Battle Through the Heavens

Battle Through the Heavens



Heavenly Silkworm Potato, Tian Can Tu Dou, 天蚕土豆


In a land where no magic is present. A land where the strong make the rules and the weak have to obey. A land filled with alluring treasures and beauty, yet also filled with unforeseen danger. Three years ago, Xiao Yan, who had shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly lost everything. His powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother. What sorcery has caused him to lose all of his powers? And why has his fiancee suddenly shown up?


1.chapter 1 genius no more
2.chapter 2 dou qi continent
3.chapter 3 guests
4.chapter 4 faction of the misty clouds
5.chapter 5 qi gathering powder
6.chapter 6 alchemists
7.chapter 7 divorce
8.chapter 8 the mysterious elder
9.chapter 9 yao lao
10.chapter 10 borrowing money
11.chapter 11 the market
12.chapter 12 stay away from him
13.chapter 13 black metal piece
14.chapter 14 vacuum hand
15.chapter 15 training
16.chapter 16 xiao ning
17.chapter 17 conflict
18.chapter 18 xuan high level dou technique octane blast
19.chapter 19 cruel training
20.chapter 20 auction
21.chapter 21 second tier alchemist gu ni
22.chapter 22 hurricane chant
23.chapter 23 the scramble
24.chapter 24 everything for later
25.chapter 25 ill pay for it
26.chapter 26 intensive training
27.chapter 27 rushing 7 duan qi
28.chapter 28 strengthening vacuum hand
29.chapter 29 an important day
30.chapter 30 the one who humiliates gets humiliated in the end
31.chapter 31 one star dou zhe
32.chapter 32 challenge
33.chapter 33 proof
34.chapter 34 turning around
35.chapter 35 guilt
36.chapter 36 the comical breakthrough
37.chapter 37 xiao yu
38.chapter 38 thisbrat isnt simple
39.chapter 39 ceremonial test
40.chapter 40 shock
41.chapter 41 qi increasing powder
42.chapter 42 you lost
43.chapter 43 the powerful xiao yan
44.chapter 44 you want to test me
45.chapter 45 the finale
46.chapter 46 the enraged xiao yan
47.chapter 47 blasphemy
48.chapter 48 qi method pavilion
49.chapter 49 selecting a qi method
50.chapter 50 help
51.chapter 51 relief
52.chapter 52 breakthrough
53.chapter 53 9 duan qi
54.chapter 54 raising money
55.chapter 55 accident
56.chapter 56 jia nan academy
57.chapter 57 advertisment
58.chapter 58 a high price
59.chapter 59 end of the auction
60.chapter 60 ingredients obtained
61.chapter 61 disguise
62.chapter 62 slap
63.chapter 63 the heavenly flames ranking
64.chapter 64 creation of the qi gathering pill
65.chapter 65 dou zhe advancement
66.chapter 66 flame mantra
67.chapter 67 choice
68.chapter 68 fallen heart flame
69.chapter 69 the furious xun er
70.chapter 70 investigation
71.chapter 71 circumstances of the xiao clan
72.chapter 72 learning to refine medicine
73.chapter 73 first refinement
74.chapter 74 turning up uninvited
75.chapter 75 big business
76.chapter 76 co operation
77.chapter 77 breaking the supply of ingredients
78.chapter 78 training and training and then breakthrough
79.chapter 79 counter attack by the xiao clan
80.chapter 80 alchemist liu xi
81.chapter 81 detection
82.chapter 82 coming clean
83.chapter 83 young head of the marketplace
84.chapter 84 to cripple
85.chapter 85 acceptance
86.chapter 86 challenge
87.chapter 87 try to kill
88.chapter 88 conclusion
89.chapter 89 dark and windy night
90.chapter 90 arranging everything
91.chapter 91 a meeting in the night
92.chapter 92 rob
93.chapter 93 midway destruction of medicine
94.chapter 94 poor foresight
95.chapter 95 the circumstances of the jia lie clan
96.chapter 96 promise
97.chapter 97 xue ni
98.chapter 98 making things difficult
99.chapter 99 threaten
100.chapter 100 the classification of ones potential
101.chapter 101 the most frightening one
102.chapter 102 requesting for leave
103.chapter 103 first fight with a da dou shi
104.chapter 104 forcefully resisting middle xuan dou skill water python
105.chapter 105 before leaving
106.chapter 106 departure
107.chapter 107 misty cloud faction
108.chapter 108 octane blasts hidden force
109.chapter 109 blood lotus essence
110.chapter 110 fairy doctor
111.chapter 111 joining a team
112.chapter 112 entering the magic beast mountain range
113.chapter 113 cave
114.chapter 114 treasure hunt
115.chapter 115 danger at the cave entrance
116.chapter 116 ice spirit blazing grass
117.chapter 117 flying dou technique eagle wing
118.chapter 118 life or death escape
119.chapter 119 purple cloud wings
120.chapter 120 purifying demonic lotus flame
121.chapter 121 promotion to six star
122.chapter 122 di class dou technique flame splitting tsunami
123.chapter 123 start of vengeance
124.chapter 124 massacre
125.chapter 125 eight star dou zhe he meng
126.chapter 126 kill
127.chapter 127 the huge encirclement
128.chapter 128 killers chase
129.chapter 129 one on one fight with a dou shi
130.chapter 130 breakthrough to seven star
131.chapter 131 mysterious woman and the rank six magic beast amethyst winged lion
132.chapter 132 a dou huang level fight
133.chapter 133 fascinating treatment
134.chapter 134 cohabitation in the cave
135.chapter 135 the trouble caused by the aphrodisiac
136.chapter 136 cave of youthful passion
137.chapter 137 breaking the seal
138.chapter 138 joint operation
139.chapter 139 amethyst lion birth essence
140.chapter 140 obtaining the amethyst essence
141.chapter 141 time of life and death
142.chapter 142 absorbing the purple energy
143.chapter 143 nine star dou zhe
144.chapter 144 gan mu
145.chapter 145 killing a nine star dou zhe
146.chapter 146 meeting the little fairy doctor again
147.chapter 147 breaking into the wolfs head
148.chapter 148 wreak havoc
149.chapter 149 killing a two star dou shi
150.chapter 150 small valley
151.chapter 151 purple flame
152.chapter 152 refining the flame seed
153.chapter 153 strange musings
154.chapter 154 woeful poison body
155.chapter 155 the terrifying condition
156.chapter 156 the preparations before swallowing the purple flame
157.chapter 157 getting the monster core
158.chapter 158 refine pills qi method evolution
159.chapter 159 advancing to dou shi
160.chapter 160 the difference between a dou shi and a dou zhe
161.chapter 161 parting
162.chapter 162 the three things necessary to refine the heavenly flame
163.chapter 163 grandmaster ao tuo
164.chapter 164 the alchemist association
165.chapter 165 the test for a tier one alchemist
166.chapter 166 passing the test
167.chapter 167 the youngest tier two alchemist
168.chapter 168 the incredible treatment for alchemists
169.chapter 169 gu te
170.chapter 170 exchange
171.chapter 171 successfully obtaining the ice spirit cold fountain
172.chapter 172 the alchemist grand meeting
173.chapter 173 during the flight
174.chapter 174 the murder caused by the tier five medicinal pill
175.chapter 175 arrival
176.chapter 176 the mysterious map fragment
177.chapter 177 mysterious old man
178.chapter 178 fight
179.chapter 179 yao lao taking action
180.chapter 180 the one who was once among the top ten ice emperor
181.chapter 181 journey through the desert
182.chapter 182 tough training in the desert
183.chapter 183 coincidental meeting
184.chapter 184 first meeting with the snake people initial show of a dou shis power
185.chapter 185 brothers
186.chapter 186 qing lin
187.chapter 187 competition
188.chapter 188 a competition between brothers
189.chapter 189 qing lins discovery
190.chapter 190 surveying the terrain
191.chapter 191 settling the trouble
192.chapter 192 passageway
193.chapter 193 probing
194.chapter 194 the mysterious creature in the magma
195.chapter 195 attacked
196.chapter 196 two headed flame spirit serpent
197.chapter 197 yao lao taking action
198.chapter 198 triple jade green snake flower pupils
199.chapter 199 under the crypt
200.chapter 200 green lotus core flame
201.chapter 201 gaining a little
202.chapter 202 promotion setting out on a journey
203.chapter 203 the inner regions of the desert
