Abyss Domination

Chapter 359 - The God’s Avatar

There were still remnants of the purple beam in the air.

At the next moment, the body of the Red Dragon Duchess was floating like a snowflake in the sky, turning into pure energy and dissipating into the air.

“Not good!”

The scenario in front of Soran made his eyebrows furrow. The Fallen Witch’s expression also changed. Raising her hand, she threw out a level nine spell.

—- “Trap the Soul!”

An invisible energy barrier shrank, and there was a strange whisper. This spell must be chanted with blasphemy because it could imprison the soul of any enemy. Unfortunately, when the Fallen Witch completed the casting, the body of the Red Dragon Duchess had already transformed into energy and dissipated. Only two or three pieces of equipment fell from mid-air, and Vivian next to her quickly reached for it, and then directly landed in front of Soran.

“It’s Hide Life!”

The Fallen Witch’s expression was complicated as she landed on the Deadman’s Voice, and said in a deep voice: “I didn’t think that a Disciple could master this legendary spell. It seems like we have underestimated her too much! ”

Legendary spell.

The spell which has just been used on the Red Dragon Duchess was a top-level spell comparable to “Time Stop.”

“Hide Life [Legendary Spell]: Legendary Spellcasters can isolate their life force to a certain place in the body, then take it down and keep it in a safe place. This way, you couldn’t be killed by any conventional means, and you were immune to the effects and influences of paralysis, near-death, and death. If the enemy destroyed one’s body, then the part that contained the life force can resurrect themselves by having their body reconstructed through Clone.”

[Note: Hide Life can transform the body into a half energy state, immune to most of the negative states.]

“Clone [Level Eight Spell]: Makes a lifeless copy of your body, and your soul will be immediately transferred to the living body for resurrection after death. The clone’s body copy needs to be cultured in the laboratory for several months, and your level will be reduced by 1 level after the resurrection. There is a certain probability of failure in cloning, which would require a lot of material for cultivation. ”

[Note: Clone requires a large alchemy laboratory. ]

Legendary Wizards were the hardest to kill.

One of the reasons was the legendary spell “Hide Life.” It could isolate the life force of the legendary Spellcaster to a certain place, and then take it down for keeping it in a safe place. It was a bit like a Lich’s Phylactery, but as a blood and flesh legendary spell, Hide Life’s required requirements were much more.

It would require a lot of wealth just to cast this legendary spell, and it might need to consume a certain amount of soul energy.

But its use was also very amazing!

That was one more chance at life, not to mention the Fallen Witch nearby. Soran did not expect a legendary Dragon Disciple to master this spell. One had to know a Disciple’s spell depended more on domains. It was very difficult to master this magic, and it needed a high Alchemy skill to support it. Many legendary Wizards might not even be able to master this spell.

This spell could give them another chance at life and make them calmer than other legendary professions.

If the Arcane Empire hadn’t been destroyed. They wouldn’t even need to go through so much trouble since the Arcanists possessed an advanced version of “Hide Life.” That is to say, after the death of the body, it directly used the parts that contained the life force to recreate a body for the resurrection. It did not require Clone to act in concert with it.

In that case, if one wanted to kill a legendary Arcanist, one could only destroy them on the level of their soul.


Soran killed the Pirate King Ashrod.

The Red Dragon Duchess was pierced by the Arcane Crystal Pulse Cannon and then dissipated into the air with the wind. The enemy in the process of fighting back suddenly turned a little stupefied. But rather, the fastest reaction was those Oriental pirates. They almost did not think much about it at all. They immediately went onto another boat to escape from the battlefield. The second to react was the navy of the Principality of Rossad, which had an edge on the flank, but they withdrew from the battlefield at the command of their commander. The last were the subordinates of Ashrod, the Pirate King. They were about to be beaten senseless. They were like a swarm of bees wanting to escape, yet in a mess. Some of them wanted to escape to Nusa Island at the back.


Soran glanced at the scattering enemies, then reached out to stop Vivian, who was ready to pursue them. Then he said in a deep voice: “Don’t rush in lightly. There are still Dragon Disciples nearby.”

A Principality’s force was not that weak.

If the Red Dragon Duchess was not caught by surprise, Gloria would still have to open a portal to come and help.

There was a teleportation array in the captain’s room of the Deadman’s Voice.

It was connected with the laboratory on the Outer Islands, and Gloria could reach the ghost ship at any time through the teleportation array, which was the reason why Soran was not afraid.

Cheers resounded!

The scattered enemies made Soran’s men braver and braver. Many pirates raised their weapons and cheered for victory. But, at the next moment, their cheers came to an end spontaneously!

That was because a wave appeared in the distance. A huge wave of up to more than ten stories high. The huge wave was like a blue sky approaching the battlefield, and the huge wave of tens of miles would engulf everyone in it. No warship could survive in this frightful wave. They would be easily blown up and smashed like a paper paste, and finally sink to the bottom of the sea.

—- “Tsunami [Legendary Spell]!”

