Abyss Domination

Chapter 384 - A Night Stalker


Prince Hans’s expression was uncertain, but finally, he clenched his teeth and said, “Return to Dragonbone island first! The present situation is very unfavorable to us. We will deal with the enemy when we have a clear picture of their situation! ”

Damn fog.

This strange fog had utterly wiped them out. There was no trace of the enemy, and there was no way to command the battle. All his men were running around like headless chickens. If the enemy were a ghost ship, they would only lose more if they stay here. The undead was not affected by the fog. They observed the world according to the color of the soul. The vision of the undead was more like the vision of the spiritual world, a kind of gray color.

Under these circumstances, the enemy could see them while they couldn’t see the enemy.


A bleak horn sounded, and with the sound of the retreat horn, the warships around could not help stopping.

“What happened?”

“Why are we suddenly retreating?”

“Where is everyone?”

“Where’s Loude’s ship? Wasn’t their ship around here?”

All the targets targeted by the ghost ship were doomed, but the warships that had not been targeted by the ghost ship had been running around without encountering any enemy. Only when they heard the sound of the retreat horn and gradually gathered around Prince Hans’s warship did they notice that they lost a lot of ships.

“Where’s Kena? Why are they not here?”

Some of the admirals looked around suspiciously. After blowing the retreat horn, Prince Hans’s warship began to retreat, and other warships naturally followed. As he gradually left the fog, everything around him became clear, but when Prince Hans counted his ships, his face became quite stiff.

He had lost a total of 16 warships.

Among them, five were the ships of the Vrykul pirates, while the rest were his ships.

The fog in front was still thick, and it had become quiet. Without the sounds of cannon fire, they heard a kind of cry that made people feel terrified. It was not a man’s whine. It was more like a sharp, half male and half female scream.

Previously the cannon fire was too loud; now that it was quiet, they heard this bone-chilling cry.

“Angered Souls!…”

The high-grade Sorcerer that stood behind Prince Hans muttered, “There’s a lot of Angered Souls!…”

Angered Souls were a specialty of the undead.

Their cries could lead to the effects of “Fear,” lowering the will of the ordinary person.

Prince Hans stopped momentarily in the fog but said, “Let’s just go.”

It seemed that the ships that did not come would not come.

The ghost ship didn’t get out of the fog, which frustrated Prince Hans’s desire to hit the target. Until now, he wasn’t sure whether the ghost ship was here by accident or whether it was reinforcements from Arendelle because it was too coincidental. As soon as they got to the location of the flare, they encountered the navy of Arendelle, and then the strange ghost ship also. If this were Arendelle’s reinforcements, then the situation would be tricky.

As the southern island country fleet retreated.

In the fog, there were some pale flying shadows, followed by a dark ghost ship.

“Come back.”

With Soran’s order, all the souls flying around the ghost ship drifted down, and then one by one went into the ghost ship sail.

He did not chase down the enemy. No matter how powerful he was, he was only one man, one ship.

The legendary profession may be very powerful, but a group of enemies could still kill them. Even the deities who incarnate into Saints could be surrounded and killed in a sea battle. Soran did not take this kind of risk. His goal had been achieved. The navy of the southern island countries had been so severely damaged, and their morale lowered. In a few days at most, the news that the southern islands were looted by pirates would come. At that time, their navy would surely return like an arrow. Prince Hans would stay here to fight with Arendelle if he was mad.

Once he retreated, then coming back to attack would not be so easy.

Soran had already prepared a gift for him around the south coast!

He mobilized the pirate army to control the west coast, backed by the northern witch council. As long as he finished his work, he could teach Prince Hans a lesson at any time.

Night was here. Soran stood on the deck and looked at the sky. The stars were dim and grey, their light becoming weaker and weaker as if they would be extinguished after some time.

Time went on slowly.

Soran was waiting for midnight. He not only wanted to defeat Prince Hans on the sea. Soran, a quasi-legendary Rogue, definitely had to take advantage of this situation. Soran was sure that high-grade guards would surround Prince Hans, so he didn’t want to attempt to strike him down. It was too risky. Soran wasn’t sure how many legendary items Prince Hans had, let alone how strong his protectors were.

Soran had always been cautious, and wouldn’t do things he had no chance of success.


As Soran ordered, the ship went under the sea and slowly got close to Dragonbone Island.

A shadowy figure also moved with the ship. Ultimately they stopped around 3 kilometers from Dragonbone Island.

“Prepare for battle.”

Soran changed into some proper equipment. With a cold light, he pulled out his legendary curved sword. There was a silence on the ghost ship. He looked at the undead and said in a deep voice, “Be ready to receive me at any time. If you see fire, bombard the enemy’s wharf from the south. ”

The undead nodded and replied, “Yes, master!”


Soran’s figure went into the night. With a magic glow, he gradually floated from the ghost ship to the sea.


He walked on the sea at high speed as he approached the position of Dragonbone Island like a sharp arrow. Previously, he was an Assassin in the Underdark. If it weren’t for the Drow queen who tried to squeeze him dry, Soran would have eventually become a Night Walker. So, Soran was familiar with assassination skills.


Soran’s figure gently landed on the side of the port. There was a warship docked on the pier, and there were many guards there.

He did not attack them but waited patiently.

“Found you!”

A cold light appeared in Soran’s eyes, and then he quietly moved in the dark. He approached silently, and then in an instant!


Blood spilled out while Soran gently laid the body down.

A sentry! Experience told him that this kind of soldier had to be taken out first. Prince Hans must have had at least one or two high-grade Rogue with him.

“Next one.”

Soran’s figure blended into the shadow once more. Only after he took out the sentries could he enjoy a night of slaughter.