204.chapter 204 snake woman yue mei
205.chapter 205 a terrifying line up
206.chapter 206 the fight between the strong
207.chapter 207 the mysterious black robed person
208.chapter 208 rushing into the tribe at night
209.chapter 209 the city at the heart of the desert
210.chapter 210 queen medusa
211.chapter 211 pill king gu hes generous offer
212.chapter 212 failed negotiation
213.chapter 213 rushing for time
214.chapter 214 seeing the green lotus core flame again
215.chapter 215 beginning the evolution
216.chapter 216 successful evolution
217.chapter 217 seven colored heaven swallowing python
218.chapter 218 reining in the green lotus core flame
219.chapter 219 chaotic situation
220.chapter 220 fleeing with a treasure
221.chapter 221 fleeing for thousands of kilometers
222.chapter 222 yun zhi
223.chapter 223 a short meeting
224.chapter 224 five snake death poison seal
225.chapter 225 ability
226.chapter 226 fruition
227.chapter 227 swallowing the heavenly flame begin
228.chapter 228 detaching the flame seed
229.chapter 229 heavenly flame forging the body
230.chapter 230 success
231.chapter 231 repairing and strengthening
232.chapter 232 xiao yans first origin heavenly flame green lotus core flame
233.chapter 233 evolving the qi method
234.chapter 234 tormenting pain
235.chapter 235 flame mantra evolved
236.chapter 236 meeting the ice emperor again
237.chapter 237 conversation
238.chapter 238 heavenly cauldron ranking
239.chapter 239 hiding ones ability
240.chapter 240 breaking the seal
241.chapter 241 obtaining the map fragment hiring a bodyguard
242.chapter 242 the change in rock desert city
243.chapter 243 killing a da dou shi
244.chapter 244 charging in
245.chapter 245 frighten
246.chapter 246 mo clan
247.chapter 247 annex
248.chapter 248 yan city
249.chapter 249 nalan
250.chapter 250 rest
251.chapter 251 hiring a long time fighter
252.chapter 252 nalan yanran
253.chapter 253 searching and the mo clans wild ambition
254.chapter 254 mo alliance
255.chapter 255 smashing the scene
256.chapter 256 vicious means
257.chapter 257 killing mo cheng
258.chapter 258 the mysterious green clothed lady
259.chapter 259 the fight between three dou huangs
260.chapter 260 eight winged black serpent emperor
261.chapter 261 the huge fight in the sky
262.chapter 262 merging the heavenly flames angry buddha lotus flame
263.chapter 263 terrifying destructive force
264.chapter 264 yao lao falling into a deep slumber
265.chapter 265 relying on oneself
266.chapter 266 recuperating and flame manipulation ability
267.chapter 267 queen medusa appearing again
268.chapter 268 contest
269.chapter 269 sharp rise in the degree of compatibility
270.chapter 270 purple flame pill
271.chapter 271 imitation of the angry buddha lotus flame
272.chapter 272 resolving the hidden danger before leaving
273.chapter 273 arriving at the capital
274.chapter 274 primer auction house an old friend
275.chapter 275 vicious
276.chapter 276 searching for medicine
277.chapter 277 stopped
278.chapter 278 cheap bastard
279.chapter 279 seven magical green spirit saliva
280.chapter 280 xun er
281.chapter 281 secretly hiding and protecting
282.chapter 282 let me try
283.chapter 283 stubborn bone clenching teeth enduring humiliation
284.chapter 284 expelling the poison
285.chapter 285 unexpected surprise black finger
286.chapter 286 to scour for treasure
287.chapter 287 the benefits of the champion
288.chapter 288 participate
289.chapter 289 liu ling
290.chapter 290 hidden opponent
291.chapter 291 advance to seven star the final test
292.chapter 292 refining
293.chapter 293 put to the test
294.chapter 294 the finish
295.chapter 295 black horse
296.chapter 296 gathering
297.chapter 297 mu zhan
298.chapter 298 a brief fight
299.chapter 299 nalan yanran intervenes
300.chapter 300 the end
301.chapter 301 sudden appearance of a dou huangs presence
302.chapter 302 linen robe jia lao
303.chapter 303 jia laos strength
304.chapter 304 fa ma yao ye the grand meeting begins
305.chapter 305 first round begin
306.chapter 306 soul stirring
307.chapter 307 test the mysterious man in the gray robe
308.chapter 308 the overly simple second round
309.chapter 309 the source of the problem
310.chapter 310 turning the tide temporary suspension of the grand meeting
311.chapter 311 surreptitious black robed man
312.chapter 312 truth
313.chapter 313 yan li
314.chapter 314 windfall
315.chapter 315 three lines green spirit pill
316.chapter 316 the final round begin
317.chapter 317 each revealing their abilities
318.chapter 318 failure
319.chapter 319 i am going to be the champion
320.chapter 320 rising once again
321.chapter 321 purple heart barrier breaking pill
322.chapter 322 cauldron explosion
323.chapter 323 the final victor
324.chapter 324 evaluation
325.chapter 325 the end of the grand meeting
326.chapter 326 obtaining the reward
327.chapter 327 obtaining the seven magical green spirit saliva
328.chapter 328 awakening of yao lao
329.chapter 329 night discussion
330.chapter 330 consuming the three lines green spirit pill
331.chapter 331 advancing to a da dou shi
332.chapter 332 entrusting
333.chapter 333 xiao clan xiao yan
334.chapter 334 three year agreement
335.chapter 335 nalan yanran defeated
336.chapter 336 the true strength of both parties
337.chapter 337 an intense fight
338.chapter 338 winds peak dazzling sunset
339.chapter 339 exposed
340.chapter 340 small scale angry buddha lotus flame
341.chapter 341 end
342.chapter 342 renewed storm
343.chapter 343 a trouble which one cannot escape from
344.chapter 344 imminent
345.chapter 345 three strong dou wangs
346.chapter 346 big battle
347.chapter 347 the appearance of the seven colored heaven swallowing python
348.chapter 348 the tragedy of yun leng
349.chapter 349 covering sun cloud formation
350.chapter 350 the appearance of a mysterious dou huang
351.chapter 351 dou huang ling ying
352.chapter 352 the misty cloud sects trump card
353.chapter 353 the previous sect leader of the misty cloud sect dou zong yun shan
354.chapter 354 descending the mountain
355.chapter 355 separation and transaction
356.chapter 356 the journey back home
357.chapter 357 the turn of events in the xiao clan
358.chapter 358 leave no one
359.chapter 359 he must die
360.chapter 360 settling the xiao clan
361.chapter 361 going up to the misty cloud sect once again
362.chapter 362 yao yan yun zhi
363.chapter 363 killing yun leng
364.chapter 364 life and death situation
365.chapter 365 gate of life and death
366.chapter 366 the big fight between dou zongs
367.chapter 367 the start of the great escape
368.chapter 368 recuperation
369.chapter 369 advancement
370.chapter 370 skyfire three mysterious change
371.chapter 371 the ingenuity of the secret technique
372.chapter 372 bloody revenge
373.chapter 373 surrounded and attacked in the magical beast mountain range
374.chapter 374 sudden arrival of reinforcements
375.chapter 375 escape
376.chapter 376 da ling city
377.chapter 377 the preparation before leaving
378.chapter 378 black corner region
379.chapter 379 exposed
380.chapter 380 leaving the jia ma empire
381.chapter 381 mysterious faction hall of souls
382.chapter 382 jia nan academy the xiao clan has a female maturing early
383.chapter 383 great plains of the black region
384.chapter 384 a chaotic region where compassion is unnecessary
385.chapter 385 black ranking black storm
386.chapter 386 black mark city
387.chapter 387 xiao yan in financial distress
388.chapter 388 alleviating poverty through refining pills
389.chapter 389 black mark auction house
390.chapter 390 the start of the auction
391.chapter 391 flying dou technique lightning bat sky wings
392.chapter 392 competing for the lightning bat sky wings and the map fragment
393.chapter 393 unforeseen changes
394.chapter 394 di class agility type dou technique three thousand lightning movement
395.chapter 395 main attraction