The great waves were advancing like a wall, and all the warships in front of it were seemingly so small.

The cheers turned into screams of terror.

All the pirates on the battlefield, regardless of whether it was friend or foe, were running around like headless flies. They were all under cover of the legendary spell “Tsunami.” The Oriental pirates who started to run fastest had already reached the area of Tsunami. Under the huge waves of more than ten floors, their warships were overturned like toys, and even a ripple did not come out. They were directly smashed and sank into the sea. The sailors on the warships had little to no chance of survival.

“Goddamn Naga Priest!!!”

Soran’s face was rather ugly at the moment. He seemed furious and roared, “Didn’t she say that the royal family of Naga would not make a move?”


That was the Naga royalty’s signature spell.

In the entire area in the South Coast, other than the priests of the Sea Goddess, Soran could not think of anyone else who could cast this horrifying legendary spell.

This spell would have the ability to destroy a port city.

Maybe it could not threaten a powerful man like Soran. After all, he had many ways to save himself in the face of the Tsunami. But his men, fleets, defeated enemies, and the spoils he captured would hardly have been intact under such a horrifying Tsunami. If all the power of the Tsunami were to explode, then even Nusa Island would be submerged. Huge waves more than ten stories high would be enough to destroy everything, and Soran’s victory would turn into ruins.

Going five minutes back in time–

At one point on the bottom of the sea, groups of armed Naga guards were scattered to the left and right. In the center was a group of monstrous-looking female Nagas. In front of them was a mirror made of seawater.

“Your Excellency Banshee!”

A female Naga Wizard looked into the mirror and said slowly: “Ashrod failed! The Throatcutter killed him! ”


A cold hum sounded, followed by a cold voice from behind, and slowly said: “This incompetent trash! When he was dealing with the Swamp King, he was already so clumsy. Now, dealing with the Throatcutter, he’s of no use at all. ”

“Prepare to cast.”

“Let all these humans get buried in the sea.”

The Naga Wizard at the side nodded, and then there was a strange chant of incantations resounding. This was the language of the oceanic Nagas. With their chanting of incantations, a huge wave gradually rose on the sea. The height of the huge wave was more and more amazing. At last, it almost became a blue sky moving forward.

Sea Temple.

A mirror made of seawater was also in front of the Naga priest.

Her expression at the moment was quite complicated, it seemed like she was hesitating and struggling, and her eyes were fixed on the approaching tsunami waves in the mirror image. It seemed like she was making a rather difficult choice.

“Your Excellency Priest.”

Within the dark seawater came a low voice, which slowly went: “If your Excellency does not wish to make a move, let them get killed by the Tsunami. That way, we will be able to seize the opportunity to reap more benefits.”

Having heard that, Naga Priest gently shook her head, and went: “A Tsunami would not be able to kill Throatcutter. At most, it could only kill those mortals present and destroy all the warships.”

“But, that way, the forces in the South Coast would be an empty area.”

“To us, this might not be a good thing.”

“Let the others prepare to cast. We need to pray for the Sea Goddess’ avatar to descend!”

The horrifying Tsunami was looming.

Many people closed their eyes in despair and firmly held onto the ship. Under this horrifying huge wave, they could only pray for fate to care for themselves because there was no way for them to escape from the coverage of the Tsunami.

—- “Fly!”

When the horrifying Tsunami appeared, Soran and others had already cast spells at full speed. The few spell slots could barely save that many people. Even if Vivian and the Fallen Witch were present, they could only use Fly to bring very few people into the sky.

The horrifying Tsunami got closer and closer.

Huge waves of more than ten stories high made people felt desperate and suffocated, but when the Tsunami was about to sweep them, a strange sound of a conch suddenly rang from the surroundings.

Then, they saw a wave rising from the middle of the battlefield. The seawater stirred like a whirlpool, and the blue seawater automatically gathered into a figure of more than ten meters. She stood in the whirlpool, holding a trident, and gently pointed to the tsunami sweeping in front of her. Then they saw that the huge waves in front of her gradually dissipated, as if everything just happened was an illusion.

There was a muffled voice in the sea, and it slowly went: “Your Excellency Priest! The other sea priests have been summoned. We are ready to cast! ”

“Your Excellency?”

“Your Excellency Priest?”

The sounds in the sea seemed to be a little anxious, and a strange tentacle emerged in the deepest parts of the darkness.

The Naga Priest was still standing there, but the expression on her face was stiff and looked of panic brewing. In the mirror made of seawater in front of her, there was a goddess figure holding a trident. She stood in the vortex as if she was the master of the sea. With her hand raised and a little finger pointed forward, the shocking Tsunami disappeared completely.

The Sea Goddess!

The Naga Priest felt shivers all over at the moment.

There was a fear in her heart because she had not yet cast the spell to pray for the coming of the avatar of the Sea Goddess. But before her, the avatar of the Sea Goddess had already appeared.

What did this represent!?

Just thinking about it made her shudder all over, and her heart could not help panicking.