Battle Through the Heavens

Chapter 1574: Yao Di’s Soul Fragment

Chapter 1574: Yao Di’s Soul Fragment

“Bang bang bang!”


medicinal pills rushed into the large formation from all directions.

They were quickly turned into powerful energy. At the end, one could see

that the energy within the large formation seemed to have turned into a

liquid sea. Lightning like loud sound was being emitted as it flowed…

“Founding Ancestor return!”

Yao Dan’s hands formed many seals. His expression was ferocious as he suddenly cried out sternly.



the stern cry sounded, a swirl quickly appeared at the middle of the

formation. An endless amount of liquid energy continued to surge into

it. At the same time, an extremely ancient aura also slowly spread from

within the swirl. The swirl rotated rapidly before quietly disappearing.

At this moment, a linen clothed illusory elderly figure appeared.



the members of the Yao clan suddenly felt their souls trembling

violently the moment the illusory old man appeared. A kind of pressure

that originated from their bloodline immediately caused the countless

figures present on this mountain to kneel down.

“Founding Ancestor!”


many Yao clan’s Elders were so greatly affected that tears flowed from

their eyes. Their faces appeared a little crazy because of the

excitement. Under the stimulation of their bloodline, the figure was

just like a god, which they could not offend, in their hearts


this the Yao clan’s Founding Ancestor soul fragment…” Xiao Yan’s

expression was solemn as he looked at the figure. Even with his perfect

Heavenly State soul, he felt some difficulty breathing under the figure.

This was merely a soul fragment that had remained for a seemingly

endless amount of time. It was difficult to imagine just what kind of

level a true elite Dou Di would possess.

Yao Lao’s body trembled

slightly ashe stood beside Xiao Yan. He looked at the illusory figure at

the middle of the large formation with eyes that were filled with fear

and respect.

Hun Huzi’s eyes also became grave as he stood in the

sky. The pressure that the illusory figure gave him was incomparably

strong. This Yao clan was indeed not as easy to deal with as the Ling

and Shi clan. Regardless of how it struggled, however, it would also

have difficult escaping from the same fate.

“Ugh, Yao Di…”


black hole like eyes of the black flame human figure beside Hun Huzi

also stared at this illusory figure. A moment later, he emitted a soft

sigh with some unknown feelings.

“Unfortunately, the ultimate expert from back then is currently just a soul fragment…”

“Founding Ancestor, please bless our Yao clan!” Yao Dan knelt down in the sky and let out a low respectful cry.

“Yao clan…”


old man in rough linen clothes within the formation let out a low

mutter. The long flow of time had left his little remaining memories to

become increasingly blurry. However, it was fortunate that he still had a

memory of the clan he had founded. Those extremely ancient eyes slowly

swept over the area below. Finally, a mutter was emitted.

“It has actually declined until such an extent…”


ashamed expression immediately rose onto Yao Dan’s face after hearing

the low mutter of the illusory old man. Although the current era was

different from the ancient era, he did not voice any excuses.

“This is… Nihility Devouring Flame…”


illusory old man did not speak to any of the members of the Yao clan.

He slowly lifted his head and looked at the black flame, which covered

the sky. A lost expression once again flashed across both of his eyes.

He waved his sleeve and a light appeared on the formation. Those black

flames, which were adhered onto it while devouring energy, were being

forcefully scattered by him.

“Without a complete memory and

without a complete soul. Your muddy state is just like that of a puppet.

The Yao Di has actually also turned into such a state. It’s just as

well. By capturing this remanent soul of yours, it would at least

surpass that of a million complete souls.”

The Nihility Devouring

Flame smiled faintly in the sky. His tone did not contain the least bit

of fear and respect. His hand was extended and his finger, which was

covered with black symbols, pointed below.



entire place immediately crumbled as the Nihility Devouring Flame

pointed his finger forward. A huge black flame finger that seemed to

cover half of the mountain range, descended from the black flame, which

spread over the sky. It ruthlessly pressed towards the formation This

entire space seemed to have completely cracked under the finger.

The expressions of many turned ashen upon seeing this terrifying might.


black finger descended from the sky. However, it was just about to land

on the large formation when the linen clothed old man finally lifted

his hand. A medicinal cauldron that did not lose to the huge finger in

size appeared above the formation. The medicinal cauldron was covered

with various mysterious lines. At a glance, it appeared as though it was

real. An ancient aura spread from it.


The huge finger heavily pressed onto the large cauldron. Immediately, a humming sound resounded across the sky.



of the weaker individuals immediately spat out a mouthful of fresh

blood under the frightening humming sound. Some of their eardrums were

even blasted apart. Blood continued to flow out from their ears, given

them an extremely miserable appearance.

