Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon

Chapter 54 - Day 13 Princess and Dog (1)

Chapter 54 -  Day 13 Princess and Dog (1)

“...!” Director Oh, walking urgently after me, stopped in his place.  I turned and looked at him.

“What... T-There is a way you can fix Soo-young?” He asked.

“I’m not sure. There is one way that might work.”

That alone was enough for someone who had fallen into despair. The mother suddenly took hold of my wrist. She was crying so badly that I could barely understand what she was saying.

“...Child... Her father is the president of this country. I-I mean...”

"Madam.” Once Director Oh realized the unusual state of the First Lady, he gestured for the room to be cleared. "Please calm down before talking again.”

Director Oh took me to a corner of the room. "What are you up to? Can you really fix her? What is the method?”

“I told you that I’m not sure. I received a clue after seeing her.”

"If there was such a thing, then you should’ve told me first.”

Of course, this situation who would’ve then ended much more quietly. But I had spoken to the First Lady who didn’t know much about this. Director Oh wasn’t an explorer like Kim Tae-hyun, who was aware of the dungeon and how amazing it was, so he might not believe me.

However, if there was even a ‘possibility’ of restoring Soo-young to normal, then he would have to try it. He would ask me about the method and then write it up in a report. It would go to her father, the president, who would give permission or not. I changed things by going directly to his wife.

"I-I’m okay now! So let me talk!” It was the First Lady who had calmed herself down.  As far as I knew, the First Lady was an ordinary housewife who only got a university education. She didn’t know much about the dungeon and the public affairs, but she was the president’s wife.

“...I guess you’ve made some calculations. I’m tired of talking to you." I said to Director Oh.

"Shouldn’t you personally explain it?”

“I think that Kim Tae-hyun should be fine. It has already become like this.”

I said bluntly and Kim Tae-hyun walked over to the First Lady to explain. I inwardly spoke.

‘The delicious smell is coming from the female right?’


The worm, no the dog answered.

'What is that smell exactly? Apart from me, do the rest of the people here have it?’

-Other prey.They don’t smell delicious.There won’t be much to gain if I eat them.I don't want to eat.

I thought about his words.

'You said you could smell it, but I smell differently from the one you ate in the dungeon.’

-Huh?Dungeon...?What is that?


-I-I’m sorry but I don’t know.Don't bite me.Don't scratch me.

The sacred creature seemed a bit stupid. I felt like there was nothing wrong with his head, but he didn’t know anything about the basics. It was natural since he was just born. After repeating a few questions, I was able to get the answers that I wanted. On the ninth floor, there was no prey that smelled delicious other than Yoon Chan-hee and me.

I walked over to Soo-young. “#%@#%@#%%%.” She cursed in Korean. But due to the emotional and urgent tone, it sounded like an alien language. I felt it before, but it contained an obvious hatred.

Of course, I had never met this woman. In addition, her hated wasn’t only directed towards me. She didn’t care even when looking at her mother.

'You are able to get rid of people’s desires.’

-...What is desire...?

‘I mean, is it possible eat that power?’

-Yes!I can do it!I want to eat!

He noticed quickly. A puppy jumped out of her chest and ran straight towards her.

‘Hey. Don’t eat yet...’


But he couldn’t penetrate her skin. The puppy raised his paws to his head and started crying. He looked at me like he was seeking answers.

-I can’t go in.

I remembered what Isaiah said. He was a creature that had to depend on humans. Now he would call me Master. If so, could he only feed on my desires? The puppy’s face looked at me very carefully.


-Touch the food.Then I might be able to.

I put my hand on Soo-young’s head. The dog jumped back into my chest and a change suddenly appeared.

“@#[email protected]#%%....” Soo-young’s eyes shook, but I couldn’t feel anything directly.

'Hey, stop. Stop eating.’

It was encouraging that he could do this, but it was too soon to tell if this would cure her. I lifted my hand from Soo-young’s head. But…


What? Within a few seconds, Soo-young’s eyes were restored to their original state.

I see. This guy’s ‘meal’ was the desires that were constantly springing up. It seemed correct when thinking about what desire was. Then what about Yoon Chan-hee? I asked but Isaiah never helped me directly.

-Digging up the roots won’t create something delicious.

If it kept eating, then it would run out of food. In other words, Yoon Chan-hee had been eaten to the ‘roots’ and couldn’t recover immediately, while the sacred creature only had a light taste from Soo-young.  If so, it was impossible for his madness to be cured.

“Yes. Do you think the method will work?”

Director Oh’s voice was heard. I got up.

This was it.  The best conditions. "Of course.”

"Just now... I tried to contact the president but he is busy with matters of state and I wasn’t able to talk to him.”

Ah. Of course. Director Oh’s voice sounded slightly nervous.  He knew that whatever I wanted, it would be impossible to give it to me with just the authority of the wife. Therefore, I wouldn’t heal this woman even if I knew the way. That was what he thought.

“Ah. It doesn’t matter.”

I looked behind me. I saw Director Oh and the First Lady.

"I think I can improve her aggressive state. Don't worry about the compensation, and I will do what I can for now. In the end, isn’t the person the most important thing?”


"That, I am really grateful... Please, I am begging you My Soo-young...” The First Lady grabbed my hand while Director Oh was asking ‘What are you planning?’ with his eyes. I just grinned at him before turning back to Soo-young.


“...Speak up.”

