Abyss Domination

Chapter 336 - Saruman’s Accidental Discovery

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Soran quickly went to the camp.

Once again, Soran had returned to his base, completely designed by him. Soran had a rare sense of pride.

It was not easy for him to have made it this far, from a petty thief in Amber city to a pirate king on the south coast. How much blood he had shed and how many injuries he had suffered along the way. But it was all worth it, especially when he saw the work he had built; a sense of satisfaction emerged in Soran’s mind because he firmly believed that if he was given enough time, he could change everything and even affect the fate of the whole world.

On both sides of the broad avenue were rows of brick houses.

Soran watched the new houses with satisfaction, then entered a hidden room in his apartment.

“Your excellency!”

A man, who was hidden in the shadow, knelt on one knee and said respectfully to Soran, “I have done what you ordered.”

Soran had a stern expression and replied, “Good.”

“Are there any movements from the drows? Have they caused any trouble?”

A rogue.

He was also a rogue with a profession level of more than 12. Not all of the pirates were fighters. Although few casters became pirates, it does not mean that there was no other profession among the pirates.

Soran was a careful person.

That was why as soon as he became a pirate king, he immediately set aside some men whom he trusted.

There weren’t a lot of people, but they were all potential rogues and had received simple training from Soran. Thus they were good at stealth and spying.

Perhaps their combat ability was not great, but they still had their uses!

As a rogue himself, Soran put great importance on information and intel gathering.

The man in the shadow handed a dossier to Soran and said, “the drow warriors contacted their group several times and sent something back secretly. However, there was no obvious movement. I did not want to get discovered, so I did not get too close. ”

Soran did not trust the drows.

In fact, anyone that had gone to the Underdark would not easily trust the drows.

Because of Soran’s current strength, these drows dared not act recklessly and disobey his orders. But as long as Soran showed a little weakness and made them feel that they had a chance, the possibility of these drows betraying him was quite high.

This was their natural instinct!

Soran took the dossier, looked through it, and said, “good.”

“Keep a low profile, and do not get exposed.”

After saying that, Soran left the room. Even though he had thousands of men under him, very few had such usefulness.

On another side of the camp.

Under the escort of a group of pirates, Saruman, wearing a gray robe, came to the laboratory where he worked. He had an independent yard and brought many pieces of alchemy equipment for his work.

After seeing the camp, he was quite shocked, “Seems like this place isn’t that bad!”

Saruman directed his three wizard apprentices he brought to set up the room and carefully transported the experimental equipment in.

Turning Struvite Stones into fertilizer was not a difficult task.

The trouble was that if a high-quality product could not be formed, then he would have to do the transforming himself. His real task was to find a way to create a process that could be completed by his wizard apprentices or ordinary people. This was not too difficult for an experienced alchemist compared to creating a Golem and giving it intelligence.

Saruman was not in a rush to start work.

After unpacking, he walked around the whole base. Curious about what Soran had done.

A drow ranger on patrol stopped Saruman. He looked at the other side and explained, “Please don’t get close to that side. There are dangerous plants, some cannibal plants.”

Cannibal plants?

Saruman, with a curious expression, reached for his staff and said slowly, “young man. Rest assured. ”

“A wizard wouldn’t be harmed so easily!”

After saying that, he went into the forest. The drow behind him hesitated but did not stop him nor follow him in.

The plants inside were too strange!

Saruman frowned a little as he entered, and then he used two protective spells to advance cautiously.

Wizards could be confident but not reckless.

The wizard, who was not young, had a lot of experience. He entered very carefully and observed the nearby plants.

“Interesting! Interesting!”

Saruman seemed to have found something. He approached a huge mutant cannibal flower. After he sprinkled a little strange yellow powder, the deadly plant didn’t attack him but swayed slightly as if it were sleeping. Saruman walked around the plant, showing a trace of obsession on his face. He reached out and stroked the root of the plant and, murmured, “beautiful! Deadly! Dangerous! At the same time, full of vitality! ”

He then shut his eyes and took a deep breath. As if feeling for something, he muttered, “Some magic aura!”

“Who created you?”

Saruman carefully used a dagger to cut the roots of the plant, then took some blood-like liquid. After he turned to take something like seeds, he then slowly left the place.

On the other side.

Vivian had also led Gloria to where she would be staying, a big house beside Soran’s place.


Just as Gloria was pulled into the room by Vivian, she suddenly heard a cat. Then she saw Vivian rushed in with a cheer, and then brought out a little girl with obvious animal characteristics. The little girl was about the same height as Vivian. She was wearing a beautiful floral skirt; she had a pair of furry cat ears and a curled tail. Besides that, she had other characteristics similar to humans.

Gloria had been shocked many times today, so when she saw the catgirl in front of her, she was calm, “A Catfolk? I thought these creatures were extinct already! ”

Vivian led the cat girl to Gloria and said with a smile, “Sister Gloria!”

“She’s called Lulu!…”

“Don’t underestimate her!… she’s actually very capable!…”

When Gloria heard this, she smiled and looked at the cat girl who was almost as tall as Vivian. She joked, “What does she know? ”

The little girl confidently nodded and said, “she knows how to somersault!”

Gloria chuckled, reached out and stroked the little girl’s head. Then she looked at the cat girl and said slowly, “can she speak?”

The cat girl seemed to have understood something, opened her mouth and said, “Meow!…Lulu!…Meow!…”

When Gloria heard the words, she understood something and said slowly: “it seems that she still can’t speak. But it doesn’t matter. Let me help you!… ”

Gloria muttered some strange words and a glow of magic appeared on her palm.

When Gloria pressed her hand on the cat’s forehead, the kitten’s body trembled, and her eyes became dazed. This state lasted for about half a minute, then she opened her mouth like a child who had just learned to speak, “Lu… Lulu… Sister!… Master!… ”

After saying a few words, as though she was rushing it, she once again said, “Meow!… Lulu!…Meow!”

Gloria touched the cat girl’s head and said, “Take it slow.”

“I only cast a buff on you. It can help you complete enlightenment, but you still need to learn it slowly.”