Abyss Domination

Chapter 340 - Combat Casting

Dang dang dang!

The sound of the roaring wind, accompanied by the sound of weapons colliding, and then the sound of Gloria’s coquetry with a ponderous voice: “That’s all? So, you’re such a useless man! What about your spells? Why is it so easily interrupted? Weren’t you so cocky last night? Now, where has your manliness gone to? ”

“Come here?”

“Use your spells to attack me!”

“You are as soft as a woman now! Where’s the bravery you had last night? Have your legs gone weak?”

Gloria’s white tight dress was as beautiful as a blooming snow lotus, but her attacks were extremely fierce as if she had strengthened with Draconic Strength. She wielded her heavy staff and swept towards Soran’s entire body’s vital points repeatedly. As a Northern Witch that was close to legendary, she was not without any close combat abilities. On the contrary, the world’s top Wizards have all received melee training. It could be said that even if she did not use magic, her close combat was equivalent to a Fighter above grade 2.

“Come on!”

It might have been due to physical exhaustion, or Gloria might have gotten a little excited by what she said, but her charming face appeared a little flushed. she continued in a voice full of sarcasm: “Is that all you can do? Or is it that you can only become a hero to a woman at night, but once you fight, you’ll easily get distracted and interrupted?”

A full chest going up and down due to vigorous movement, making an arc that was very eye-catching alluring.


With a beautiful and sharp spinning sweep, Gloria directly pushed Soran back a step. At the same time, she jumped up and swung her staff and went for Soran’s head.


Soran took a deep breath. The expression on his face was speechless. In any case, it was a very saddening look.

From the beginning to the end, he only defended and did not attack. Hence, he had been freely attacked by Gloria and forced to such an embarrassing state. Several times, when he finally had a little time to cast a spell, he was immediately interrupted by his opponent’s busty fierce attack. After parrying two rounds of his opponent’s attacks, Soran seized the opportunity to fight back with two Arcane Missiles. But Gloria’s protective energy field could not even be broken. The result of the fight made Soran a little bit sulky. He was feeling oppressed.

At the end of the new round of attacks, Gloria stepped back like a butterfly from a flower. Her full chest was slightly undulating. Then, she took a breath and said, “That should be all for today.”

After all, the physical stamina of a Wizard could not match that of a melee profession.

Sullenly, Soran kept his Curved Sword, then looked up at the woman with an expression of inexplicable excitement and a charming face that resembled a peach blossom in front of him. He said in a sulky voice: “I can’t believe that your sneering is so good!”

This was a woman with the skill to ridicule.

How could he not see that her skills in sneering were at such a high level before? What she said while they were having an exchange, really affected Soran’s performance a little.


Soran was a very strong man and was even with a strong will and determination. But when he was being ridiculed by a woman about his sexual life, especially by his own woman, it undoubtedly would still affect him a little bit.

When Gloria heard him, she gave him a mischievous look, raised her fair fingers and gently flicked her drooping hair. She then said with a gentle smile: “A Wizard must learn to ignore the taunts of his enemies. This is the first lesson in mastering Combat Casting. Many enemies can read your emotions clearly, and then use words to provoke and agitate you to influence your casting.”

“You may not be affected if it was close combat, but from the perspective for casting, you are not focused enough! To master the ability of Combat Casting is not simply just dealing with the enemy’s attacks, but also to learn to ignore their interference to you through their words. ”

Concentration was the key to determining [Combat Casting].

Previously, the Gloria who was very brave and ferocious has now turned into a gentle and charming woman again. It was as if she was not the one who had said all kinds of provocative and even shaming things to agitate Soran. She slightly raised her eyebrows and untied the hairband, letting the long, silky hair fall at will. Then, she glanced at Soran, playfully: “Are you angry?”

“No,” Soran replied with a single word in a muffled voice.

Then, he went straight over, picked up the noble Witch in front of him, then lifted her onto his shoulder, turned around and walked towards the room.


Soran seemed to have foreseen what would happen next, so her charming face was flushed. But, she did not struggle. Instead, she gently hammered Soran’s shoulder, and whispered: “Petty little man! You said that no matter what I said when we were training, you would not be angry!”


Soran raised his hand and patted her round buttocks. In a muffled voice: “I’m not angry.”

“I just feel like I need to prove myself again!”

