Abyss Domination

Chapter 338 - The Storm

A peaceful day passed.

As the Outer Islands approached March, the stormy season was coming.

On the second day after Soran’s return, there was heavy rain. Although there was no way to estimate the rainfall, it did rain quite heavily, and there were still many houses with slight water leakage. There was nothing they could do either. In this era, the level of craftsmanship was limited, and there would be losses if they were met with cases of strong winds and heavy rain. Soran had been prepared for the climate of the Outer Islands for a long time. Otherwise, if they built thatched houses like those on the mainland, they might have already been destroyed.

The rain crackled down.

Even when Soran had already planned the drainage channel, the rain had also emphasized the areas for improvement of the road. In the end, there was still a little flooding. The paved road faired a little bit better, but all the roads made with mud were now muddy. There was no way for horse carriages to move on them. Because of the rainstorm, the slaves were unable to work. Now, they were all taken into custody, and men were sent to guard them and look out to slow down the epidemic.

The indigenous people were a little better. Some of the mainland slaves they just brought here were not accustomed to the climate and were vomiting and having diarrhea. Fortunately, there were doctors with them and there were no casualties.

Having no Priests was still a problem!

The climate of the Outer Islands was harsh, and there were many stormy seasons. At the same time, because of the beliefs of this area was considered to be under the Storm Lord, the storms here were likely to be accompanied by thunder!

Now, for example.

Flashes of lightning went across the sky. From time to time in the distant rainforest, it looked as if someone was controlling it!

It rained the entire day.

If he was in a wooden house, it would have probably been wet inside, but Soran had built a lot of brick and tile houses. From this point onwards, they needed to be more adaptable to the climate of the Outer Islands and be more resistant to storms.

Because of the heavy rain pouring, the whole camp was quiet.

The pirates hid in the houses to protect themselves from the rain. The three pubs were already filled with people. It was pitch-black outside, and it was hard to see clearly beyond five meters.

“The climate here!…”

Gloria lifted her head and looked up at the sky, then stood next to Soran, reached out and grasped his palm, and said went, “I’m afraid it’s not that suitable for farming. If such weather occurs so often, the seeds might not be able to survive.”

Soran nodded gently, and his was expression heavy, “I know.”

“Fortunately, they haven’t sowed this time, or I’m afraid it would have been washed away. There are too many things that need to be built here, such as ditches for drainage and irrigation, dams for flood control and prevention, all of which need a lot of labor force. Now we can only do it step by step. This kind of climate can’t be changed anyway. I’ll prepare the Sea God sacrificial ritual in two days. ”

After hearing that, Gloria frowned slightly and went, “You’re borrowing the gods’ power?”

“The price of asking for help from the gods is not small! It’s a pity that I haven’t advanced to legendary, otherwise, I can use the power of the Wizard Tower and the arrays to forcibly reverse the climate of the surrounding area. ”

Soran turned to look at Gloria, reached for her delicate body, then said in a deep voice, “There’s no need to do that.”

“That would expend too much!”

“Unless there is a Wizard’s Tower to maintain energy consumption. If not, even though there is no problem, for the time being, a forced reversal of the weather will have side effects in the future.”

“Nature is mysterious!”

“Unless it’s a force that can change the world, it’s better to follow and adapt.”

Gloria could not understand some of Soran’s words. She could understand them separately, but she felt it was a little strange when put together. But after all, she was a wise Witch. She roughly understood Soran’s meaning.

She nodded gently, leaned her head on Soran’s shoulder, and slowly said, “In the short run, you can rely on the power of the gods, but in the long run, it will become a form of dependence. This is not beneficial to your rule here, and the influence of the gods will be higher than your prestige.”

Soran took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “I know.”

“As long as it lasts for the time being.”


A bolt of lightning struck, like tentacles in a storm roiled sky.

Soran stood under the eaves and looked towards the sky. His eyes seemed to pierce through space and he saw even more things.

That was the domain of the gods, a place where there was the power that he needed.

The storm lasted for a full three days before it stopped.

Some were waterlogging in Soran’s camp. Although it was a bit of a headache, it also exposed some flaws in the construction planning. After the storm stopped, he quickly mobilized people to repair them, and at the same time, repaired all the damaged roads and houses. After the rainstorm, there was a clear blue sky. It seemed that there would be no rainstorm in a short period of time. In terms of climate, farming here needed a bit of personal character and good weather, but if one was strong enough to a certain extent, he or she could change the climate entirely.

