Abyss Domination

Chapter 473 - Chapter 8 Divine Power: 1

Dragons were very smart.

Although they understood that no one dared to owe them money, they also knew that it was more difficult to find a god to pay than to plunder a city.

That was why they didn’t hesitate to plunder the storage of the Autumnfall.

Although the god told them where he was at, the “smart” brass dragons realized that flying half a continent to find a god for reward was not as fun as plundering a city. They were chaotic good brass dragons. Thus after saving the city, they would do what they want.

After, a god was a god.

Negotiating with a god would surely be harder.

In Outer islands.

Soran floated in the air, while the divine aura in his eyes was slowly fading his whole person became tired.

That was why other gods would rarely appear in the mortal world; this was an action that directly needed to consume their accumulated power. Even powerful gods that had gradually accumulated their own power bit by bit, which was hundreds of thousands of years. The new gods were very weak. They don’t have much power of their own, and some of them couldn’t even give out divinity.

However, Soran had no such concerns. Relying on the data flow in his brain, he could directly use his Slaughter EXP to replace the divinity. Although the cost was very heavy, it could save tens of hundreds of years. But this was not something to be used all the time as Soran also did not have so much Slaughter EXP to consume. He still needed to build up his divinity.

That’s when priests and believers were important!

With enough divinity, he would be able to learn divine laws which were important.

This was similar to ability points; only divinity was more important!


Soran slowly opened his eyes, looked at the amount of Slaughter EXP he had left, and his mouth twitched slightly.

With the short divine intervention, he had spent three hundred thousand Slaughter EXP!

Fortunately, the enemy he killed could give him Slaughter EXP. Otherwise, he would have lost a lot of Slaughter EXP.

Now, he still had half of his EXP.

“Divine Avatar!”

Soran observed his data and murmured, “unless it is to kill a stronger enemy, Divine Avatar is always a losing business! If it’s a demon, maybe I could earn more than 100000 Slaughter EXP at a time! ”

“I wonder if it could be used in the future.”

Normal soldiers gave too little Slaughter EXP.

Most of the Slaughter EXP recovered by Soran came from the Gnolls from the abyss. They had given Soran at least 100000 Slaughter EXP.

The orc soldiers did not give much EXP.

There was not much change in the data. The most obvious change was that there was one new page.

“Divine power: 1”

Under Soran’s divinity point and a shard of divinity, a new divinity power value had been added. There was now a new row of data. This was somewhat different from what Soran understood.

“Divine power: 1/60. (To advance into Minor Divine Power required 100 Divine Power; mastering the divine law of [Change Form]. Shard of Divinity limited at 160.)

He finally had divine power.

At this moment, even Soran became excited. He had been involved in the field of gods for so long, and only now had he gained 1 divine power.

However, this was only the beginning.

With divine power, he would be able to give it out and strengthen his faith; finally gaining more divine power.

Soran believed that after this, he would gain more divine power!


Soran walked out and ordered, “Order the fleets to head to Raging Sand Island and get the pirate leaders ready.”

“Move the cargo to Raging Sand Island as well.”

“Bring a message to the eastern people. I’ll meet them two days later.”

He gave out a string of orders.

Since he had achieved a breakthrough in divine power, he had to act fast.

It was now night.

Soran sat in the meeting room and watched the chart in front of him. His eyes were always looking at something as if he was thinking about a difficult decision.

“Thud, thud, thud.”

Rushing footsteps were heard.

When Soran looked up, Gloria’s figure was in front of him. At that moment, Gloria’s beautiful face showed little excitement. She came to him directly with a black metal book, and said, “Look at what I found! It’s near the maze we’ve been to! ”

“A spellbook!”

“A spellbook from the Arcane period! There was one spellbook there.”

Soran looked up.

He didn’t seem to understand why Gloria was so excited. Although there were many powerful spells in the period of the Arcane Empire, it was well known that the great arcanists didn’t need any spell books to remember them. All of them were geniuses who would just memorize spells, that was why many of the spell books left over from the Arcane Empire were used by lower level spellcasters. For a legendary witch like her, there were few things that she could use it for.

However, when Soran reached for the black metal spell book, his facial expression suddenly changed dramatically and became quite excited.

That was because when he touched the book, a row of data appeared in front of his eyes:

“Mastered advanced class information!”

“Gained tools for class advancements!… Your Intelligence is above 20!… literacy above 200!… Spellcasting Level above 5!… has the ability [Sage]!… has the ability [Comprehend Word]!…”

“You have the ability to understand the Arcane words and have met the requirement to advance into a class!…”

“You have gained part of the information to advance into the class [Arcanist].”