396.chapter 396 tier seven medicinal pill yin yang mysterious dragon pill
397.chapter 397 auction house
398.chapter 398 ambush killing
399.chapter 399 the fierce fighting on the road
400.chapter 400 xiao yan benefits from two forces fighting
401.chapter 401 the first change of the sky fire three mysterious change green lotus change
402.chapter 402 reward
403.chapter 403 swallowing the yin yang mysterious dragon pill
404.chapter 404 peace town
405.chapter 405 jia nan academy law enforcement unit
406.chapter 406 crucial moment
407.chapter 407 one strike
408.chapter 408 killing a chicken to warn a monkey
409.chapter 409 bumping into one another at night
410.chapter 410 clashing for the first time
411.chapter 411 bewildering
412.chapter 412 rival
413.chapter 413 fighting lu mu
414.chapter 414 playing with fire
415.chapter 415 pill flame skill
416.chapter 416 law enforcement unit wu hao
417.chapter 417 challenge
418.chapter 418 heirloom jade piece
419.chapter 419 the last qualifying competition
420.chapter 420 big chaotic battle
421.chapter 421 shaking lightning arc blast
422.chapter 422 fight
423.chapter 423 xun ers strength
424.chapter 424 one versus three
425.chapter 425 no mercy
426.chapter 426 the end of the competition
427.chapter 427 the peace after the great competition
428.chapter 428 the mysterious book collection hall
429.chapter 429 the mysterious guardians of the hall
430.chapter 430 fighting and grabbing
431.chapter 431 sonic dou technique
432.chapter 432 lion tiger gold shattering roar
433.chapter 433 training
434.chapter 434 tiger roar shaking the mountain forest
435.chapter 435 the location of the inner academy
436.chapter 436 fire energy hunting competition
437.chapter 437 snatching
438.chapter 438 reverse snatching
439.chapter 439 the use of fire energy
440.chapter 440 the switch between the hunter and the hunted
441.chapter 441 swiftly growing coordination
442.chapter 442 the fighting strength after forming a group
443.chapter 443 grand retaliation
444.chapter 444 the fight between the strong
445.chapter 445 the start of the big fight
446.chapter 446 temporary victor
447.chapter 447 the fisherman follows after the fight between the sandpiper and the mussels
448.chapter 448 unforeseen turn of events
449.chapter 449 fighting with the black demon group
450.chapter 450 race against time
451.chapter 451 reversing the situation
452.chapter 452 bitter and angry sha tie
453.chapter 453 distributing the spoils recuperation
454.chapter 454 white demon group
455.chapter 455 the final big fight
456.chapter 456 triumph
457.chapter 457 reward
458.chapter 458 settling in
459.chapter 459 new students tribute fee
460.chapter 460 deterrence and politeness
461.chapter 461 pans gate
462.chapter 462 the mysterious black tower
463.chapter 463 training accelerator
464.chapter 464 shock
465.chapter 465 meeting for the first time
466.chapter 466 black hole
467.chapter 467 the mysterious invisible fire python
468.chapter 468 troublesome matter
469.chapter 469 wager
470.chapter 470 fighting fu ao
471.chapter 471 the strength of the white gang
472.chapter 472 meeting
473.chapter 473 hidden confrontation
474.chapter 474 middle grade training room
475.chapter 475 refinement
476.chapter 476 second level
477.chapter 477 exploration and meeting
478.chapter 478 seven star da dou shi
479.chapter 479 the changes of pans gate
480.chapter 480 tou she ancient gods jade
481.chapter 481 tou she ancient emperor
482.chapter 482 green wood celestial vine
483.chapter 483 strange fellow
484.chapter 484 a deal
485.chapter 485 green ganoderma fire spirit ointment swift wind spirit pill
486.chapter 486 retreat
487.chapter 487 trouble that knocks on the door
488.chapter 488 liu fei
489.chapter 489 elder he
490.chapter 490 progress of training
491.chapter 491 breaking through once again
492.chapter 492 tyrant spear liu qing
493.chapter 493 earning fire energy
494.chapter 494 refining in bulk
495.chapter 495 plentiful gains
496.chapter 496 conflict
497.chapter 497 han xian of the medicine gang
498.chapter 498 compete
499.chapter 499 the competition topic dragon strength pill
500.chapter 500 illusionary golden flame
501.chapter 501 half finished product
502.chapter 502 fortunate not to fail ones expectations
503.chapter 503 victory
504.chapter 504 recruitment
505.chapter 505 training three thousand lightning movement
506.chapter 506 wind lightning strength
507.chapter 507 successful refinement
508.chapter 508 lightning flash
509.chapter 509 comprehension ruler technique
510.chapter 510 core quenching body milk
511.chapter 511 experts of the strong ranking
512.chapter 512 wild violent bloodline
513.chapter 513 invitation
514.chapter 514 the fight between the python and ape
515.chapter 515 searching for treasure
516.chapter 516 fake core quenching body milk
517.chapter 517 reappearance of queen medusa
518.chapter 518 agreement
519.chapter 519 mixing medicinal liquid
520.chapter 520 nine star da dou shi
521.chapter 521 advancing to dou ling
522.chapter 522 returning to the academy
523.chapter 523 appearance
524.chapter 524 fierce fighting
525.chapter 525 fighting a six star dou ling
526.chapter 526 fighting medicine drugs
527.chapter 527 a powerful strike
528.chapter 528 defeating the opponent
529.chapter 529 a slap
530.chapter 530 the ranking on the strong ranking
531.chapter 531 the mysterious first on the strong ranking
532.chapter 532 asparagus ice fire fruit
533.chapter 533 the mysterious white clothed little girl
534.chapter 534 not a human
535.chapter 535 the final medicinal ingredient
536.chapter 536 exchange
537.chapter 537 obtaining it
538.chapter 538 refining the ground spirit pill
539.chapter 539 stir of activity
540.chapter 540 medicine emperor han feng
541.chapter 541 pill formed
542.chapter 542 the talent to hunt treasures
543.chapter 543 urgent matter
544.chapter 544 return to the outer academy
545.chapter 545 the unexpected change in the clan
546.chapter 546 the participation of the hall of souls
547.chapter 547 xiao lis plan
548.chapter 548 put up a stage and receive challengers
549.chapter 549 yao sheng
550.chapter 550 initial exchange
551.chapter 551 no 1 training room
552.chapter 552 the violent activity within the tower
553.chapter 553 the pre uprising of the fallen heart flame
554.chapter 554 first elder su qian
555.chapter 555 enemies often cross each others paths
556.chapter 556 tit for tat
557.chapter 557 determining ones opponent
558.chapter 558 the start of the grand competition
559.chapter 559 bei ju
560.chapter 560 ruler technique
561.chapter 561 bloody ground eight split
562.chapter 562 green fire armor
563.chapter 563 liu qings appearance
564.chapter 564 great rift coffin splitting claw
565.chapter 565 second round
566.chapter 566 squaring off against yao sheng
567.chapter 567 overcoming the black water world
568.chapter 568 victorious
569.chapter 569 dazzling
570.chapter 570 one pester and one strong
571.chapter 571 scroll
572.chapter 572 contesting for the top ten
573.chapter 573 the contest between the novice dark horse and a veteran expert
574.chapter 574 seething
575.chapter 575 the collision between the octane blast and the great rift coffin splitting claw
576.chapter 576 explode
577.chapter 577 one move
578.chapter 578 the collision between the great splitting rock and the flame splitting tsunami
579.chapter 579 a breath remains
580.chapter 580 coming to a close
581.chapter 581 recuperation
582.chapter 582 advancement of strength
583.chapter 583 deputy commander of the black submerged army ling quan
584.chapter 584 separated
585.chapter 585 entering the lowest level of the blazing sky qi refining tower
586.chapter 586 essence heart flame
587.chapter 587 the pain of refining ones body
588.chapter 588 fallen heart flame erupt
589.chapter 589 breaching the seal
590.chapter 590 breaking through the tower
591.chapter 591 thousand layer sealing formation
592.chapter 592 calling out to friends and allies
