Abyss Domination

Chapter 482 - Lifeline!

“Just a pile of scrap metal!”

The huge Gnoll leader frowned and took a look at Eugene. He said in a deep voice, “I feel that the artifact our Lord needs is nearby! It must not be taken away! ”


“Order an attack now.”

Eugene’s twitched slightly. The Dexterity of the Gnolls from Abyss was basically above 20. Such cannons could not hit them unless these Gnolls were extremely unlucky. From the ammunition filling to firing, the cannons of this technological level were hardly threatening to the Gnolls from Abyss. However, these cannons were not the same for the orcs. They would suffer a lot if they were hit by the volley of cannon fire.

However, they had to charge!

If they couldn’t get the parts for the artifact, the Gnolls would turn on the orcs. If the covenant was broken, the Gnolls would regard the orc as the enemy, and then a vengeful attack on the orcs would occur.

If that were the case, then it would be impossible to beat the elves!

All the demons from the Abyss were chaotic and evil. Since ancient times, chaos had created either madmen or dummies. Eugene was not sure what terrible things these crazy Gnolls would do if they failed to meet their demands!


The leader of the Gnoll with black fur suddenly pointed to the front. His green eyes seemed to see through the darkness; his eyes were locked on a little girl in a small white priest’s robe under the night, shouting, “right there! The artifact component our Lord needs is in the hands of that hateful little girl! ”


Divine priest, Milan!

The little girl had not realized what danger she was in; in fact, she was still happy at the fact that her lord had come for her people.

Eugene recognized the little girl in the white robe at first sight. After all, the siege that day was so memorable, the little girl that destroyed all his plans. The orc army suffered huge losses after the three dragons came in! Eugene’s old face showed a strong intent of killing. New hatred and old hatred came together, and he could not help gripping his white bone spear hard.

Yeenoghu, the Prince of Gnolls

This evil, bloody, chaotic, and bloodthirsty demon lord; no matter how evil and bloodthirsty he was in the eyes of others, his reputation among the Gnolls was as high as the sun. It could be said that most Gnolls in the multiverse respect him, and quite a few of them worship him.

The reason was simple.

All that Yeenoghu had done for thousands of years, whether it was fighting the Lords of the Abyss, conquering the King of Ghouls with all his might, or engaging in other evil plots.

There was only one ultimate goal!

Yeenoghu only hoped to see his race become more powerful. All his hard work had been to achieve this goal.

From the point of the Gnolls, Yeenoghu was their greatest leader!

Eugene was somewhat similar.

That was why he had such a high reputation among the orcs.


With an angry roar, the orc army moved forward like the tide.

The elite pirates on the bank of the river had been on standby for a long time. Behind them was the agate river. Since the pirates were familiar with water; they could easily jump into the river and try to board the ship. Warships on the Agate river were like fortresses. Even though the orc army had a strong ability to fight on land, if they went into the water, the pirates were confident in beating them.

The ground was shaking.

Facing such a big army, there was no panic on the faces of the elite pirates. They had been trained in countless battles. In the fierce competition of the killing industry, the unqualified candidates would only be eliminated. The orc army surged in like a tide; their physical strength was so good that they were able to launch an impulsive fight directly after the rapid march. But that was all because when they entered the range of the cannons, a storm of fire poured out!


Countless cannons fired and immediately, the orcs in front were flatted.

Solid rounds may not cover a large area, but it was still scary against flesh and bones. In particular, some of the chain shells fired by the cannons swept across the ground in a flash, leaving all the limbs and broken arms. The pirate’s gunfire attack was like a bloody and cruel symphony, rhythmically firing the cannons.

It was three-stage firing.

Eugene had seen nothing like this before.

Warships on the Agate river had already formed a staggered firepower net. If it was only a normal battle command, Soran would not be able to do so.

Because the coordination was too difficult!

However, today was different. Soran had a powerful psionic warlock beside him.

Long before the orc army arrived, she had already set up a psionic energy field to convey Soran’s orders to the commander of every warship.

Her voice synchronized with the orders of Soran and was heard in all the commanders!

Compared with this kind of battle command ability, Soran’s use of flags was very primitive!

The scene now was like space-age telecommunication controlling cannons from the renaissance period.

Soran had never thought it would be so easy to command pirates. In the past, he relied on flags and then waited until the commander on the opposite side saw the flag before taking action. This was merciless destruction of intelligence! Now relying on the psionic communication built directly by the legendary psionic warlock, the efficiency of communication was totally different!

The orcs were bamboozled.

That was because, in their minds, the enemy’s gunfire had never stopped. The orcs in front fell one after the other. They haven’t even rushed to the front of the enemy and had been taken out!

Fear was propagating.

The ground was full of orcs with broken limbs and arms. For those who advocated brute force, Soran taught them a lesson today that muscles couldn’t solve all problems.


One after another, the barrage submerged the orc army. At night, they couldn’t see how many cannons the enemy had. They could only hear the roar of the cannons from the beginning to the end. The loud cannon fire covered the roar of the orc officers. After the first group of orcs were shot up, the group scattered.

These beasts were still only flesh and blood, after all!

Soran looked at the battlefield in front of him and shook his head gently. He had a sense of intelligence suppression when dealing with these stupid orcs. If these guys were not born with amazing brute force, maybe the plan would go better. Even though Soran had saved the first group of the most devout believers, after sending them to a safe place, he plans to take some more.


Mordor lacked mostly people. The place could theoretically accommodate 20 to 30 thousand more people.

Soran had been hoarding food and materials since the beginning. In order to cope with today’s situation, he was not afraid of any more population. In the rapid construction planning of Mordor City, Soran would only worry about the lack of labor, not too much labor.

“Swish, Swish, Swosh!”

Some fast-moving figures suddenly appeared in the night. The orc army that took the cannon fire was just a distraction. These Gnolls from the Abyss that rushed in were the main force.

An old figure also moved with amazing speed!

Hundreds of lurking Gnolls sprang out from all directions, but their target was not Soran, nor the pirate elites on the bank of the river; it was Milan. Eugene rushed directly to the girl in front of him, grabbed his spear, and threw it out with a roar. He wanted to nail her to the ground on the spot!

Everything had happened too fast.

The Gnoll’s raid attracted everyone’s attention, and the next moment the legendary war shaman Eugene, with profession level 27, rushed over.

He wanted to instantly kill the divine priest, Milan!

A poor little girl who had lost her father and all her relatives in the war and lived alone in the world under the age of 15.

Only because she was holding something important!

The cloud of death covered her.

Facing the full force of Eugene the [Ascend], Milan had 0 chance of surviving on her own!

In the whole battlefield, almost no one could take the blow of the legendary war shaman, and at this moment, under the shadow of death, only one person could save her!


Immediately, as the spear was launched, his figure disappeared.