Acquiring Talent in a Dungeon

Chapter 35 - Day 8, Fishing

Chapter 35 - Day 8, Fishing

I was mistaken about one thing. As soon as I entered the study room, I realized it immediately.


Immediately after Hee-chul’s remark, the atmosphere froze. Surprised and suspicious gazes turned towards Hee-chul. "Did you solve it?”

“Ah... Yes.”

“Can you please explain it?” Ha Jae-hak asked, causing Hee-chul to reply with a surprised expression.

"Um...” Hee-chul scratched his head and looked around the room before nodding. Unlike the attitude that hesitated before speaking, the voice that emerged for his explanation was soft and smooth. "When I first saw it, I thought it was a non-polynomial, time-consuming problem. If so, the number of test cases will exceed 10 and it would be impossible to solve them in time.”

"Exactly." As Ha Jae-hak focused on him, Hee-chul went on to explain it to everyone.

"But the problem has unnecessary information that are traps.”

"Condition two?"

“Yes. Except for that, there are exceptions that can solve the problem, for example...” The atmosphere changed as the exchange with Ha Jae-hak continued. Suspicion and doubts. Their mouths were wide open as their irritation gradually changed.

“...Wah... This...”


It wasn’t because Hee-chul had solved a difficult problem that cries of admiration burst from their mouths. Actually, if it was just that, it would be annoying. This was the computer engineering department and someone had solved a problem that they had been thinking about for a while.

It might be because he was a genius, the problem was similar to one he already solved, or even just that he was in the best condition today. The main point was something else. It appeared to be a one-on-one conversation with Ha Jae-hak, but Hee-chul was actually explaining to everyone in the room.

It was never easy to understand everything through listening alone. Everyone should have experienced it in the past. They would get ‘??’ while listening to the teacher and would have to review the lesson. Students wouldn’t hear 100% of the lecture, even if the teacher had good technique.

But everyone in this place experienced it. The conversation between Hee-chul and Ha Jae-hak wasn’t something that geniuses could interrupt. The process of solving the problem became engraved in their minds just from listening. It was far more impressive than someone solving the problem first.

Why? Was it due to Hee-chul’s changed atmosphere? They couldn’t say it, but was it because his voice and aura made them listen? Maybe even Hee-chul didn’t know the reason.

It was often said that geniuses couldn’t be good leaders. That saying wasn’t 100% wrong. Those born with talent often wouldn’t be able to understand the perspective of those born without it. Their ways of thinking were so different that they needed to put effort into understanding each other. A person who did it would be called a great educator or leader.

But regarding this point, Hee-chul didn’t have to try. He wasn’t a genius. Therefore, he knew the perspectives of those at a lower level. This was one of the most prestigious universities for computer engineering. Perhaps Hee-chul’s original material was slightly below average before now. No, it might be lower.

“... So using a heuristic algorithm will allow you to pass through all the test cases. That is what I thought. To be honest, it was tough to get to this fact.” Hee-chul ended his explanation.

Everyone’s irritation had already disappeared. Only perfect understanding remained. It was a problem that had made them suffer for dozens of minutes. But after Hee-chul’s explanation, it wasn’t that ‘hard.’ They could sympathize with math teachers or geniuses who say ‘isn’t it easy?’ and would then have to explain for 20 minutes.

Hee-chul’s image also played a part. His head was excellent but he also worked hard.

'Hyung.' 'Oppa.'

The students all called him that in their heads. In fact, they understood the problem perfectly, but wasn’t it solved due to Hee-chul? His efforts made it clear that they were duped by the traps. Everybody thought so. People were much fonder of a result that was due to effort rather than genius.

Clap clap.

Someone started applauding. Of course, it was half-hearted applause, but this brought fun into everyone’s hearts, so they started clapping and whistling. "Hey, genius!"

“So cool!”

Ha Jae-hak knocked against Hee-chul’s shoulder. "I heard it well. How is it? Would you like to try out this code?”

"Aish. It will be embarrassing if I am wrong, Sunbae-nim.” But both Ha Jae-hak and Hee-chul knew. The thing that would emerge from the coding was the answer that Hee-chul said.

Dong-wook, who was sitting next to Hee-chul, slapped his butt. “Ya, this brat. You are always studying when you’re actually a genius.”

"What are you talking about, Hyung?” Hee-chul replied playfully. "I am originally a genius.”

“Puhaha!” There was a burst of laughter in the room.

Hee-chul adjusted his bag and bowed towards Ha Jae-hak. “Then, I’ll be going. Sunbae-nim. Tomorrow is an exam and there is still a book I haven’t read.”

"Ah, shall we go together? I need to go to the bathroom.” All the people in the room had already opened their notebooks and were coding the solution explained by Hee-chul.

In the central hallway, Ha Jae-hak talked while walking along the path towards the bathroom and entrance. "Speaking of which, I still don't know how to contact Hee-chul. I’ve only seen you in that study room. Can you tell me?”

"Of course.”

"Did you hear? There was a reason we were solving the problem in the first place.”

"I heard it was to join the team.”