593.chapter 593 joining hands to seal
594.chapter 594 incomplete flame mantra
595.chapter 595 chaotic great battle
596.chapter 596 fighting fan lao
597.chapter 597 helping hand
598.chapter 598 green flame everywhere
599.chapter 599 sea heart flame
600.chapter 600 great and terrible explosion
601.chapter 601 similar thought
602.chapter 602 extermination
603.chapter 603 ineffective seal
604.chapter 604 the fallen heart flame a cheating training machine
605.chapter 605 fighting with fire
606.chapter 606 revealing the true form
607.chapter 607 true body
608.chapter 608 clash
609.chapter 609 terrified
610.chapter 610 large scale angry buddha lotus flame
611.chapter 611 swallow seal
612.chapter 612 desperate situation
613.chapter 613 appearance of the snake
614.chapter 614 intersection between life and death
615.chapter 615 slow transformation
616.chapter 616 advancing to dou wang
617.chapter 617 turning the tables capturing the fallen heart flame
618.chapter 618 erode refine merge
619.chapter 619 successful merger
620.chapter 620 the sequelae from the merger of the heavenly flames
621.chapter 621 breaking the seal
622.chapter 622 breaking through the tower and escaping
623.chapter 623 test
624.chapter 624 bane existence
625.chapter 625 solving the trouble
626.chapter 626 gathering helpers
627.chapter 627 the moment of life and death
628.chapter 628 withdrawal from shouting
629.chapter 629 reinforcements
630.chapter 630 killing fan lao
631.chapter 631 killing spree
632.chapter 632 life devouring pill
633.chapter 633 medicinal formula
634.chapter 634 arrival of the great battle
635.chapter 635 collision between the strong
636.chapter 636 cross swords
637.chapter 637 fire lotus bottle
638.chapter 638 fight between those with the same teacher
639.chapter 639 han feng with half a foot into the dou zong class
640.chapter 640 emerald fire lotus
641.chapter 641 your life is mine
642.chapter 642 reappearance of the hall of souls
643.chapter 643 serene sea storage ring
644.chapter 644 retreat and recuperation
645.chapter 645 god seal technique
646.chapter 646 plans
647.chapter 647 transaction
648.chapter 648 practicing the open mountain seal
649.chapter 649 xiao gate
650.chapter 650 three large factions
651.chapter 651 shock and awe
652.chapter 652 gathering helpers
653.chapter 653 gathering medicinal ingredients
654.chapter 654 refining the spiritual recovery purple pill
655.chapter 655 medicinal pill auction
656.chapter 656 deterrent
657.chapter 657 the end of the auction
658.chapter 658 restoration medicinal liquid
659.chapter 659 yao lao awakens
660.chapter 660 teacher and disciple meet again
661.chapter 661 the ingredients needed to refine a body
662.chapter 662 finding solutions
663.chapter 663 recover
664.chapter 664 the three yao brothers
665.chapter 665 looking after
666.chapter 666 settling pans gate
667.chapter 667 ten exchanges
668.chapter 668 tranquil
669.chapter 669 fully prepared
670.chapter 670 leaving the inner academy
671.chapter 671 begin the journey return to the jia ma empire
672.chapter 672 activity of the misty cloud sect
673.chapter 673 thousands of kilometers away
674.chapter 674 zhen gui pass old acquaintance
675.chapter 675 mu tie
676.chapter 676 kill
677.chapter 677 the situation in the jia ma empire
678.chapter 678 discussion in the sect
679.chapter 679 primers calamity
680.chapter 680 blood bath
681.chapter 681 bloody battle
682.chapter 682 rush to the capital
683.chapter 683 debt collection
684.chapter 684 giving others the taste of their own medicine
685.chapter 685 start a massacre
686.chapter 686 sweep away
687.chapter 687 the shock of the misty cloud sect
688.chapter 688 situation
689.chapter 689 state of affairs
690.chapter 690 discuss
691.chapter 691 settling the xiao clan
692.chapter 692 females picking on each other
693.chapter 693 xue mei
694.chapter 694 fu yan
695.chapter 695 meeting
696.chapter 696 revealing oneself
697.chapter 697 wedding
698.chapter 698 mixed bone molding pill
699.chapter 699 the xiao clans mansion
700.chapter 700 night discussion
701.chapter 701 serene sea scaly beast
702.chapter 702 treatment
703.chapter 703 arrival of the big fight
704.chapter 704 wedding day
705.chapter 705 a fight with ten exchanges
706.chapter 706 fighting gu he
707.chapter 707 defeat
708.chapter 708 kill everyone
709.chapter 709 decisive battle misty cloud sect
710.chapter 710 decisive fight with yun shan
711.chapter 711 great sorrowful wind tearing hand
712.chapter 712 protector wu
713.chapter 713 submerged wind braking blades
714.chapter 714 trump card three colored fire lotus
715.chapter 715 explosion of the fire lotus
716.chapter 716 kill
717.chapter 717 killing yun shan
718.chapter 718 unexpected turn of events
719.chapter 719 reappearance of nalan yanran
720.chapter 720 yao lao fighting protector wu
721.chapter 721 big fight between dou zongs
722.chapter 722 captured
723.chapter 723 pain
724.chapter 724 dealing with the misty cloud sect
725.chapter 725 the fate of the misty cloud sect
726.chapter 726 end
727.chapter 727 situation
728.chapter 728 the great meeting of factions
729.chapter 729 poison sect
730.chapter 730 the things yao lao left behind
731.chapter 731 the initial form of a faction
732.chapter 732 parting ways
733.chapter 733 full recovery
734.chapter 734 alliance
735.chapter 735 yan alliance
736.chapter 736 succeed
737.chapter 737 refine
738.chapter 738 the thought of undertaking a retreat
739.chapter 739 qingshan
740.chapter 740 meeting an acquaintance
741.chapter 741 strange mountain valley
742.chapter 742 the mysterious black figure
743.chapter 743 little fairy doctor
744.chapter 744 zi yans advancement
745.chapter 745 pill formed
746.chapter 746 he clan
747.chapter 747 helping hand
748.chapter 748 he gan
749.chapter 749 deep retreat
750.chapter 750 change
751.chapter 751 deep spiritual observation
752.chapter 752 advancing to the dou huang class
753.chapter 753 leaving the valley
754.chapter 754 great chaos
755.chapter 755 poison sect gold geese sect mulan valley
756.chapter 756 rescue
757.chapter 757 snake person yue mei
758.chapter 758 situation
759.chapter 759 big battle
760.chapter 760 three beast savage skill
761.chapter 761 fighting mulan three elders
762.chapter 762 intense fight
763.chapter 763 three thousand lightning
764.chapter 764 scam
765.chapter 765 eagle cry
766.chapter 766 poison sects sect leader
767.chapter 767 agility fight
768.chapter 768 explode
769.chapter 769 prestige
770.chapter 770 people have changed despite everything else remaining the same
771.chapter 771 the ceasing of the big battle
772.chapter 772 night meeting
773.chapter 773 the poison pill method
774.chapter 774 the experts from the snake people tribe
775.chapter 775 the four great elders
776.chapter 776 three grade of secret technique
777.chapter 777 provocation
778.chapter 778 nursing ones health
779.chapter 779 operation
780.chapter 780 assassinate
781.chapter 781 fighting many alone
782.chapter 782 rich reward
783.chapter 783 sky bird nine flying wings
784.chapter 784 the mountain above the clouds xun er
785.chapter 785 pill tower
786.chapter 786 recruiting gu he
787.chapter 787 first commander
788.chapter 788 inviting helpers
789.chapter 789 hurrying to chu yun
790.chapter 790 ten thousand scorpion gate
791.chapter 791 wu ya
792.chapter 792 dangerous
793.chapter 793 xie bi yan
794.chapter 794 big battle between factions
795.chapter 795 kill
796.chapter 796 four wings sky demon scorpion
797.chapter 797 revealing oneself
798.chapter 798 protector tie
799.chapter 799 eruption of dou zong battle
800.chapter 800 sneak attack
801.chapter 801 xie shans death
802.chapter 802 soul bag
803.chapter 803 sea flipping seal
804.chapter 804 miserable protector tie
805.chapter 805 capture
806.chapter 806 an all out strike
807.chapter 807 demon poison spot
808.chapter 808 rock pool
809.chapter 809 sealing the demon poison spot
