Attack of the Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering

Chapter 1826 - Huo Ze and Xia Tang (30)

The family packed their things and returned to their rooms to rest excitedly.

After the three children fell asleep, Qiu Zhi returned to her room with Xia Zhenyuan.

Compared to the children’s optimism, Qiu Zhi was worried.

After all, Cha Cha was still a fifteen-year-old child. Singing to earn money was not a long-term solution.

Xia Wangshi had only given them a piece of barren mountain. How would their family live in the future?

Xia Zhenyuan was also not asleep. He was leaning against the head of the bed, smoking. Seeing Qiu Zhi coming over, he held her hand. “Ah Zhi, even if I have to go to the coal mine to work, I won’t let all of you starve.”

Hearing the words ‘coal mine’, Qiu Zhi’s heart tightened.

The coal mine was dozens of miles away from them. If Xia Zhenyuan went to work, he might only return once every few months.

Besides, coal mines were dangerous. Brother Zhang from their county had gotten into an accident two years ago and had lost his life.

“Don’t go there unless you have no other choice.”

They had finally separated from the family. Xia Cha was so excited that she could not fall asleep.

She tossed a few times and got off the bed.

She was about to go to the courtyard to sit for a while when she passed by Qiu Zhi and Xia Zhenyuan’s room and heard their conversation.

Xia Cha already had a plan for her family’s future.

Seeing that her parents were so confused and worried about the future, Xia Cha raised her hand and knocked on the door.

Qiu Zhi went to the door and opened it. When she saw Xia Cha, she was slightly surprised. “Cha Cha, why are you awake?”

“Mom, I can’t sleep.”

“Come in quickly!”

Xia Cha entered the room.

Xia Zhenyuan hurriedly put out the cigarette.

Xia Cha sat between Qiu Zhi and Xia Zhenyuan. Looking at her honest parents, Xia Cha smiled and said to them, “Dad, Mom, times are different now. Our Wenfeng County is more backward and conservative, so you don’t know the outside world. I went to Yan City and found that as long as I have a phone and computer, I can earn money without leaving the house.”

Qiu Zhi and Xia Zhenyuan did not know much about this, so Xia Cha explained to them patiently.

Although she had explained everything, they still did not understand and felt that it was impossible to earn money with just a phone.

“Dad, Mom, do you believe me? If you give me some time, I promise that we can live a good life together.”

Looking at the confident Xia Cha, Qiu Zhi and Xia Zhenyuan were persuaded.

Over the past few days, many things in the family had been Xia Cha’s idea. Qiu Zhi also believed her daughter when the latter said that she had the guidance of an expert in her dreams after her accident. It was all thanks to Xia Cha that they were able to split up this time.

Qiu Zhi looked at Xia Cha. “Mom believes you.”

Xia Zhenyuan held Qiu Zhi and Xia Cha’s hands. “I believe you too.”

Xia Cha said, “As long as our family works together, we’ll definitely have a bright future.”

Seeing Xia Cha’s ambitious appearance, Qiu Zhi and Xia Zhenyuan were infected by her smile and tbey smiled too.

“When we get to our new home, I’ll raise pigs, chickens, and ducks, and start more vegetable fields.”

“I’ll make something out of that barren land. Although the plot of land was abandoned, there are many fruit trees planted there. It’s just that no one has taken care of it for a long time and it hasn’t grown as well as the fruit garden that Big Brother manages.”

Hearing that her parents had hope and anticipation for the future again, a bright smile appeared on Xia Cha’s face.

Xia Wangshi and Old Master Xia were not asleep either.

At the thought that the second branch was about to leave, Old Master Xia still felt a little upset.

He glared at Xia Wangshi, whom he had slapped earlier and was still ignoring him. He said with a fierce expression, “If you didn’t go so far with the second branch in normal times, they would never have proposed to live alone.”

Xia Wangshi sat up from the bed and glared at Old Master Xia with red eyes. “Zhenyuan’s family is the most useless. I look down on them, but aren’t you the same? What’s the point of saying all this now that they’ve been split from us?”

Old Master Xia was stunned by Xia Wangshi’s words.

“In front of the two older brothers and the elders of the county, the things you gave Zhenyuan’s family were too shabby! Are you trying to drive their family to their deaths?”

“If I don’t do that, how will they come back and beg for our forgiveness? I can guarantee that in less than a month, their family will come back and beg me. At that time, let’s see how I’ll control them.” Xia Wangshi looked at Old Master Xia. “Zhenyuan and Qiu Zhi are born to be coolies. They don’t have any brains and can’t support the three children!”

In the eldest branch.

Xia Zhenxiang and Ye Guixiang were also awake.

Tomorrow, with Xia Zhenyuan missing from work, Xia Zhenxiang would have to hire someone or get to work himself.

He had not done manual labor since he was young, so he definitely could not do it himself. But if he hired someone, he would have to pay them.

Xia Zhenxiang was very unhappy with Xia Zhenyuan. “How dare a person like Second Brother bring his family out of the house? Is he crazy? And that Xia Cha of his family. She’s so young, yet she dares to stab me and talk back to Mom. If she was my child, I would have beaten her to death!”

With Qiu Zhi gone, the housework would fall to Ye Guixiang tomorrow. She was also full of complaints. “Qiu Zhi is the same. She doesn’t want to do anything at home. Does she think she’ll be able to eat a full meal in the future after moving out with Zhenyuan?”

Xia Zhenxiang laughed coldly. “Let’s just wait and see how their family crawls back in disgrace!”

The next day.

The three sisters woke up before dawn.

It was time to start a new life. The three sisters had excited and expectant smiles on their faces.

Xia Zhenyuan borrowed a tricycle from the Li family next door and placed all their belongings into the tricycle.

Xia Chuan got an old cart and helped them move some smaller items.

When their family left, no one from the main, eldest or third households came out to send them off. All of them had their doors closed.

The indifference and contempt of his family made Xia Zhenyuan disappointed.

Because he was the worst among his siblings, his position in the family had always been very low.

It was not that he did not understand that they only treated him as a laborer.

Seeing Xia Zhenyuan’s gaze, Xia Cha looked up and said to him, “Dad, you will be the most promising in this family in the future.”

Xia Zhenyuan only thought that Xia Cha’s words were nice and comforted him. He caressed Xia Cha’s head. “Get on the tricycle, Daddy will take you there.”

Xia Cha did not stand on ceremony with Xia Zhenyuan. She sat on the tricycle and hummed a tune as she headed for their new home.

The piece of land was covered in weeds and there was not even a path.

Xia Zhenyuan and Xia Cha were the first to arrive. Xia Zhenyuan took a sickle. “Cha Cha, wait for Daddy here. Daddy will get out of here soon.”

“Dad, I’ll go with you.”

“It’ll prick yoy.”

“Dad, I’m not afraid.”

In the past, Xia Zhenyuan had rarely seen Xia Cha smile, but ever since they left the family last night, this child was smiling more often.