The large finger scattered

as the two collided. That medicinal cauldron had also become a lot more

illusionary. The old man’s figure had also paled slightly. Clearly, he

had exhausted a great amount of energy.

“Just how many times a mere soul fragment can block me?”


Nihility Devouring Flame laughed faintly after his attack failed. His

finger continued to press on the empty air. Immediately, the entire area

shook. A couple of huge fingers descended from the sky and continuously

struck violently onto the huge cauldron.

“Hum hum hum!”

A couple of crack lines were actually formed on the huge cauldron as this earthshaking sound appeared.

“Everyone from the Yao clan, pour all of your Dou Qi into the formation!”


Dan’s expression had changed drastically after seeing that the Nihility

Devouring Flame was actually unafraid of the Founding Ancestor soul

fragment. He let out a stern cry. Immediately, the Dou Qi within his

body turned into a bright light pillar that shot into the formation.

Countless light pillars also erupted from the other places. Immediately,

the huge cauldron once again become real like. Moreover, it had

actually directly flew out of the formation and whistled towards the

Nihility Devouring Flame in the sky this time around.

Hun Huzi’s

expression changed after he saw the huge cauldron rushing over. His body

hurriedly hid behind the Nihility Devouring Flame.

“You have the strength of the Yao clan, so do I!:


tone of the Nihility Devouring Flame was still calm. With a wave of his

sleeve, the entire Yao realm immediately began to tremble. Everyone

were shocked to see that there were dense black flame clusters rising

from outside this formation. Finally, the entered the black flame in the

sky. Immediately, countless of miserable cries resounded over this


“It’s the descendant citizens of the Yao clan!”


Yan’s expression changed drastically. Those densely packed light

clusters encompassed countless of wildly struggling human figures. These

people were all the descendant citizens of the Yao clan. The moment

they were being sucked into the black flame clouds, Xiao Yan could see

that their bodies were turned into blood, which were completely


“What ruthless method! He didn’t even let those descendant citizens off.”


Yan clenched his fist tightly. There were at least millions of

descendant citizens in this Yao Realm. Yet, all of them were devoured by

the Nihility Devouring Flame!

“Hun clan, yoru Hun clan will be an irreconcilable enemy of my Yao clan!”


shocking change outside of the formation was also detected by Yao Dan.

His eyes cracked slightly as his vicious and mad roar resounded over the

entire place.

The Nihility Devouring Flame completely ignored Yao

Dan’s roar. He clenched his hand and a blood ball was formed.

Immediately, it swelled at a terrifying speed. The members of the Yao

clan could clearly sense a familiar scent from within the blood ball.



Nihility Devouring Flame waved his hand after the blood ball swelled to

ten thousand feet. Finally, it heavily collided with the huge cauldron

flying over.

A blood light covered the entire sky at that moment.

Everyone seemed to have turned deaf at that moment. However, the blood

red colour, which filled their eyes, allowed them to understand that

this extermination like clash was not an illusion…


indescribable frightening energy attack swept wildly from the sky. Many

crack lines were formed from the explosion upon contact. Finally, it

completely disappeared under the wild devourment of the black flame. The

remaining annihilation force swept down and ruthlessly smashed onto the



The formation trembled violently as this force swept down. A liquid like energy filled it as it scattered at a shocking speed.

“The formation is about to break…”


at the increasingly pale large formation, the hearts of everyone from

the Gu clan quickly became icy cold. They did not expect that this

formation that was formed from the strength of their entire clan was

actually unable to block this terrifying existence.

The rough

linen clothed illusory old man at the middle of the formation also

softly sighed as he watched this scene. His mutter drifted into

everyone’s ears.

“This calamity cannot be avoided…”


figure suddenly rushed out of the formation after his voice sounded. It

turned into an illusory ray of light that cut through the black flame

cloud with a speed exceeding the speed of light. Finally, it shot into

the body of the Nihility Devouring Flame.


collision between the two merely emitted a somewhat soft muffled sound.

However, the body of the Nihility Devouring Flame trembled intensely.

Soon after, his tone finally revealed a little fury for the first time.

“You… damn old ghost, disappear from this world!”

Black flame

surged out from within his body in all directions. Immediately, a slight

sound was emitted. It was as though a soul was shattered…


sound was soft but the bodies of all the members of the Yao clan

stiffened at this moment. They could sense that there was something

which was quietly vanishing from their bloodline.

“Founding Ancestor…”

Yao Dan’s scarlet eyes dully looked at the sky. It was as though his believe had crumbled at this moment.



formation began to tremble even more intensely in front of the stunned

expression of everyone from the Yao clan. Finally, it emitted a crack

sound and exploded in front of many shocked eyes…

“The formation has been broken…”