When Gloria heard him, her tender body could not help but go weak, and her face became redder. She was a bit coquettish while she begged for mercy: “I was wrong. You were as fierce as a tiger last night!….”

Soran kicked the door open and continued to murmur: “It’s already too late.”

His palm caressed her round buttocks, and he slightly pinched it a few times. Then, he threw Gloria on the bed, raised his hand and closed the door with a magic spell. Then he reached out and grasped the Witch’s full chest, kneaded it on the slightly protruding point. Subsequently, with the clothes still yet untied, he opened his mouth and directly bit it lightly.


Gloria quivered a little, her hands reached and grabbed Soran’s neck. She blushed like the sunset in the sky, and said in a soft voice: “How petty! I already told you that training Combat Casting would make you angry!”


“Ah!… En!… Idiot!…”

Soran did not untie Gloria’s clothes either. He directly lifted the long skirt, then reached out his fingers and stroked the spot below a few times. When he took it out, it was already wet. There was a playful grin on the corner of his mouth. He slowly said: “It seems that you don’t mean what you say!”

“Were you using those words to provoke me! Do you get excited as well?”

He entered mercilessly.

Soran lifted Gloria’s soft body and let her sit on him. He opened his mouth and kissed Gloria’s lips. He moved his waist gently, it was at an intensely hot yet uplifting rhythm.


The lingering kiss made Gloria a little intoxicated as she closed her eyes. She blushed and held onto Soran’s neck. She twisted and moved her body slightly together with the impact. In this intoxicating blend of happiness, she suddenly felt Soran’s lips close to her earlobe, and then he said in a low rasping voice: “Gloria, I think I’ve fallen in love with you! ”

Her body went stiff for a brief moment.

At the next moment, Gloria’s whole body jerked like an electric shock. Her mouth could not help but let out a moan, and then she had a slight convulsion.

She suddenly pushed Soran down onto the bed and kissed him on the lips, a little crazy, and a little obsessed.

After a while, Gloria gently raised her head. Her white fingers wiped the corners of her mouth. Her face was as charming as a peach blossom. She gently pressed her palm on Soran’s chest, and her slender waist swayed with the ups and downs. She said softly, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

“I love you.”

“I don’t know when it started, but I think it should be love. You know what? When I first realized that I was longing for a man, I felt a little overwhelmed!”

It was an intimate unity.

The passionate rhythm seemed to be lingering soothingly, and Gloria leaned forward to kiss Soran’s lips again, and then gently stretched her hand behind her back to untie her dress.

Outside the window, the sun’s rays shone bit by bit.

All the lust in the unity turned into tenderness. Everything seemed so wonderful.


Mainland, Okdo valley.

A group of armed fighters approached closer there. They were dressed in black full-length armor, and their faces were cold and merciless. They did not look like ordinary fighters, but more like fallen Blackguards. Behind these Blackguards, there were also a group of priests in robes, who did not bear the insignia of any gods on their chest, but this also meant that they belonged to some forces that could not see the daylight. Behind them was a priest in a black robe, who looked coldly into the valley and ordered everyone to enter.


A strange voice came from all sides of the valley.

One could see the vampire bats circling in the dark, along with some strange figures flying around the valley. They had scarlet pupils and sharp fangs at the corners of their mouths.

“Welcome to my territory.”

A Demigod Vampire that wore a blood-red formal dress descended from the sky. He smiled and looked at all the people in front of him. Finally, his eyes fell on the black priest, playfully he went: “High Priest! I didn’t expect you to come so soon!”

The priest in black took a step forward and said angrily, “You shameless thief! How dare you steal the divine power of our Lord! I’ll capture you back today! ”

“Oh really?” The handsome face of the Vampire Demigod showed a wry smile. He raised his hand and snapped his fingers. Suddenly a large group of vampire slaves appeared around him.

There were no traces of fear on the black-robed Priest’s face. He looked around contemptuously and said in a deep voice: “Do you think this garbage can help you defeat me? You are so naive!”

A brief silence.

Then, he saw that another emaciated figure had emerged. Standing alone at the exit of the valley, he seemed to have cut off the nearby space and had brought an evil shadow along with a melody here.

The Hellpoemer played the magic flute with his fingertips, looked up to the front, smiled and went: “What if I joined?”

The face of the black-robed priest suddenly changed!