810.chapter 810 two star dou huang
811.chapter 811 third in ranking
812.chapter 812 plans
813.chapter 813 information on the hall of souls
814.chapter 814 hurrying to the black corner region
815.chapter 815 encounter along the way
816.chapter 816 demon flame valley
817.chapter 817 blood sword wu hao
818.chapter 818 eagle clawed elder
819.chapter 819 xiao gate xiao yan
820.chapter 820 leave no one alive
821.chapter 821 turbulent times
822.chapter 822 entering the city
823.chapter 823 thousand medicinal house
824.chapter 824 pill exchange gathering
825.chapter 825 red faced elder
826.chapter 826 bidding
827.chapter 827 success
828.chapter 828 bodhisattva heart
829.chapter 829 black emperor pavilion
830.chapter 830 trouble that comes knocking at the door
831.chapter 831 white clothed person
832.chapter 832 mo ya
833.chapter 833 the gathering of the strong
834.chapter 834 two womens hidden act
835.chapter 835 zong breaking pill
836.chapter 836 activity
837.chapter 837 mo tian xing
838.chapter 838 the start of the auction
839.chapter 839 the start of the show
840.chapter 840 auction
841.chapter 841 six joint body flowing ruler
842.chapter 842 magical beast dried corpse
843.chapter 843 auctioning corpse
844.chapter 844 barter trade
845.chapter 845 bodhisattva body transformation saliva
846.chapter 846 each revealing ones capital
847.chapter 847 the final victor
848.chapter 848 old man ying shan
849.chapter 849 meeting
850.chapter 850 discussion
851.chapter 851 deliberating a plan
852.chapter 852 splitting a corpse
853.chapter 853 green red blood
854.chapter 854 rank 7 monster core
855.chapter 855 heart flame seed
856.chapter 856 tailing
857.chapter 857 probe
858.chapter 858 spiritual avatar
859.chapter 859 it is really you
860.chapter 860 fellow disciples meeting again
861.chapter 861 five great dou zong
862.chapter 862 situational change
863.chapter 863 a big battle begins
864.chapter 864 life transforming flame
865.chapter 865 capturing
866.chapter 866 kill
867.chapter 867 wrathful and uncontrollable zi yan
868.chapter 868 frighten off
869.chapter 869 leave
870.chapter 870 turn of events
871.chapter 871 eliminating the hidden danger
872.chapter 872 reaching peace town
873.chapter 873 xin lan
874.chapter 874 meeting
875.chapter 875 method
876.chapter 876 news of a heavenly flame
877.chapter 877 nine dragon lightning flame
878.chapter 878 three thousand burning flame
879.chapter 879 refine
880.chapter 880 unexpected reward
881.chapter 881 overbearing bone wings
882.chapter 882 once and for all
883.chapter 883 arrival
884.chapter 884 old ground demon ghost
885.chapter 885 fight
886.chapter 886 fighting the old ground demon ghost
887.chapter 887 soul stirring
888.chapter 888 crazy
889.chapter 889 extermination fire lotus
890.chapter 890 great destruction
891.chapter 891 qian bai two elders
892.chapter 892 hope
893.chapter 893 fail
894.chapter 894 five star dou huang
895.chapter 895 training venue
896.chapter 896 entering the bottom of the tower again
897.chapter 897 summoning
898.chapter 898 initial mastery of the ruler technique
899.chapter 899 mysterious bones
900.chapter 900 magmas living creatures
901.chapter 901 fire lizard race
902.chapter 902 tian huo zun zhe
903.chapter 903 five ring flame expelling technique
904.chapter 904 mysterious existence
905.chapter 905 the activity of the tuo she ancient god jade
906.chapter 906 advancing again
907.chapter 907 information
908.chapter 908 discussion
909.chapter 909 gather
910.chapter 910 alliance
911.chapter 911 the deterrence created by speed
912.chapter 912 protector xuan
913.chapter 913 fire spirit revealing its might
914.chapter 914 gathering fierce spirit
915.chapter 915 meeting in battle
916.chapter 916 collecting fierce spirit
917.chapter 917 kill
918.chapter 918 exchanging blows again
919.chapter 919 fire lotus kill
920.chapter 920 the final victor
921.chapter 921 treasure hunting
922.chapter 922 rock cave storeroom
923.chapter 923 sky demon puppet
924.chapter 924 soul cultivating saliva
925.chapter 925 the woeful poison body erupting ahead of time
926.chapter 926 seal
927.chapter 927 refining the fierce spirit
928.chapter 928 refining the sky demon puppet
929.chapter 929 refinement
930.chapter 930 successful refinement
931.chapter 931 big commotion
932.chapter 932 refining the heaven soul blood bone pill
933.chapter 933 the mighty pressure from the bloodline
934.chapter 934 pill formed
935.chapter 935 pill lightning
936.chapter 936 earth demon puppet revealing its might
937.chapter 937 breaking through again
938.chapter 938 departure
939.chapter 939 one hall one tower two sects three valleys four pavilions
940.chapter 940 close
941.chapter 941 red clothed young lady
942.chapter 942 rank 6
943.chapter 943 repair
944.chapter 944 space storm
945.chapter 945 frightening tunnel
946.chapter 946 han chong
947.chapter 947 han clan han xue
948.chapter 948 demon snake xia mang
949.chapter 949 ten thousand snake gorge
950.chapter 950 mysterious strong person
951.chapter 951 spatial strength
952.chapter 952 hong clan
953.chapter 953 intervene
954.chapter 954 tian bei city
955.chapter 955 acquaintance
956.chapter 956 feel out
957.chapter 957 nine turning wind steps
958.chapter 958 zhu gan
959.chapter 959 the location where yao lao was imprisoned
960.chapter 960 sky stone stage
961.chapter 961 fight
962.chapter 962 lightning god descent
963.chapter 963 exterminating lightning hammer
964.chapter 964 unexpected change
965.chapter 965 not qualified
966.chapter 966 demon puppet revealed
967.chapter 967 encirclement by the hong clan
968.chapter 968 decisive killing
969.chapter 969 crazy action
970.chapter 970 three thousand lightning illusionary body
971.chapter 971 incomplete scroll
972.chapter 972 monstrous aura
973.chapter 973 killing chen yun
974.chapter 974 self destruction of an elite dou zong
975.chapter 975 qingfeng mountains
976.chapter 976 nine star dou huang
977.chapter 977 a very dangerous place
978.chapter 978 nine heavenly lightning prison formation
979.chapter 979 thunder gods fury
980.chapter 980 fire lotus might
981.chapter 981 killing hong tian xiao
982.chapter 982 remnant spiritual imprint
983.chapter 983 heavenly mountain blood pool
984.chapter 984 tian lei zi
985.chapter 985 chased with killing intent
986.chapter 986 unravel
987.chapter 987 bitter training in the forest
988.chapter 988 rank 7 gray wolf king
989.chapter 989 the three large clans of the magical beast world
990.chapter 990 tempering the avatar
991.chapter 991 arriving at the heaven eye mountain range
992.chapter 992 miss feng
993.chapter 993 brief fight
994.chapter 994 black clothed man
995.chapter 995 old acquaintance
996.chapter 996 meeting nalan yanran again
997.chapter 997 wang chen
998.chapter 998 maze
999.chapter 999 a murder arising from a white fox
1000.chapter 1000heaven mountain stage
1001.chapter 1001 mouse tide sound array
1002.chapter 1002 breaking through the checkpoint
1003.chapter 1003 mu qing luan
1004.chapter 1004 sonic wave face off
1005.chapter 1005 the whereabouts of feng zun zhe
1006.chapter 1006 transaction
1007.chapter 1007 bottom of the blood pool
1008.chapter 1008 entering the blood pool
1009.chapter 1009 hidden training in the blood pool
1010.chapter 1010 soul refining effect
1011.chapter 1011 breakthrough dou zong
1012.chapter 1012 seeing yao lao again
1013.chapter 1013 one star dou zong
1014.chapter 1014 gu realm
1015.chapter 1015 refine
1016.chapter 1016 wind lightning mountain range
1017.chapter 1017 lightning mountain
1018.chapter 1018 four great zun zhe
1019.chapter 1019 the commencement of the grand meeting
1020.chapter 1020 chaotic filtering
1021.chapter 1021 come
1022.chapter 1022 fighting wang chen
1023.chapter 1023 six joint flame
1024.chapter 1024 identity revealed
1025.chapter 1025 accepting the challenge
1026.chapter 1026 peak level fight among the younger generation
