Since Yun Yun was absent from the Misty Cloud Sect, the danger of their trip this time around would naturally decrease greatly.

“But from what I guess, she should be returning soon. It is likely that she would return to the Misty Cloud Sect within these two days. After all, she values Nalan Yanran greatly. Therefore, try not to remain at the Misty Cloud Sect for too long once you complete that agreement. Otherwise, an unforeseen change might occur once she returns.” Hai Bodong reminded.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He turned around and eyed the gradually darkening sky outside. After being silent for a while, he bid Hai Bodong goodbye before leaving the inn by himself. He stood at the end of the street where the human flow was turbulent and slowly exhaled. Following the human flow, he walked toward the Primer Auction House.

Within the auction house, he coincidentally met Ya Fei who was patrolling the main hall. When the two of them met, they could not resist smiling. The latter sent away the followers around her. Xiao Yan then followed behind the enchanting figure which drew the gazes of the entire place at any time. Finally, they sat down leisurely near a window in a quiet room on the second floor of the auction house.

Ya Fei received a teapot from a female servant before sending her off. She personally poured a cup of tea for Xiao Yan and herself before leaning on a soft sofa and raising both her legs.

Ya Fei’s hand rubbed her cheek. Through a transparent glass window, her gaze studied the auction house below where people were coming and going. She randomly asked, “Are you going to go to the Misty Cloud Sect tomorrow?”

“Yes.” Xiao Yan lifted the teacup and took a sip as he nodded slightly.

“Alas, three years have passed in the blink of an eye. The young fellow from back then has already grown up.” Ya Fei turned her head around and looked at that ordinary young man’s face. A moment later, a flush suddenly surfaced on her bewitching pretty face as she said, “Hey! Can’t you temporarily take it off?”

Xiao Yan was momentarily blank. He hesitated for a moment before wetting his hand with a little tea. After which, he flicked his hand around his neck area and immediately gently pulled off the mask.

With the removal of the mask, the ordinary face disappeared. Replacing it was a delicate and handsome face that emitted a little powerful temperament. On this young and handsome face, Ya Fei could still see a little of the tender outline back then.

Ya Fei’s pretty eyes did not blink as they stared at the pair of black ink-like pupils. Even after three years of tough training, he was still that fair.

“You still look better as you are now.” Ya Fei leaned her body forward, crossed her ten fingers together and placed her hand on the table. Her chin was nestled on her interlaced ten fingers as she spoke with a smile to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan rubbed this original face which had been hidden for a long time. He also felt some new feelings rise in him.

“Once the matter with the Misty Cloud Sect is over, where do you plan to go? Are you returning home?” Ya Fei inquired with a smile.

“I will make a trip back. But after that, I will head to the Jia Nan Academy.”

“The Jia Nan Academy, huh.” Hearing this Ya Fei was at a loss. Immediately, she appeared to have recalled something as she softly said, “Are you going to look for Xun Er?”

“That is part of the reason.” Xiao Yan smiled. He lowered his head and took a sip of tea. Becuase of that, he did not see the disappointment that flashed across Ya Fei’s pretty face.

“You are currently the person in the Primer clan who holds the most power. I think that once I leave, I would like to trouble you to help look after the Xiao clan. I will definitely return this favor to you in the future.” Xiao Yan held his teacup with both hands, hesitated for a moment, before telling Ya Fei the reason behind him coming to look for her. Although there were people among those whom he got to known within the capital who were even more powerful than Ya Fei, the only one who he could trust was Ya Fei in front of him.

“Return the favor? How are you going to return the favor?” Ya Fei’s bright eyes rotated as she smiled and asked.

“Uh, the matter which I have requested has yet to even begin and you want to demand a reward already?” Xiao Yan felt neither able to laugh nor cry as he said.

Ya Fei smacked her lips. She leaned her back against the soft sofa, revealing a snow white mesmerising arc as she said, “Who knows when you will return after you leave this time around. The last time you left, you were away for almost two years. I’m afraid that it will be even longer this time around.”

Xiao Yan smiled, but did not deny it. He pulled the conversation away from this topic. In any case, he had already brought word to Ya Fei. Xiao Yan knew just what this smart woman would do.

The two of them sat together and chatted for a long time until a curved moon had slowly climbed up into the night sky. Only then did Xiao Yan stand up, bid her goodbye and leave.

In an empty and quiet room, a man was respectfully clearing the table. Occasionally, he would turn his heated gaze toward the bewitching woman who was leaning on the glass window. He was very jealous of the ordinary looking young man earlier. This was because the latter was able to converse so intimately with the goddess in his heart.

As she leaned against the window, Ya Fei eyed the tall and straight figure below who was slowly walking out. A long while later, she gently inhaled a breath of air. Some dejection appeared faintly on her exquisite pretty face.

“I hope that you will be victorious.”

The next day, a fiery red sun broke through the shackles of the horizon and leaped forth. In an instant, the warm sunlight shone down upon the land.

Within a room, a young man slowly pulled off the mask on his face and threw it into his storage ring. From now on, the man known as Yan Xiao would disappear. The current him was now Xiao Yan!

Xiao Yan removed the alchemist long robe from his body and put on a deep black-colored robe which caused the delicate and handsome face of Xiao Yan to gain an additional mysterious feeling.

After using ice water to wash his face, Xiao Yan raised his head and eyed the somewhat white, delicate and young face in the mirror. He smiled faintly as his right hand was extended and the storage ring flashed. A huge black ruler that was around Xiao Yan’s height suddenly appeared!

Xiao Yan’s hand grabbed the hilt of the ruler. The body of the ruler was rotated and a gentle breeze was formed from Xiao Yan’s suppressing force. As a soft sound appeared, the huge black ruler was strapped onto his back.

Xiao Yan patted his hand, pushed opened the door and walked out. He descended from the inn and walked out at a steady pace without alarming anyone. He followed the street and headed out of the city’s exit. Finally, he stood on a high slope outside the city.

Raising his head, Xiao Yan inspected the snow-white huge mountain peak far away which stood in a towering manner. A faint sound of swords soared into the sky.