Abyss Domination

Chapter 503 - Ceremony (1)

The soft sea wind blew by.

George walked briskly toward the wharf. Every morning, he could buy the freshest seafood here. Now that he had established his foundation in Mordor city, he naturally needed to bring some meat back from time to time. All the seafood in port Mordor was very cheap; the lobsters were only three or five copper Derahls. George quickly picked up the goods and returned to his place of residence. It was only dawn now, and after he got back, he immediately reported to the guard post.

The place he stayed in was a small brick house with two rooms and one hall. Outside was a drainage ditch and a well beside it. There was a little land in the small yard. When he came out of the space to dry his clothes, he cleaned it up two days ago and planted some lettuce with his sister. In this way, he did not need to buy any vegetables from outside. As a civilian, although George had time to spend a lot of money, he still knew how to live a frugal life.

“I’m back.”

Her sister inside the house gestured to him to lower his voice and said gently, “Why did you get so much? What if we can’t finish it?”

His nephew was still sleeping.

The more he looked at his nephew, the more he liked him, especially with his big black eyes and strong spirit.

George believed that he would become a great man in the future!

Although he joined the garrison of Mordor city and got rich rewards, whenever George wanted to persuade his sister not to go to work, she always shook her head stubbornly. She had always been a very strong woman; this may be because of how they were raised.

Breakfast was porridge, salted fish, vegetables, and some overnight seafood.

The garrison was in charge of his lunch and dinner. The training in Mordor city was very strict. George, as a selected elite, did not patrol the streets like the others but received very strict professional training every day. This also meant that he had more food.

Even though he was also a militant previously, he did not feel like he was supporting a family.

This was the responsibility of a man!

This type of responsibility made him more persistent and confident.

Every day, his training was twice that of the normal soldier, and he even had to do some studying.

Some said they were the future generals that his Lord Soran had picked out.

George didn’t know if this was true, but there were people being eliminated daily.

He did want to be eliminated as he wanted to bring a better life for his sister.

The soft prayers of her sister could be heard. For George, Lord Soran was more like a strong man he worshiped than a god he believed in. So he prayed only once in his mouth because he was just a normal believer. But this was not the case for his sister. It seemed that Lord Soran occupied a very important position in her heart. She prayed devoutly before eating and gave thanks for everything that Lord Soran had given her. Although it was not a formal prayer ceremony, every time his sister prayed, he would lower his head slightly.

Thank you, Lord Soran.

It was Lord Soran that had brought us out from the chaos, war, and hunger. He has given us an opportunity to live.

George found it difficult to believe in a god, but this did not affect his loyalty toward Lord Soran.

Maybe it was natural for some people not to believe in gods.

“Thank you, lord Soran, for everything we have!…”

“My lord’s glory will shine forever!…”

His elder sister stopped praying. She gently lifted her long hair with her white fingers, looked at George, and said, “go train after eating. It’s said that the one who can be selected may become an officer in the future; my little brother may become a general in the future! ”

Faith was a normal part of her sister’s life.

Three times a day, her sister would do short prayers; every week, she would go to the temple to do a proper prayer.

For her, the most important thing now was that her brother could seize this opportunity to stand out. It was a common practice in Mordor, where people prayed a few words before eating and then doing formal prayer once a week.


George smiled and said, “I’ll surely do my best to pass the test!”

After saying that, he turned and went.

As one of the selected for training, George had already achieved his target; having his own house.

Now he had bigger dreams, to be someone powerful!

The city was already becoming busy.

Mordor was expanding every day, but the most important thing now was to build a temple belonging to Lord Soran. Here came the best craftsmen from the south coast, who were busy preparing every day, because this will be the first temple of Lord Soran in the world. Now that the foundation of the temple had been completed, George sometimes saw mysterious spellcasters who could turn earth into solid rock. This magical ability awed him.

Even though the temple was not complete, the temple already had an amazing aura!

Maybe it was not as magnificent as the wealth temple or the Sea temple, but anyone who saw it at first sight would be impressed.

There were now more people in the city of Mordor.

People from Autumnfall soon got used to the order of the city. They gradually accepted the new life and integrated into it as much as possible.

That was because there were hope and future here!

Even the lowliest civilian yearned for a better life.

George could not help but speed up his pace. There was still tough training waiting for him today. Only by sticking to it until the end could he have a better future!

Raging Sand Island.

The half-elf first mate looked at the document in front of him. He looked at it a few times, and murmured, “have the orcs and the half-elves gone into a stalemate? It seems that this Earth Walker is also a legend! ”


“Immediately send this report to Mordor!”

Since Soran left for Treasure Island, the half-elf first mate had temporarily taken over the affairs of the south coast. As a half-elf pirate that started at the bottom, he had always been careful. That was because he was not the most powerful among the pirate leaders, but the one with the most authority.

From the start, he had always tried to climb to a higher position.

He did not have the bloodline of Giant, so everything he had was through hard training. Every pirate leader was a competitor to him.

Even though Adele Isabella had gone, there were still other pirate leaders that were working hard because they knew there was something even greater.

That’s right.

The half-elf first mate thought that Lord Soran just wanted to build a sea kingdom; he never thought Lord Soran was preparing to become a god!

If Soran did become a god, then the circumstance would be different for his men.

It was impossible for the gods to do everything by themselves. In the future, Lord Soran may go to the realm of gods. At that time, he would need a spokesperson for the mortals. Unlike a priest, this person would help him rule and control these pirate armies.

The half-elf first mate went into deep thought.

As the smartest pirate leader around, he strongly believed that he was very suitable for that job.

He had enough loyalty to Lord Soran; maybe he was not the most powerful one, but with all kinds of abilities, he believed he was more competitive than the others.

Right now!

The most important thing was to display himself.

The military parade was an important opportunity. If he could do everything well, there was no doubt that his position in the eyes of Lord Soran would be further improved.

The half-elf first mate seemed to have thought of something and said, “Prepare a ship! I am going to the City of Riches!”

Port Tylon, Sea temple.

The Naga Siren priest stood in a pool of water behind the temple for a long time without moving. After a long time, she gave a faint sigh and said slowly, “is the enchantment of the dragon warship finished?”

A faint voice could be heard, replying, “Almost complete.”

Enchanted sails, dragon bone keel, fortified hull.

The Naga Siren priest was unsure what to think. After some time, she said, “Get someone to send it over. It seems like he wants to show his power.”

Never in her dreams would she think that Soran had wanted to become a god!

Thinking of how previously Soran begged her to remove a curse on him, now the tides had turned.

The Naga Siren priest was filled with thoughts!