The busy morning passed quickly.

At first, they were inseparable, but now, Soran and Gloria had also recovered their usual work and rest habits.

Soran was busy building the camp, practicing magic and mastering [Practiced Spellcaster], and training combat skills in the afternoon. The Drows and Adele were his training companions. Gloria usually studied in the house and would only occasionally go out for a walk. Recently, those man-eating plants attracted her attention a little, but she had soon turned to the study of the shadow plane. Gloria wanted to build a portal that uses the cracks in the shadow plane to connect the two worlds.

So that when they were exploring the Wizard Tower, they could return to the material plane at any time and close the portal at the same time in case of any sudden situations.

This was the safest way!

In addition, they would maintain a frequency of three-days-once to enjoy each other’s time for two.

No matter if it were Soran nor Gloria, they were not the kind of people who were easily indulgent in lust. They had pursuits that were higher than a material body, which was to attain a realm superior to the mundane world.

It might have been because of Gloria’s existence that Soran’s baleful aura was much lesser than before.

This led many pirates to be grateful to the Honorable Witch. One needed to know that Soran in the past was a murderous and merciless man. The pirates under his command would always be afraid of him rather than respectful of him. Now that Soran had committed fewer murders, and even if some of his men made mistakes, they were only flogged.

It was better to get whipped than to lose one’s head!

The slaves started to get busy.

There were many things to do in the camp. It wasn’t easy to get everything from scratch.

Sometimes, even Soran felt exhausted.

But it was all worth it because the foundation had been established here. Even the Drows, after seeing the growth of this place with their own eyes, gradually felt more accepting of it.

There were even suggestions from the Drow Warriors to move their tribe here.

It was safer, more comfortable, and more convenient. It had plenty of food, excellent equipment, and various daily necessities.

But, because some of them within the Drows were worried that Soran would turn from cooperation to annexation, and devour the entire Drow tribe completely, the female Drows in the group were quite opposed to this.

Soran was not in a hurry.

He was going to leave it to time, but when the time came and they still did not understand, then they should not blame Soran for using some cruel means.

A large area of wasteland had been reclaimed towards the South of the camp.

However, it had not been sown yet. It was estimated that they would have to wait till March to sow them. The construction of houses by burning bricks and tiles was still in full swing. Soran’s preliminary plan had nearly 500 houses, enough to accommodate all his people, and even a small number of slaves was considered in it. Wizard Saruman had begun to study how to turn Struvite stones into high-quality fertilizer. It was estimated that there would be results in a month or so. At that time, he should have almost begun to sow the farmland, and slaves transported from the mainland would have all mastered deep plowing.

Conducting precision farming was necessary here.

Recently, Soran learned from his subordinates that Saruman was interested in the man-eating plants, which had piqued his curiosity.

But fortunately, Saruman had not delayed his original work. Hence, Soran did not enquire much either.

In the afternoon, Soran was in the training ground practicing his White Raven Sword Style. Just after he and Adele had finished fighting, cries of the slaves and pirates could be heard from a distance.


Soran seemed to have heard something, and his figure immediately came out into the air and rushed towards the direction of the cultivated lands.

Successive figures have emerged one after another.

Soran’s pirate leaders ran out one after another, leaped and landed on the roof one by one. Then, they quickly went towards cultivated land.

Nearly ten pirate leaders with the strength around the fourth grade went closer at full speed, and then they crossed the fence and rushed to the reclaimed land. The one rushing in front of them was Soran. As his figure drew closer, he immediately saw the huge Quetzalcoatlus. They swooped down from the sky with their wings flapping, and their huge dragon claws pierced two indigenous slaves in a flash. With their dying screams, the Quetzalcoatlus, like eagles, grabbed their prey and flew away into the distance.

Soran’s face was gloomy. When he saw that the bipedal pterosaur had killed his own slaves in front of his own eyes, a trace of anger and murderous intent immediately rose in his heart.


The Elven War Bow appeared in Soran’s palms. When he was within the range, he successively shot one arrow after another. Most of them accurately hit the Quetzalcoatlus, but most of them hit the wyvern’s wings, and it was not anything vital.

The Quetzalcoatlus moaned and their figures shook a little. But it still flew farther and farther.

“You want to run?!”

Soran chanted the incantation expressionlessly, and his figure rose directly.

— “Fly!”

His figure flew to the sky, at the same time in an instant, he pulled an arrow again and aimed at the abdomen of the Quetzalcoatlus!