Abyss Domination

Chapter 360 - With The Moon

Under the dark skies.

Soran stood at the pier of Ranging Sand Island and looked at the distance. The night was full of winners and losers. Even though Soran defeated the pirate king Ashrod and unified the pirate forces on the south coast, he had offended the royal family of Naga Siren and the Principality of Rossad. As long as the Sea goddess didn’t fall, the Naga Siren royal family would only make small moves, and they wouldn’t do anything bold against Soran.

However, the red dragon duchess could attack.

This woman was not only a legendary Dragon Disciple but also had a resurrection spell, “Hide Life,” which made it difficult to kill her.

Soran doesn’t know much about the Naga Siren race in his memory. He just remembered that they were matrilineal society and once had a god. However, the deity later turned into an evil thing, which seemed to be something called a banshee. In Soran’s previous memory, the Naga Siren people did trigger some legendary tasks, but there was a powerful Sea goddess above them, so all their actions only failed. That is to say, that they had little impact on society.

At the same time, as Soran worried about the threat from Naga Siren and revenge from the Principality of Rossad, the Naga Siren was also concerned.

After the Sea Goddess appeared as a Saint, the Naga Siren realized her mistake.

She had always been afraid that Soran’s strength was too strong, and that the Sea temple would lose control over him. However, the worry in her eyes was insignificant for the gods. The Sea Goddess didn’t care whether there was a pirate king rising outside the temple. She only cared whether the pirate king was useful to her.

From this perspective, Soran’s role was now very important. First of all, he killed the Swamp King, who believed in Dagon, the demon lord of the Abyss. This was equivalent to clearing the chess pieces of the rival demon lord’s camp in the sea and pleasing the Sea goddess with the enemy’s head. Then Soran opened up the outer islands. As the benefactor of the Sea Goddess, Soran’s outer island development gathered the population, which was also intangible dissemination of her faith and accumulated a lot of primitive believers.

His men, for example, became believers of the Sea Goddess.

Then Soran beat Ashrod.

This bloody killing took place in the sea, which could be understood as a sacrifice ceremony. The Sea Goddess was a god of the chaotic evil camp. Her joy and anger were unpredictable, like the sea, so she would not reject this kind of killing ceremony at all. On the contrary, she liked it.

From the start to the end, even though Soran got more powerful, it was also beneficial for the Sea Goddess.

In this way, the actions of the Naga Siren priest were nothing. The gods above did not feel that Soran was a threat. So, all the actions of the Naga Siren priest to restrict the development of Soran had become restrictions on the expansion of the influence of the Sea Goddess. If this was the case, the current position of the Naga Siren priest would become a little dangerous.

The Sea Goddess did not answer her prayers but directly incarnated to help Soran through the crisis. This meant that Soran’s position was Naga Siren priest in charge of the Sea temple.

Deities were realistic most of the time!

The Sea Goddess doesn’t care about Soran’s ambition or whether he wanted to be more powerful than the Naga Siren priest. What she cared about was whether Soran could expand her influence and spread her belief to a far distance.

The outer islands were an opportunity.

If her faith could be expanded around the outer islands, this would mean putting a nail into the territory of the Storm Lord.

Soran was more important than the Naga Siren priest.

Now, after seeing the incarnate of the Sea Goddess, the Naga Siren priest slowly understood this.

She didn’t think of Soran’s growth as an expansion of the Sea Goddess’s influence.

It was like how Soran treated the half-elf first mate and the red-haired female pirate Adelle. He didn’t care who had more power. He cared about who could do what he told them to do. That was why the powerful half-elf first mate was promoted, while the red-haired female pirate, who failed in the mission, was deprived of her power.

Because, to Soran, the two of them were not a threat. This was the same for the Sea Goddess.

In the quiet night, Soran stood on the tower and watched the night sky. The stars were dim; many of them looked gray. This meant that some gods had been unable to stabilize their divination. It will not be long before the kingdom of the gods represented by these grey stars would be separated, and these gods would fall to the world one by one.

The Time of Trouble was coming soon.

The stars in the night sky were getting dimmer and dimmer. Many people had noticed this and realized the coming chaos.

“Big brother.”

Vivian’s footsteps came from behind. She was wearing a white dress.

Soran turned around and smiled.

The little girl came to his side, raised her little white hand, and held one of Soran’s fingers. She stood beside him and said softly, “What are you thinking? Since you left Amber City, you look at the sky more often.”

Soran held her up, kissed her forehead, and answered, “Nothing.”

He looked up at the moon.

It seemed that the power of the Highlady of Silvermoon became weak.

Vivian laid her head on his shoulder and said, “Vivian has become more powerful after some time.”

“No matter what. I will always be by your side. Vivian will be able to help you.”


The little girl nodded seriously with a serious expression.

Soran smiled and held the little Vivian tightly in his arms. He looked up at the bright moon and murmured, “Highlady of Silvermoon, I don’t know how fate will be. Can we avoid this war with you?…”

New moon 1677, September, late.

The Witch of Terror, Lilian died under the hands of the Highlady of Silvermoon. There were only a few Descendents of Fear left who set off the feast of killing. The Times of Trouble would then officially start, and the Saints would tear the world apart.

It was now, new moon 1676, February.

In about three months, the first weak gods will fall to the world as Saints, and demons would frequently appear all over the world. Soran had grown fast enough, but he still felt that time was very tight. He came to the outer islands from Amber City. Although his strength was advancing rapidly in the killing, he was also getting closer to the coming of the Times of Trouble. When the powerful gods also fall to the world as Saints, then unprecedented turmoil and catastrophe would officially begin.

Soran liked the moon in the past.

However, after knowing Vivian’s identity, the moon’s radiance became a painful sting in his heart.