1027.chapter 1027 wind killing finger
1028.chapter 1028 holy demon phoenix icon
1029.chapter 1029 holy icon strength
1030.chapter 1030 demon phoenix bell
1031.chapter 1031 victor
1032.chapter 1032 ancient phoenix essence blood
1033.chapter 1033 end of the grand meeting
1034.chapter 1034 absorption
1035.chapter 1035 bone wings transformation
1036.chapter 1036 events of the past
1037.chapter 1037 heading to the pill region
1038.chapter 1038 practicing the flame creation skill
1039.chapter 1039 refining beast flame
1040.chapter 1040 fire seed
1041.chapter 1041 middle region tianhuang city
1042.chapter 1042 competing for wormhole
1043.chapter 1043 meeting old friends
1044.chapter 1044 one strike
1045.chapter 1045 heading to the burning flame valley
1046.chapter 1046 roasting fire mountain range
1047.chapter 1047 tang zhen nine dragon lightning flame
1048.chapter 1048 heavenly flame test
1049.chapter 1049 reward
1050.chapter 1050 strive
1051.chapter 1051 fire bodhisattva pill
1052.chapter 1052 fuse
1053.chapter 1053 unexpected turn of events
1054.chapter 1054 turning the tide
1055.chapter 1055 seeing pill lightning again
1056.chapter 1056 successful pill refinement
1057.chapter 1057 yin yang life soul pill
1058.chapter 1058 hindered
1059.chapter 1059 test
1060.chapter 1060 fighting wu chen
1061.chapter 1061 hidden skill
1062.chapter 1062 succeed
1063.chapter 1063 inheriting the secret technique
1064.chapter 1064 xiao xuan
1065.chapter 1065 news about little fairy doctor
1066.chapter 1066 hurrying to the middle region
1067.chapter 1067 ye city
1068.chapter 1068 ye clan
1069.chapter 1069 whereabouts
1070.chapter 1070 falling god stream
1071.chapter 1071 extermination by the ice river valley
1072.chapter 1072 turning the situation around
1073.chapter 1073 extremely weak
1074.chapter 1074 leave no one
1075.chapter 1075 recuperate
1076.chapter 1076 traces of the sky poison dragon scorpion beast
1077.chapter 1077 advancement
1078.chapter 1078 sky poison dragon scorpion beast
1079.chapter 1079 dragon scorpion tribe
1080.chapter 1080 slaughtering the sky poison dragon scorpion beast
1081.chapter 1081 kill
1082.chapter 1082 successful obtainment
1083.chapter 1083 refining the yin yang life soul pill
1084.chapter 1084 refining a body
1085.chapter 1085 peak of the dou zong class
1086.chapter 1086 throwing an egg against a stone useless effort
1087.chapter 1087 sun flame
1088.chapter 1088 black fire sect
1089.chapter 1089 sun fire ancient alter
1090.chapter 1090 poison dan method begin
1091.chapter 1091 i will kill whoever dares touch you
1092.chapter 1092 core bead
1093.chapter 1093 obtain
1094.chapter 1094 imminent big battle
1095.chapter 1095 three changes
1096.chapter 1096 terrifying increase in strength
1097.chapter 1097 easy crushing
1098.chapter 1098 sky incinerating expelling flames
1099.chapter 1099 terrifying clash
1100.chapter 1100 shocking battle
1101.chapter 1101 qing hai
1102.chapter 1102 cold ice throne
1103.chapter 1103 bing zun zhe
1104.chapter 1104 reuniting with xun er
1105.chapter 1105 golden colored flames
1106.chapter 1106 defeat
1107.chapter 1107 forcing the enemy to withdraw
1108.chapter 1108 seal
1109.chapter 1109 plans
1110.chapter 1110 mystery of the ancient jade
1111.chapter 1111 lost in passion
1112.chapter 1112 resolving the demon poison spot
1113.chapter 1113 breakthrough
1114.chapter 1114 commander ling quan
1115.chapter 1115 blood jade token
1116.chapter 1116 weak
1117.chapter 1117 repaying debt
1118.chapter 1118 departure
1119.chapter 1119 elders seat
1120.chapter 1120 bitter pill refinement training
1121.chapter 1121 cao clan
1122.chapter 1122 betting
1123.chapter 1123 playing with fire
1124.chapter 1124 witch of the cao clan
1125.chapter 1125 pressure
1126.chapter 1126 spiritual states
1127.chapter 1127 hurrying to holy pill city
1128.chapter 1128 dan clan
1129.chapter 1129 night meeting in the stars realm
1130.chapter 1130 branch tower
1131.chapter 1131 test
1132.chapter 1132 tier 7 middle grade alchemist
1133.chapter 1133 teaching a lesson
1134.chapter 1134 alchemist trade fair
1135.chapter 1135 blood essence demon fruit
1136.chapter 1136 copper plate
1137.chapter 1137 exchange
1138.chapter 1138 profound xuan sect
1139.chapter 1139 spirit nourishment powder
1140.chapter 1140 anonymous word formula
1141.chapter 1141 absorption
1142.chapter 1142 gathering of the five great clans
1143.chapter 1143 start of the test
1144.chapter 1144 soul test
1145.chapter 1145 stunning the four others
1146.chapter 1146 spiritual control
1147.chapter 1147 spiritual fight
1148.chapter 1148 secretly learn
1149.chapter 1149 being victorious
1150.chapter 1150 unwelcomed guest
1151.chapter 1151 mysterious black robed person
1152.chapter 1152 old mu gu
1153.chapter 1153 xuan kong zi
1154.chapter 1154 song qing
1155.chapter 1155 spiritual handprint
1156.chapter 1156 pill gathering begin
1157.chapter 1157 two great hurdles
1158.chapter 1158 passing the hurdle
1159.chapter 1159 entrance to the pill realm
1160.chapter 1160 thousand year old ground rehmannia glutinosa
1161.chapter 1161 core soul marrow
1162.chapter 1162 yellow clothed old man
1163.chapter 1163 ten thousand medicinal mountain range
1164.chapter 1164 meeting again
1165.chapter 1165 attack
1166.chapter 1166 to kill
1167.chapter 1167 departure
1168.chapter 1168 pill spirit serum
1169.chapter 1169 doping
1170.chapter 1170 massacre
1171.chapter 1171 join hands
1172.chapter 1172 fleeing for ones life
1173.chapter 1173 zi yan xiong zhan
1174.chapter 1174 frightening away
1175.chapter 1175 medicinal ingredient square
1176.chapter 1176 mediating the core soul marrow
1177.chapter 1177 advancing to the eighth tier
1178.chapter 1178 hurrying to the exit
1179.chapter 1179 leaving the pill realm
1180.chapter 1180 main event
1181.chapter 1181 blood demon flame
1182.chapter 1182 start of the pill refinement
1183.chapter 1183 pill lightning repeatedly appearing
1184.chapter 1184 experts appearing one after another
1185.chapter 1185 tier 8 medicinal pill
1186.chapter 1186 three colored pill lightning
1187.chapter 1187 staking it all
1188.chapter 1188 spiritual enhancement
1189.chapter 1189 five colored pill lightning
1190.chapter 1190 receiving the pill lightning
1191.chapter 1191 evolution sky demon puppet
1192.chapter 1192 the closure of the pill gathering
1193.chapter 1193 xuan yi tian lei zi
1194.chapter 1194 two opposing women
1195.chapter 1195 dragon seal
1196.chapter 1196 star realm three thousand burning flame
1197.chapter 1197 fierce three thousand burning flame
1198.chapter 1198 seal breaking
1199.chapter 1199 reinforcement of the hall of soul
1200.chapter 1200 intense battle
1201.chapter 1201 do it
1202.chapter 1202 seal
1203.chapter 1203 soul battle
1204.chapter 1204 erupt
1205.chapter 1205 stalemate
1206.chapter 1206 subdue
1207.chapter 1207 swallowing heavenly flame nine star dou zong
1208.chapter 1208 fire lightning bead
1209.chapter 1209 information
1210.chapter 1210 fungus green pill
1211.chapter 1211 yi chen
1212.chapter 1212 fight
1213.chapter 1213 thanks for conceding
1214.chapter 1214 obtaining information
1215.chapter 1215 death soul mountain range
1216.chapter 1216 all prepared
1217.chapter 1217 rescue mission
1218.chapter 1218 stone swallowing demon ant
1219.chapter 1219 giant hall
1220.chapter 1220 big battle
1221.chapter 1221 killing
1222.chapter 1222 old ghost zhai xing
1223.chapter 1223 fooled
1224.chapter 1224 situation
1225.chapter 1225 delay
1226.chapter 1226 both side suffering losses
1227.chapter 1227 mysterious person
1228.chapter 1228 serious injury
1229.chapter 1229 falling star pavilion
1230.chapter 1230 time flies
1231.chapter 1231 advancement dou zun
1232.chapter 1232 awakening
1233.chapter 1233 ancient remains
1234.chapter 1234 beast region
1235.chapter 1235 bone mountain range
1236.chapter 1236 finding trouble
1237.chapter 1237 roll down
1238.chapter 1238 spatial seal
