Abyss Domination

Chapter 497 - Evil Ritual

Under the cover of a shadow, countless figures blended into it, and these slender Rogues disappeared in front of people’s eyes. More than half of the Rogues brought by Soran were half-elves. Naturally, the temple of the “God of half-elves and Rogues” would not be left with only some priests. In fact, there was a special department in the temple, which has a large number of middle and high-grade rogues. Unfortunately, there were few rogues who could cross the threshold of legend. Even if the temple served the “rogue” clergy, the rogue with the highest profession level was only a level 18 rogue.

The main reason for this was because the previous god was too weak!

It was hard for a weak god to give much power, and he had been severely injured by the Shadow Lord. Furthermore, he even instructed many Rogues to multi-profession in priest. That was a very strange suggestion.

“No enemies!”

“Spotted unknown creature! Everyone, be careful!”


“Prepare for battle! Prepare for battle!”

“Mutant plants! Be careful of those vines!”

All the figures spread out and carefully moved around the nearby terrain, but soon there was a scream, and Soran disappeared.


He slashed through, and in the blink of an eye, chopped up a plant.

“My lord!”

The injured half-elf rogue kneeled on the ground.

Soran took a glance at him, then said, “Bring him for healing. Everyone else, be careful; there are many mutant plants here.”

The elite pirates were also on the move.

There was basically no road in the dense jungle here. They could only clear the roads on their own. Behind the teams were some longbowmen. There were many excellent archers among the half-elves. However, Soren didn’t bring much of them, because the pirate’s fighting style already included long-range weapons, such as flying axes, throwing knives, hand crossbow, etc. Their fighting skills were far beyond the systematically trained soldiers, and their equipment was more flexible and diverse.

There were large footprints on the ground.

In many parts of the island, there were already masters. Soran saw that the footprints had three toes, which was a bit like some dinosaur’s footprint. However, it may also be some other creature.

The group did not linger but passed through quickly.

On another side, a


All of a sudden, the old wildling warrior leader waved to the others to stop; he then quickly jumped to a tree trunk and said, “there’s something going on over there!”

The wildlings did not require sight to notice if there were enemies.

The native people were very familiar with the geographical environment here. The old wildling looked at the startled birds in the distance and said slowly, “A few of you go back!”

“There may be some creature moving over there, the rest of you come with me to investigate.”

A group of two thousand was not small.

Although Soran was very careful to hide from the wildlings, he couldn’t hide from the birds and animals there. The team moved forward and startled many birds; even the animals moved away from the group. For the natives here who were quite familiar with the environment, this kind of thing was enough to arouse their vigilance. However, the leader of the group seemed to think that some beasts were approaching, because the island had not been visited for a long time.

Under the shadow,

All of a sudden, they seemed to have noticed something, and they all hid in shadows. There were small figures that were smeared with oil paint; they held iron spears and approached them little by little.

In a flash, seven or eight rogues rushed out of the shadows. In an instant, they killed these wildling warriors.


The old wildling made a strange sound. Unfortunately, no one on the scene could understand it. The rogues didn’t stop attacking. In an instant, they formed an attack from left and right.

“Targets eliminated!”

“No more enemies nearby!”

Wild animals ran away from the area after they smelled the stench of blood.

“It seems like only the head of a small group!”

Soran glanced at the feather on the wildlings and said slowly, “Continue forward, don’t spread out too much.”

He brought out all the advanced professions this time.

Advanced professions had more stamina compared to normal people. Even though they could handle a long-distance attack, Soran didn’t want to waste time here.

To the east of the river was a village.

There was cultivated land, and irrigation ditches dug nearby. From a civilization point of view, they were more civilized compared to the wildlings in Mordor. The former looked like a primitive society, but there seemed to be a system of slaves here. The village was surrounded by towering wooden walls, which were nearly one or two meters thick. It seemed that the purpose was to guard against some monsters with tremendous power. There were guard towers on all sides of the wooden wall, on which there were soldiers on guard.

The wildlings here seemed to like a slave system.

Any of the tribes was supported by many slaves.

“Dong, Dong, Dong!”

A strange drum beat was heard coming from inside the village. There were also screams and sounds of some musical instruments.

In the middle of the tribe, a group of priests with strange masks stood on an altar, with a dark red stone in front of them. With the shout of the people, a group of strong soldiers showed up with a group of prisoners. The captives were also natives here, but they seemed to be different; the captives had white paint while the wildlings here had dark green paint on them.

They seemed to be singing some sort of song. When the shaman in front raised his hand, all the wildlings there knelt down and shouted a name.


These words, which sounded like the common language seemed to be someone’s name.


There was a cruel smile on the corner of the shaman’s mouth. He took a dagger made of bone and came to the first captive. With a slash, the prisoner’s throat was cut, blood gushed out wildly, and flowed along the rock on the altar. The people below were in a frenzy. When the blood penetrated the surface of the altar, some kind of evil energy emerged, making all the wildlings around show their frantic, intoxicated, and lustful expressions.

Blood ceremony.

The evilest ceremony of the wildlings. He was using blood, slaughter, and death to please a certain existence to gain his power!

From the bloodstain of the altar, maybe this sort of ritual had gone on for generations already.

Underlords loved this kind of thing!

It was the most violent and direct way to enhance power. Most of the temples in the mainland rejected it. Even the evil gods in the mainland stopped this primitive way of sacrifice. The development of believers was far superior to these blood sacrifices. Maybe only the Abyssal Lords would still love this kind of ritual.

Soon, the second captive was brought up.

This kind of sacrifice was often difficult to satisfy the Underlords. If the sacrifice of a powerful person could not be provided, they needed to rely on quantity to please this Underlord. Often a bloody sacrifice lasted for a long time. When midnight came, the place would be full of torches. The wildlings also believed that mating at this time would produce strong offspring, which would be blessed by the gods, which would make them powerful.

The sky was getting dark.

It seemed that the number of offerings prepared this time was not very large. After killing more than ten captives, the shaman brought some beasts out.

In the face of non-human sacrifice, the existence obviously was not happy.

A kind of evil aura was spreading, making the wildlings fear. This existence was no longer a weak spirit. A weak spirit could only passively wait for sacrifices of the tribe, but this existence could actively instruct the tribe for sacrifice.

The old shaman felt this and ordered something.

Soon there were cries and shouts. Strong wildling soldiers appeared dragging some thin men and women. They had the same oil paint as the other wildlings there, but all of them were ragged, yellow and skinny. With a slash, the first captive’s throat was slit. With the fresh blood all over the altar, the strong consciousness suddenly showed a trace of satisfaction. The wildlings, who knelt on the altar, soon began to look excited and enthusiastic again.

The old shaman showed a smile.

At the same time, he felt that his power was growing further; every time he held a bloody sacrifice, his power would increase.

Inside the shadows, countless figures rushed forward while somewhere not far away pirates were getting ready.

Soran looked at everything.

As he was close to being a god, he could see the rich blood-red spiritual aura over the wildling tribe, as well as the power fluctuation generated by the rituals.


Chaotic and evil Underlord!

He wasn’t sure if this was a demigod or a false god, but this thing was definitely something chaotic and evil.