Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon

Chapter 56 - Day 13, 10th Floor Demon

Chapter 56 -  Day 13, 10th Floor Demon

Jin Soo-young didn’t immediately accept after receiving the request, but she didn’t refuse.


Instead, she walked towards the door of the room and pushed the steel door with her hand.


Once it closed, she locked it and headed to a corner of the room. I soon realized that it was a blind spot in the CCTV system. A lighter and cigarette emerged from a cabinet attached to the wall.

"Your parents gave you cigarettes?”

“...There are occasionally smokers among the people I killed.”

Of course, she had to act crazy so she couldn’t be seen smoking peacefully. She took the cigarettes from the dead bodies. “Hoo.”

As expected for a dungeon exploration, her lung capacity meant that half the cigarette was gone with one suck. There was no tragic image in the appearance of Jin Soo-young who closed her eyes and belched out smoke. I had no prejudices towards smoking women. Yang Su-jin also smoked in front of me.

But Jin Soo-young was quite different. A decadent aura emerged as soon as she shook off her acting.

"Will you serve as my bodyguard while sucking out the honey?”

Jin Soo-young was a shield. While she survived, I could almost completely shake off any legal or physical problems in the real world. She asked, “Aren’t you being too greedy? Do you really think you can afford me?”

Jin Soo-young gazed at me with a provocative look and smiled.  "I admit that you are good for recognizing that I’m not suffering, but can you really handle me? I’m telling you ahead of time, but as soon as my act reappears, I am going to kill you. As soon as we enter the dungeon, I will go after you and try to kill you.”


"Don’t take on something that you can’t handle. You should just accept the reward for treating me just now. But thanks to that, it made my act more natural.”


I took a few steps. Then I extended my palms towards Jin Soo-young.


"Doesn’t this apply to me as well? The CCTV blind spot?”



A light emerged from my palms and struck right next to Jin Soo-young’s head. This was a bomb shelter. Although the metal layer underneath couldn’t be pierced, the concrete surface behind Jin Soo-young completed caved in. Was it because she already had the thought? Jin Soo-young didn’t even react.


The cigarette butt she was biting fell to the ground.

I smiled and said, "It won’t be that easy to catch me with your bare hands. Humans are still creatures who use tools. Isn't that right?"

“...You can't kill me.” Jin Soo-young muttered.

"I can’t. However, the second best thing is burning your limbs so that you are quiet for the rest of the day. Of course, it will be a different story if you cooperate.”

"There is a way to communicate with every person.”

I immediately approached her. I picked up the cigarette butt and threw it in the bin.

"A threatened dog will bite. You can’t get rid of it.”

[The merger request has been accepted.]

[The queen of ‘Vermouth’ has been annexed by the monarch of ‘Talia.’]

[‘City-Vermouth’ has been integrated in Talia’s territory.]

[The location coordinates have become synchronized with the monarch.]

The location coordinates were synchronized. It meant she wasn’t moved to the city. That seemed to be the case.

If she could attack, then attack. However, there was no attack as I walked to the closed door.


The door was opened to reveal a confused Director Oh. Despite the door being closed, had the sound of the explosion leaked?

"What’s going on?"

“It’s not a big deal. There were some symptoms so I took care of it.”

I turned and looked at Jin Soo-young.  Then I briefly winked.

Please take care.


The reconstruction was done quickly. The area where Yang Su-jin and Yoon Ji-hee were staying was supposed to be a laboratory. There were glass bottles filled with chemicals and simple experiments set up on the newly installed tables.

“Wah... This sort of thing... I never thought I would see it. No, frankly, I thought about it, but it was unrealistic. Even Ji-hee unni won’t be able to get these type of things...”

But it actually happened. Some of the chemicals and experiments could be brought into the dungeon by Yang Su-jin. She also had more drugs to combine, and could increase her talent experience.

"If you need anything then tell me.”

“...Aren’t we strong now?”


This bomb shelter was an invincible space. It wasn’t because of Yang Su-jin and Yoon Ji-hee, but because of the tough security to protect the VIP Jin Soo-young. In addition, even though points existed in the past, the points couldn’t be used on these chemicals for fear of them being noticed by the private sector. Therefore, it felt like ‘renting’ the chemicals.

Of course, points weren’t required either. Originally, I had planned on spending my points for all three people, but now it was on Jin Soo-young’s book.

Once it neared midnight, Yang Su-jin told me before heading off into different rooms. "There are surveillance cameras, but please still be careful. You don’t know what might happen when a man and woman are in the same place.”

"You shouldn’t be saying that to me.”

I laughed but Yang Su-jin just looked at me. Ah. Yang Su-jin looked at Yoon Ji-hee.

“...” Although it wasn’t as much as before, there was a dark shadow on her face.

Su-jin cried out, “T-Then have strength. Oppa! Fighting!”

"Unni should do it too! Fighting!”

“...Please be careful.” I said and started to leave.

Yoon Ji-hee spat out briefly just before I closed the steel door. “...Fighting.”

I waved my hand and headed for our room once the door closed. There was a bit of time left, so I headed to my private bedroom. I was carefully choosing the books I would carry into the dungeon. Then I heard the sound of footsteps heading towards me.