1239.chapter 1239 black shadow person
1240.chapter 1240 opening of the remains
1241.chapter 1241 enemies appearing together
1242.chapter 1242 entering the remains
1243.chapter 1243 the fire path with another secret
1244.chapter 1244 subdue
1245.chapter 1245 ancient forest
1246.chapter 1246 soul baby demon tree
1247.chapter 1247 dragon phoenix origin fruit
1248.chapter 1248 huang xuan
1249.chapter 1249 heaven phoenix ancestral soul
1250.chapter 1250 ancestral soul fight
1251.chapter 1251 ancient medicinal pill
1252.chapter 1252 attracting the pill beast
1253.chapter 1253 qing lin
1254.chapter 1254 reunion of old friends
1255.chapter 1255 terrifying triple jade green snake flower pupils
1256.chapter 1256 main hall
1257.chapter 1257 seal vanishment
1258.chapter 1258 chaos
1259.chapter 1259 snatching the ancient scroll
1260.chapter 1260 kill
1261.chapter 1261 dou sheng skeleton
1262.chapter 1262 join hands
1263.chapter 1263 great heaven fortune palm
1264.chapter 1264 fighting for the skeleton
1265.chapter 1265 collecting the bones
1266.chapter 1266 intervention of various parties
1267.chapter 1267 stacking of four seals
1268.chapter 1268 bloody battle
1269.chapter 1269 help
1270.chapter 1270 hei qing
1271.chapter 1271 separation
1272.chapter 1272 mysterious tattoo
1273.chapter 1273 ancient heaven serpent
1274.chapter 1274 tian class dou techniques
1275.chapter 1275 saint sheng zhe zhao hua
1276.chapter 1276 perfect body
1277.chapter 1277 dou sheng bone marrow
1278.chapter 1278 arrival of a big battle
1279.chapter 1279 chaotic battle
1280.chapter 1280 unleash
1281.chapter 1281 miserable end
1282.chapter 1282 displaying ones great might
1283.chapter 1283 ban half sheng
1284.chapter 1284 saint yao yao chen
1285.chapter 1285 meeting old acquaintance
1286.chapter 1286 fortune
1287.chapter 1287 hurrying to the flower sect
1288.chapter 1288 meeting yun yun again
1289.chapter 1289 yaohua liangjun
1290.chapter 1290 qi world transformation
1291.chapter 1291 sect chief position
1292.chapter 1292 refining
1293.chapter 1293 unusual natural phenomenon
1294.chapter 1294 quasi tian class qi method
1295.chapter 1295 tearing the seal
1296.chapter 1296 interception
1297.chapter 1297 intense fight
1298.chapter 1298 qi method revealing its might
1299.chapter 1299 one versus three
1300.chapter 1300 sent flying
1301.chapter 1301 ancient dragon island
1302.chapter 1302 the ancient void dragon clan that had been split
1303.chapter 1303 begin
1304.chapter 1304 refining the dragon phoenix crystal layer
1305.chapter 1305 chaos
1306.chapter 1306 awaken
1307.chapter 1307 dragon emperor zi yan
1308.chapter 1308 dragon phoenix ancient armor
1309.chapter 1309 void lightning pool
1310.chapter 1310 advancing to the fifth star
1311.chapter 1311 old mister mang
1312.chapter 1312 leaving the dragon island
1313.chapter 1313 eight ancient clans
1314.chapter 1314 jade invitation
1315.chapter 1315 great single soul skill
1316.chapter 1316 hurrying to the eastern region
1317.chapter 1317 enemies frequently cross paths
1318.chapter 1318 like
1319.chapter 1319 eight great commanders four great generals
1320.chapter 1320 third commander yang hao
1321.chapter 1321 yan clan
1322.chapter 1322 hun ya
1323.chapter 1323 opening of the gu realm
1324.chapter 1324 heavenly tomb
1325.chapter 1325 gu zhen
1326.chapter 1326 a lesson
1327.chapter 1327 devil general
1328.chapter 1328 mang tian chi
1329.chapter 1329 start of the rites
1330.chapter 1330 bloodline grade clan tattoo
1331.chapter 1331 challenge
1332.chapter 1332 strong opponent
1333.chapter 1333 peak level fight
1334.chapter 1334 great silent destruction finger
1335.chapter 1335 end of battle
1336.chapter 1336 victorious
1337.chapter 1337 divine bloodline
1338.chapter 1338 rainbow clan tattoo
1339.chapter 1339 meet
1340.chapter 1340 talk
1341.chapter 1341 opening of the heavenly tomb
1342.chapter 1342 entering the heavenly tomb
1343.chapter 1343 bitter training
1344.chapter 1344 hun ya hun li
1345.chapter 1345 advancing to six star
1346.chapter 1346 pursue and escape
1347.chapter 1347 nine star energy body
1348.chapter 1348 purple sky demon puppet
1349.chapter 1349 big storm
1350.chapter 1350 gather
1351.chapter 1351 ancient devouring insect
1352.chapter 1352 collecting remuneration
1353.chapter 1353 opening the crystal wall
1354.chapter 1354 third level
1355.chapter 1355 ban sheng energy body
1356.chapter 1356 saint xue dao
1357.chapter 1357 two dou sheng
1358.chapter 1358 appear
1359.chapter 1359 xiao xuan
1360.chapter 1360 bloodline inheritance
1361.chapter 1361 changing blood
1362.chapter 1362 blood fusion
1363.chapter 1363 one and a half years
1364.chapter 1364 peak of an eight star dou zun
1365.chapter 1365 activating the clan tattoo
1366.chapter 1366 the final training
1367.chapter 1367 kill
1368.chapter 1368 leaving the heavenly tomb
1369.chapter 1369 hun lin
1370.chapter 1370 revealing ones hands
1371.chapter 1371 leaving the gu realm
1372.chapter 1372 a completely new falling star pavilion
1373.chapter 1373 the turbulence of the north western continent
1374.chapter 1374 accepting disciple you quan
1375.chapter 1375 inviting helpers
1376.chapter 1376 mysterious yellow fortress
1377.chapter 1377 little xiao xiao
1378.chapter 1378 big battle begins
1379.chapter 1379 miserable
1380.chapter 1380 killing with one palm strike
1381.chapter 1381 completely different from before
1382.chapter 1382 fourth tianzhu xue he
1383.chapter 1383 blood devouring skill
1384.chapter 1384 nine changes to turn sheng
1385.chapter 1385 end
1386.chapter 1386 cancer
1387.chapter 1387 pill refinement
1388.chapter 1388 severely punished
1389.chapter 1389 resolve
1390.chapter 1390 before departure
1391.chapter 1391 returning to the falling star pavilion
1392.chapter 1392 spatial trade fair
1393.chapter 1393 eight coloured origin stone
1394.chapter 1394 ancient hall
1395.chapter 1395 the last map fragment
1396.chapter 1396 information
1397.chapter 1397 ancient wasteland region
1398.chapter 1398 three ghost scorpion demon
1399.chapter 1399 four and half coloured angry buddha lotus flame
1400.chapter 1400 obtaining the ancient map
1401.chapter 1401 ancient map mystery
1402.chapter 1402 purifying demonic lotus saint
1403.chapter 1403 practicing the king kong glass body
1404.chapter 1404 wasteland town
1405.chapter 1405 entering the ancient wasteland region
1406.chapter 1406 venturing deeper
1407.chapter 1407 encountering yun yun again
1408.chapter 1408 killing the profound sky sect
1409.chapter 1409 ancient heaven demon python
1410.chapter 1410 sieging the heaven demon python
1411.chapter 1411 heaven demon blood pool
1412.chapter 1412 nine star dou zun
1413.chapter 1413 ancient region stage
1414.chapter 1414 show of strength
1415.chapter 1415 meeting of two women
1416.chapter 1416 hun yu beast tide
1417.chapter 1417 charging against the beast tide
1418.chapter 1418 breakthrough
1419.chapter 1419 five ban shengs
1420.chapter 1420 killing ban sheng puppets
1421.chapter 1421 entering the ancient tree
1422.chapter 1422 illusion
1423.chapter 1423 negative emotions of a dou di
1424.chapter 1424 three bodhisattva treasure
1425.chapter 1425 awaken
1426.chapter 1426 hundred lives reincarnation nine change peak
1427.chapter 1427 absolute suppression
1428.chapter 1428 rupturing space
1429.chapter 1429 second tianzun saint gu you bones
1430.chapter 1430 gold emperor incinerating heavenly flame
1431.chapter 1431 fighting ban sheng
1432.chapter 1432 forcing gu you to withdraw
1433.chapter 1433 retreat
1434.chapter 1434 the change in the hun clan
1435.chapter 1435 challenge card
1436.chapter 1436 imminent war
1437.chapter 1437 big battle in the star realm
1438.chapter 1438 leaving the retreat dou sheng
1439.chapter 1439 angry buddha reincarnation
1440.chapter 1440 massacre
1441.chapter 1441 hun clan dou sheng
1442.chapter 1442 the secret of each sect
1443.chapter 1443 killing another as a deterrent