I whispered so that no one could hear and raised a hand to her face and shoulder. ‘Eat. Until I say to stop.’

The meal began.


A reaction appeared as soon as her desire started to be eaten. It was the breaking of the will that Yoon Chan-hee and I experienced.

“$이$······ This... #[email protected]$...Stop....! $%^&!!


“Don’t interrupt.”

I grabbed the shaking body. The woman’s killing intent gradually faded until fear and horror appeared on her face.

That's it. I pulled away my hands.


Soo-young swayed for a moment. She raised her head. There was no more killing intent in her eyes. There was just a strong feeling of fatigue.


I stepped away from the melodramatic scene. The cleanup inside the bomb shelter was over. There was only me, the mother and Director Oh.

“...How surprising.”

“Let’s see. Did you think I was just running my mouth?”

In fact, there was no chance of that. I was running my mouth, but there was no need to hurry if Soo-young was cured. The value of the reward presented to me would be much weaker than what it could be.

Of course. IF she was healed.

“I don’t know how many hours it will take, but her madness will come back.”

“What?! You purposely...”

"In the first place, curing her is impossible. Of course, if she goes crazy again then I can make her sane again. But it’s just temporary.”

The sacred creature said it was possible if the root was destroyed, but then it wouldn’t be much different from dying in the dungeon. Whether it was the will of the First Lady or the president, her parents didn’t want anything to happen to their daughter.

That was a very good sign for me. Once the madness returns, I was the only one who could ‘temporarily’ restore their daughter.

"You are a more thorough type than I thought...”

"That doesn’t sound like a compliment.

Even though I made a promise with Director Oh, there is no obligation for both parties to observe the promise. They might find that I was easier to eat, or Kim Tae-hyun might suddenly become stronger on the next floor. I could be abandoned at any time.

But now things had changed.

“Please explain it to the First Lady as well. She will be quite heartbroken once she knows that there is no cure.” Now the only way for the president’s daughter to lead a good life was me. It was an advantage that only I could have.

“...Why don’t you explain it?”

“I don’t want to lose my image. In addition, I should look at the condition of the patient a bit more... Oh, I also have a request that I would like you to listen to.”

I want to the bathroom and cleaned my body. The knife stab wound was almost better now. I opened the emergency first aid box, sterilized the wound and attached a bandage.  I left the bathroom and looked around the kitchen, which was a mess.  There were many food and drinks in the refrigerator for Soo-young.  I took out a bottle of juice and approached Soo-young, who had removed the straitjacket.

Although it was still unsure if her condition had truly improved, her mother had taken off the straitjacket.

"How are you feeling?” Soo-young was the daughter of President Jin Su-cheol. Jin Soo-young looked at me.

“....” She received the juice without talking and turned her gaze to my face. I was well aware that my looks were good in a superficial society.

She asked me, “How...? Did you?”

“I’m sorry. It is like the basics of a business empire so I can’t tell you." I smiled and changed the topic. “Is it a unique talent? The talent that Soo-young got on the third day.”

It was a combination of information received from Director Oh and my own speculations. Of course, I didn’t explain my process of reasoning.

“Yes... That's right.”

"Call this a reward for me. If you don’t mind, can you tell me exactly what that talent is?”


Jin Soo-young seemed unwilling to answer. She saw me as a potential enemy so she didn’t want to disclose the information. It was a unique talent that caused her to lose her temper and kill people. There wouldn’t be a proper explanation for that.

‘If the answer is difficult then don’t say it.’ I could say that. However, I decided to go with a bold route.

"I am Soo-young’s doctor. I will continue to be next to you and help you live a normal life. I won’t do anything harmful to Soo-young.”

To be precise, I wouldn’t do anything ‘for the moment.’  Depending on the variables in the future, I might eat and possess her talent. Therefore, I wanted to know the details.

Jin Soo-young hesitated for a bit before reaching for the table next to the sofa. Paper and a pen were placed there. I accepted the paper that Jin Soo-young handed over.

[Unique Talent No. 044 Butcher: You are constantly filled with the desire to kill others. The more dignified and noble the blood on your hands, the greater the urge to spill more. The instinct for killing is not necessarily the most fundamental, but it is certainly the most essential instinct. It is the most recognized instinct.]

[When dealing with ‘creatures’, you will receive a real-time awareness of the best way to kill the enemy using all the means you possess.]

[When dealing with ‘creatures’, you will always get the ‘enhanced’ status.]

[You won’t become tired when dealing with ‘creatures’.]

I read it then looked at Jin Soo-young’s face.

She explained, “From the moment I got it... I couldn’t control myself. So...”

It was something to think about. This woman...

“Hey.” I turned my head. Director Oh had a grim expression on his face. He handed his phone to me.

"Your request. To bring someone... I sent Kim Tae-hyun. I was sure he would do his best to bring them here safely.”


“...Take it and see.”

I took the phone. The caller ID on the screen showed Kim Tae-hyun’s name. Kim Tae-hyun’s voice was heard before I brought the phone to my ear. However, he didn’t seem to be speaking into the phone. His voice echoed like he was a little distance away.

“Yes. I received the call.’

[Why did you ask me to bring this person? What...?]

He sounded angry but concern and anxiety was behind it.


His voice became muffled.


"It's me." Once I spoke, Yang Su-jin’s voice became clear.

[Oppa sent this pushover?!]


[I already met him.]

I could hear Kim Tae-hyun groaning.

[On the 9th floor.]