Jin Soo-young was standing on the threshold. She was in a bathrobe and water vapour was still rising from her skin.

"Is there something you wanted?”

"Didn’t you say it?” She pulled the towel covering her head away, revealing still wet hair. "Everybody has a different approach at communication.”

Like the towel covering her head, her bathrobe fell down. "I thought about it before. What is the right approach?”

To be honest, it wasn’t hard to resist her charm. I hadn’t seen many naked bodies in my life, but I could see it through the media or the Internet rather than reality. The expression on her face also wasn’t good enough to ‘seduce’ me. The slightly narrowed eyes were looking this way confidently.

"Let's do it."

“...” It was nothing new but I was a little surprised at her honesty.

"The dungeon will open soon.”

"There is still an hour. Isn’t that enough time?”

"Do you think there will be a significant change in that hour?”

Jin Soo-young shrugged. She didn’t care that the action shook her upper body as she moved towards me.

"Some things can happen in an hour.”

I made a calculation error. Jin Soo-young was far bolder than the sheltered girl I thought she was.

"It is necessary to worry? Even one hour can allow us to move together more smoothly. Or...”

Her eyes narrowed further. She boldly stated. “Are you scared? Do you think I will kill you while it is happening? Or are you afraid that something meaningful will happen in that hour?”

This was why I refused to have relationships. At the same time, there were two reasons for Jin Soo-young to try this.

I closed my book. As I got up from the bed, Jin Soo-young sighed with ridicule and raised a hand to poke my chest. "No courage...”

My mouth covered Jin Soo-young’s.


A rough breath emerged as my tongue stimulated her mouth. She was at a loss.  Her gazed dropped down to my mouth and she looked at me with embarrassment. I said, "I won’t deny what you are giving me.”

I didn’t care if she really tried to kill me during it or if something changed. I wouldn’t allow both situations.  Then wasn’t the conclusion obvious? Late at night. I was a man. I also have an overly healthy body.  There was no reason to resist an opportunity like this.

I wrapped my hands around Jin Soo-young’s waist and hips to lift her and laid her on the bed. The smell of a familiar brand of body wash swept over me.  As Jin Soo-young said, one hour was enough.

...Was it enough?

The 10th floor was an open space and the wind blowing was quite chilly. I had entered soon after I took a shower. I thought about wiping away the water.

It wasn’t a floor but a dirt ground. There were sand, stones and sparse plants scattered around. An outdoor area. I saw a light from far away. Mountain? Or maybe a tower. I couldn’t guess the shape because the distance was quite far, but it was lit up and quite high.

"Let’s go over there.” I looked behind me.



“...Uh!” Jin Soo-young jumped at my voice.

“Let’s go over there. Or run away like you said before.”


Jin Soo-young moved next to me as I walked. She touched her head. She had laid down before the water dried properly, so her hair was a mess.

"There was plenty of time to wash. Isn’t that uncomfortable?”

“...I don’t know.”

"Well, you are free to do what you like.”

As I got closer to where the light was coming from, the shape started to become slightly clearer. It was a mountain. A castle that resembled the castled of old Europe was surrounded by towering icicle shaped mountains. The lights were distributed evenly between the mountains and the plains. It meant people were residing there. The scale indicated that there were more people than the Tellans living in the forest.

"If you know they are Tellans, don’t attack first as I want to talk to them.”

“...” Jin Soo-young didn’t agree or deny my words but I didn’t care.

She suddenly asked me, “...Aren’t you acting really casual?”


"You really do feel nothing. Maybe I am just conscious but...”

I tapped a finger.


Jin Soo-young’s eyes widened at the sound. “What...?”

"Think about where we are now.” I gazed at Jin Soo-young with narrowed eyes. "It is you who offered yourself. You were the one who made the calculations, so don’t be so annoying about it.”

"A-Am I annoying?”

"Then what? Unfortunately, but I think that was the last chance for you to get me in your bed.”

Killing intent emerged from Jin Soo-young. Her face was flushed.

“You... Even if you want to, I won’t...”

"This is getting annoying.” I waved my hands and started walking again.

"Strike my back. Or follow. Just pick one of them.” Whether Jin Soo-young followed me or not, I headed towards the nearest light.

-I smell something.

As I thought, the sacred creature was a good detector. As soon as I entered the 10th floor, the sacred creature told me that it could smell desires.

-Several tasteless things...And there is one that is less tasteless.

It meant there was one strong person and several weak ones. If they were Tellans, then they weren’t opponents that could harm me. I moved in the direction that the sacred creature pointed as quickly as possible.  If the Tellans lived in the castle then I would reach out and offer them citizenship.

While running quickly, one man entered my sight.  It was an explorer. His eyes were wide open. Blood was pouring from the explorer’s mouth. A spear was protruding through his chest.

"Another person!”

Tellans were behind him. I could tell that there were more than 20 of them just by looking. Unlike those seen in the forest, these Tellans were armed with a spear and metal armor. I didn’t hesitate to offer them citizenship. Words simultaneously appeared in front of their eyes.

But... “Demon!”

“Kill! Be sure to kill it!”

Their reaction was different than I anticipated.