1444.chapter 1444 seeking allies
1445.chapter 1445 heading to the pill tower again
1446.chapter 1446 small pill tower
1447.chapter 1447 elder selection
1448.chapter 1448 small pill tower first elder
1449.chapter 1449 that may not be the case
1450.chapter 1450 black demon lightning
1451.chapter 1451 grade nine treasure pill
1452.chapter 1452 alliance
1453.chapter 1453 sky mansion alliance
1454.chapter 1454 deputy hall chief of the hall of soul
1455.chapter 1455 nine serene spring
1456.chapter 1456 nine ying yellow spring pill
1457.chapter 1457 the situation of the dragon tribe
1458.chapter 1458 underground serene snake network
1459.chapter 1459
1460.chapter 1460 yao ming
1461.chapter 1461 yao xiaotian
1462.chapter 1462 violent beating
1463.chapter 1463 nine serene profound scepter
1464.chapter 1464 all had been decided
1465.chapter 1465 demonic saint sheng huang quan
1466.chapter 1466 yellow spring huang quan divine anger
1467.chapter 1467 soul battle
1468.chapter 1468 demon saint essence blood
1469.chapter 1469 finding helpers
1470.chapter 1470 absorbing the demon saint essence blood
1471.chapter 1471 heaven demon three phoenix
1472.chapter 1472 ambush
1473.chapter 1473 fighting two saints alone
1474.chapter 1474 absolute suppression
1475.chapter 1475 threatening with a hostage
1476.chapter 1476 encounter
1477.chapter 1477 resolve
1478.chapter 1478 meeting zi yan again
1479.chapter 1479 eruption of a big battl
1480.chapter 1480 three great dragon kings
1481.chapter 1481 fighting desperately
1482.chapter 1482 dragon slaying sword
1483.chapter 1483 end of the war
1484.chapter 1484 two star dou zun
1485.chapter 1485 activity of the hall of soul
1486.chapter 1486 tiangang hall
1487.chapter 1487 exterminating the man hall
1488.chapter 1488 first tianzun
1489.chapter 1489 defeat
1490.chapter 1490 bloodbath
1491.chapter 1491 soul light cluster
1492.chapter 1492 absorbing the soul essence
1493.chapter 1493 perfect heavenly state
1494.chapter 1494 chief of the hall of soul
1495.chapter 1495 demonic flame descending in the world
1496.chapter 1496 commotion everywhere
1497.chapter 1497 eight wasteland destruction flame
1498.chapter 1498 reunification with xun er
1499.chapter 1499 yao wangu
1500.chapter 1500 not knowing what is good for oneself
1501.chapter 1501 shattered space
1502.chapter 1502 demonic flame realm
1503.chapter 1503 breaking through an obstruction
1504.chapter 1504 blood coloured giant axe
1505.chapter 1505 illusion and reality
1506.chapter 1506 breaking the illusion
1507.chapter 1507 cooperation
1508.chapter 1508 eight saint battling the demonic flame
1509.chapter 1509 reverse control
1510.chapter 1510 tianluo sealing demon formation
1511.chapter 1511 snatching the demonic flame essence
1512.chapter 1512 earthshaking clash
1513.chapter 1513 xiao chens intervention
1514.chapter 1514 old man hun mo
1515.chapter 1515 cattle herdman
1516.chapter 1516 refining the sky ancient formation
1517.chapter 1517 purifying demonic lotus saint
1518.chapter 1518 demon saint vs demon flame
1519.chapter 1519 stripping
1520.chapter 1520 final reward
1521.chapter 1521 refining the demon flame
1522.chapter 1522 change in the central plains
1523.chapter 1523 breaking out of the cocoon
1524.chapter 1524 fire baby
1525.chapter 1525 demon flame plains
1526.chapter 1526 destroy with the flip of a hand
1527.chapter 1527 imminent storm
1528.chapter 1528 returning home
1529.chapter 1529 challenge letter
1530.chapter 1530 fallen mountain
1531.chapter 1531 hun qian mo
1532.chapter 1532 confrontation
1533.chapter 1533 draw
1534.chapter 1534 final round
1535.chapter 1535 xiao yan vs hall of soul chief
1536.chapter 1536 nihility devouring flame
1537.chapter 1537 little yi revealing its might
1538.chapter 1538 deciding the victor
1539.chapter 1539 killing strike
1540.chapter 1540 black bead
1541.chapter 1541 message
1542.chapter 1542 huang tian
1543.chapter 1543 confrontation between two tribes
1544.chapter 1544 exchange blows
1545.chapter 1545 nine coloured light pillar
1546.chapter 1546 cai lin exiting her retreat
1547.chapter 1547 unexpected change
1548.chapter 1548 transforming dragon demon formation
1549.chapter 1549 extermination fire bod
1550.chapter 1550 crazy northern dragon king
1551.chapter 1551 kill
1552.chapter 1552 refining a puppet
1553.chapter 1553 northern king
1554.chapter 1554 devouring black demon lightning
1555.chapter 1555 nine mysterious golden lightning
1556.chapter 1556 gathering spirits
1557.chapter 1557 the strength of the nine mysterious golden lightning
1558.chapter 1558 change
1559.chapter 1559 calm
1560.chapter 1560 yao clan medicinal ceremony
1561.chapter 1561 fight
1562.chapter 1562 aggressiveness
1563.chapter 1563 elder wanhuo
1564.chapter 1564 hun huzi
1565.chapter 1565 the start of the medicinal ceremony
1566.chapter 1566 challenge
1567.chapter 1567 life spirit flame
1568.chapter 1568 alchemy contest
1569.chapter 1569 snatching energy
1570.chapter 1570 pill rain
1571.chapter 1571 borrowing jade
1572.chapter 1572 shocking change
1573.chapter 1573 actual form
1574.chapter 1574 yao dis soul fragment
1575.chapter 1575 tunling devouring soul
1576.chapter 1576 clan extermination war
1577.chapter 1577 borrowing flames
1578.chapter 1578 eight coloured fire lotus
1579.chapter 1579 escape
1580.chapter 1580 devour
1581.chapter 1581 flee
1582.chapter 1582 push back
1583.chapter 1583
1584.chapter 1584 the secret of the hun clan
1585.chapter 1585 intermediate six star
1586.chapter 1586 lei dong
1587.chapter 1587 fighting
1588.chapter 1588 spar
1589.chapter 1589 peep
1590.chapter 1590 strange
1591.chapter 1591 search
1592.chapter 1592 snatching the jade
1593.chapter 1593 losing the jade
1594.chapter 1594 discussion
1595.chapter 1595 re entering the heavenly tomb
1596.chapter 1596 essence di qi
1597.chapter 1597 heavenly tomb soul
1598.chapter 1598 extracting the soul essence
1599.chapter 1599 di state soul
1600.chapter 1600 exiting the heavenly tomb
1601.chapter 1601 eve of a big war
1602.chapter 1602 dispatchment of the army
1603.chapter 1603 burial sky mountain range
1604.chapter 1604 father son reunion
1605.chapter 1605 big battle
1606.chapter 1606 hun yuantian
1607.chapter 1607 deathly silence gate
1608.chapter 1608 taking for his own
1609.chapter 1609 breaking through the realm
1610.chapter 1610 withdraw
1611.chapter 1611 plan
1612.chapter 1612 serenity
1613.chapter 1613 lightning tribulation pill
1614.chapter 1614 seven star dou sheng
1615.chapter 1615 probing the ancient god mansion
1616.chapter 1616 the location of the ancient god mansion
1617.chapter 1617 calamity of the black corner region
1618.chapter 1618 arrive in time
1619.chapter 1619 reunion of old friends
1620.chapter 1620 re entering the magma world
1621.chapter 1621 the space at the bottom of the magma
1622.chapter 1622 mysterious creature
1623.chapter 1623 conversation
1624.chapter 1624 arrival of a big battle
1625.chapter 1625 battle for the mansion
1626.chapter 1626 one against two
1627.chapter 1627 appearance of the mansion
1628.chapter 1628 crisis
1629.chapter 1629 old dragon emperor
1630.chapter 1630 ancient god mansion appears
1631.chapter 1631 heavenly flame square
1632.chapter 1632 terrifying di tier embryonic pill
1633.chapter 1633 snatching the di tier embryonic pill
1634.chapter 1634 fail
1635.chapter 1635 the ambition of hun tiandi
1636.chapter 1636 the calamity of the central plains
1637.chapter 1637 first on the heavenly flame ranking
1638.chapter 1638 di essence
1639.chapter 1639 ancient di inheritance
1640.chapter 1640 origin qi
1641.chapter 1641 catastrophe
1642.chapter 1642 hun di dou di hun tiandi
1643.chapter 1643 the strength of a dou di
1644.chapter 1644 coming out of a retreat
1645.chapter 1645 fight of the two dou di part 1
1646.chapter 1646 fight of the two dou di part 2
1647.chapter 1647 fight of the two dou di part 3
1648.chapter 1648 the end is also a beginning end