"It is that, but there’s more.” Ha Jae-hak’s face was serious. "I’m going to start a new business, and I’m looking for members to start it with. My old friends have gone to other places.”

"Join your start-up? I haven’t finished my undergraduate years yet...”

"Was I finished? Where are the people with degrees these days? If you have the ability, then you can just take a leave of absence.”

Ha Jae-hak held up five fingers, then added the index finger of his other hand. “6%.” He was indicating the percentage of shares. "I would like to give more, but I have already decided what to give to the people who will help me.”

It was a big deal. Hee-chul roughly knew about this side of the industry. Founders usually paid around 3% to developers of start-ups. In addition, he already had a success, yet he was giving investors 6%?

"Although I’ve looked over many people, the most important thing for a developer is their sincerity and social nature. No matter how good a person is, they would be useless if they can’t keep to a schedule or if ruin the atmosphere.”

The 4D personality shown in manhwas absolutely wouldn’t work in reality. Generally, geniuses were like that.


"To be honest, Hee-chul was a friend that never entered my head despite how hard you worked until now. Does that make you feel bad?”


"Not only did you fix the problem, the explanation behind it was really good. An area that developers should have is eloquence.” In fact, Ha Jae-hak also admired this point. Hee-chul had the ability to make everyone understand. It was needed when selling IT products that didn’t exist yet to the outside world. It was useful for customers, since those who couldn’t understand the concept would refuse.

To be exact, it was the effect of having 13 eloquence, 15 charisma and 12 points in descriptive ability. However, there was no way for Ha Jae-hak to know that. “How is it? If you want, then we can go to the office today.”

“Uh... I’m sorry. Sunbae-nim.” His response was 180 degrees away from what Ha Jae-hak expected. Hee-chul bowed with a really sorry expression. "Of course, you are right about being able to take a leave of absence but there is still more for me to learn.”

“... I see.”

“I am really grateful for your praise. Thank you.”

There was no displeasure in Ha Jae-hak’s face when he looked at Hee-chul. Ha Jae-hak asked for a handshake with a pleasant smile. "If you mean that, then it can’t be helped.”

“I’m really sorry.” The two shook hands.

"But, if you change your mind in the near future then please call me, it doesn’t matter how late at night.”

“Yes.” Ha Jae-hak waved before going to the bathroom. He was conscious of Hee-chul watching him from behind.

On the other side of the hallway, someone was watching Hee-chul from the vending machine. The unaware Hee-chul headed down the stairs.

I ordered a cup of coffee from the school cafe, sipping it as I headed towards the mountain behind the school. The mountain trail behind the school was empty. It was easy to climb and there were many courses, but the hiking trails were generally quiet on weekdays.

I sometimes liked to read books while sitting on the benches.

So... I was mistaken about one thing. It was quite dangerous for someone to realize that I was going into the dungeon, just like the Yoon siblings did on the 6th day. Of course, I tried to hide it, but it became very difficult since this morning.

My appearance had changed due to Metamorphosis. Anyone who just slightly knew me would think there was a change. The people close to me were amazed, but had no choice but to accept my excuses. They didn’t know about the dungeon.

But what if they knew me normally and knew about the existence of the dungeon? The excuses of exercising or using creams wouldn’t work. They might think that I obtained something from the dungeon, even if they didn’t know about Metamorphosis.

I realized it the moment I entered the room. A feeling that I had only felt in the dungeon. I had felt it for the first time on the fifth floor. It was the feeling I felt while playing the game for the woman’s talents.

Was it a killing intent? I could feel it even as I cleared on the sixth and seventh floors. Perhaps my intuition had improved in the dungeon. I had felt it when entering the room: a vivid killing intent that I had never experienced before in reality. Was it because of Metamorphosis?

Someone knew I was in the dungeon. I didn’t know why, but they were pouring hatred towards me. This wasn’t the dungeon, but reality. Right now.

I had to confess that I was quite confused. That person couldn’t do anything when there was a crowd. I hadn’t thought about solving the problem when I first received it. But then I thought of something.

If I didn’t resolve it as soon as possible, then I didn’t know what would happen later. I realized that the problem in my hand was the answer.

There wasn’t a single climber on the mountain. I threw my books and bags down and sat on the floor. I drank the coffee and waited. I had done everything. It was difficult.

I instantly felt the hatred towards me becoming more intense. I guess I was right. The person hated me because they were jealous. While everyone’s mood had improved due to my explanation, their hatred had become thicker.

In fact, it was likely that they knew the answer. A person who entered the dungeon wouldn’t have much difficulty with it. They had been conceited. Then I gobbled up the respect and recognition of the sunbaes, and that person couldn’t stand it. The killing intent was enough to move them into action straight away.

“Still, I have to be honest.” I muttered as I held the coffee cup. "Acting like that in front of everyone. Honestly, I felt really good.” Maybe I felt more pleasure from showing off my talent than successfully provoking the target. I couldn’t help feeling like this. I still had a long way to go.

"It is thanks to you.”

I smiled at the person who showed up.