All-Mighty Girl Gets Spoiled by A Bigshot

Chapter 989 - 989 Won't Provoke Them

989 Won’t Provoke Them

Qin Sheng was not in a hurry. She spun the pen in her hand.

It took Feng Shuo a long time to recover. He still couldn’t believe it. “Sheng, Shenghe Entertainment is under your name?”

Feng Shuo’s main business was a movie theater, so he paid more attention to the entertainment industry.

The conflict between Shenghe Entertainment and Star Creator Entertainment was not small.

Even many companies outside of the entertainment industry knew about it, and Feng Shuo naturally knew about it.

He had even marveled at the power of the person behind Shenghe Entertainment.

He did not expect this person to be Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng nodded. “En.”

Feng Shuo couldn’t help but sigh. “Sheng Sheng, first it’s Longyue Technology, and now it’s Star Creator Entertainment. I’m afraid everyone will take a detour when they see your company.”

It was Qin Sheng who had helped his company back then.

If it had not been for Qin Sheng, the Feng Corporation would have gone bankrupt by now. And now, Fei Long Film was the one going downhill. They would not be able to last more than a year.

Feng Shuo had rejoiced countless times that he had chosen to listen to Qin Sheng.

Qin Sheng’s fingers tapped the table lightly. “If they don’t provoke me, I naturally won’t lay a hand on them.”

Feng Shuo, “…”

Why did he feel that if Qin Sheng had her eyes on something, she would lure them to lay their hands on her and then mess with them openly?

This way, Qin Sheng would not have a bad reputation. Instead, others would think that she was a victim.

Of course, Feng Shuo did not dare to let Qin Sheng know of his thoughts.

Feng Shuo rubbed his hands and pressed his bluetooth earphone. “Sheng Sheng, can I discuss something with you?”

Feng Shuo laughed in a wretched manner. Those who didn’t know would think that he was a human trafficker.

Qin Sheng could roughly guess Feng Shuo’s motive. She nodded. “Okay.”

Feng Shuo: “Then, your company’s future movies will be a collaboration with our movie theater. How about it?”

The things that Qin Sheng did had always been extraordinary.

He had always felt that Shenghe Entertainment would surprise him, so he would not lose out by working with Qin Sheng.


Feng Shuo was happy to hear that. He asked, “So, Sheng Sheng, what are you looking for me for?”

“Chang Ping hasn’t signed with any company yet, right? Help me contact Chang Ping. I wonder if he’s interested in joining our company. I’ll send you the contract. Also, I’m preparing to let Chang Ping direct ‘She Came From the Heart’.

It was Shenghe Entertainment’s first movie, and Qin Sheng did not want to be sloppy.

Feng Shuo agreed, “Alright, I will go and ask him. You are Chang Ping’s benefactor, and he has asked me to thank you. Sheng Sheng, if nothing goes wrong, he should agree to it.”

After the two ended the call, Qin Sheng sent the sample contract to Feng Shuo.

Feng Shuo scanned through the contract and nodded.

He and Chang Ping were already very good friends, and he knew Chang Ping’s situation very well.

Chang Ping was very famous because of Floating Cloud Atlas.

He also directed a few movies after that, and the box office sales were all very good.

Chang Ping lacked background and connections in the entertainment industry, and he wasn’t signed to any entertainment company, so he couldn’t last long.

Many entertainment companies had approached Chang Ping, but there were too many restrictions in the contract, so Chang Ping had rejected them all.

And in the contract Qin Sheng had given him, the company and Chang Ping would split the profits 30 – 70. The script could be modified according to the circumstances, and the director could also decide what kind of shows he wanted to direct. The company would not get involved.

Shenghe Entertainment was located in the capital, and Chang Ping happened to want to develop his career in the capital. Signing a contract with Shenghe Entertainment was the best choice for Chang Ping.